To Mend Broken Hearts

Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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“She’ll like it right?” 


Minjeong bites on her thumb, eyes filled with concern as her friends Aeri and Yizhuo help her set up birthday decorations in Jimin’s room. She’d probably been asking them twice every minute, too much anxiety coursing through her body. 


“Of course she will.” Yizhuo assures her, “trust me. Jimin will like anything you do. It’s kind of ridiculous.” 


Minjeong didn’t have the energy to even throw Yizhuo an offended look. 


“B-But, like… this isn’t crossing a line? I mean we’ve only been dating for three months. Is this appropriate?” 


Aeri snickers, “you’re surprising her for her birthday, Minjeong. I think three months of dating is appropriate enough to do that.” The sarcasm wasn’t taken well, as Minjeong’s mouth drops, scoffing. “It’s not like you’re asking her to marry you.” 


“Thanks for the support.” Minjeong says with her own version of sarcasm. 


She wipes her sweaty hands on her jeans, trying to even her breathing as Aeri blows up the last balloon, placing it aesthetically on Jimin’s bed. 


“I hope she gives you extra lovin’ tonight.” Yizhuo winks at her, cleaning up the wrappers from the ground and crumbling it up into the trash bag. 


The faint sounds of footsteps outside the door raises Minjeong’s panic. “Oh my god, that’s her. Get out, get out!” She hastily pushes the two girls towards the window. 


“Seriously, Minjeong? Why can’t we use the door?” Aeri quietly grumbles, a leg already out the window with Yizhuo following suit. 


“Have mind blowing . Love you.” Yizhuo blew her a kiss, giggling quietly to herself as Minjeong finally gets the both of them out. 


The door swings open, and Minjeong lets out a gasp, twirling around to meet a surprised Jimin at the doorway. The older woman was still fresh in her part-time job uniform, looking very exhausted. 


“Surprise!” Minjeong says with a nervous smile, hands outstretched in front of her in a jazz-hands motion. 


“Minjeong?” Jimin tilts her head, closing the door behind her. Her eyes light up when she roams her eyes over the cute balloons and roses on her bed. There was a cute teddy bear next to the roses, wearing a birthday hat, and a box nicely wrapped on the other side. 


“H-Happy birthday, Jimin.” 


Jimin turns to her and a small smile forms on her lips, eyes glazing over. She approaches Minjeong slowly, taking her nervous hands into hers, lifting up to her lips, and placing sweet kisses onto her knuckles. 


“Why do you seem nervous, baby?” 


Minjeong blinks, “I-I… do you like it?” 


Jimin’s expression softened, “of course. I love it, baby. Thank you so much.” She presses an assuring kiss onto Minjeong’s lips, “is that what you were nervous about?” 


Minjeong nods subtly, “w-well you said you didn’t really celebrate your birthday anymore ever since your mom passed… I-I… I didn’t know if it was appropriate. W-We’ve only been dating for three months a-and… Well, I wanted to make your birthdays special again because birthdays are supposed to be special and you deserve to feel special on your birthday and—,” Minjeong starts blabbing, and Jimin can see the nervousness seeping through every word. 


Jimin found it to be super cute. 


“I love you.” 


That seemed to stop Minjeong’s blabbing. Her eyes grew wide, and although her blabbing had stopped, she was a stuttering mess, now trying to find the right words. 


“W-Wha—, y-you?” 


Jimin smiles, “I said I love you, Minjeong. I'm so in love with you.” 


Minjeong’s bottom lip trembles, “y-you are?” 


“Very much, baby.” Jimin grins, pulling her in by the waist. 


Minjeong connects their foreheads and inhales shakily. “I love you more.” 


“Impossible.” Jimin kisses her soundly. 


Loud rustling startles the both of them from their dreamy kiss. They pull apart and turn towards the window where the sounds were coming from. 


Aeri and Yizhuo pop their heads up from below the window, eyes widening when they see them staring back. 


Jimin chuckles and stares at them questioningly. “What are the two delinquents doing here?” 


Minjeong giggles, “they helped me with the decorations. I thought I made it clear when I told them to leave.” 


Aeri and Yizhuo stand up from their crouched position, giving the both of them sheepish looks and throwing peace signs and hearts their way. 


“Use protection!” Yizhuo yells before they start running away with the trash bags in their hands. 


Jimin turns Minjeong back to her, swallowing the giggles from her lips as she pulls her in for another kiss. “We need to give Yizhuo a proper -ed lesson sometime this week.” 


Minjeong hums in agreement. 


“But for now, I’m gonna show you just how in love with you I am, Kim Minjeong.” 




“Happy birthday, Dr. Yu—,” 


Jimin looks up at Mark with a glare, and Ryujin shakes her head with a knowing chuckle. “Dr. Yu is not very fond of her birthday, Dr. Lee.” 


Mark scratches his head, “not even greetings?” 


Ryujin nods. “Not even that.” 




Jimin heaves a sigh, signing consent forms and other important documents for surgery. “Are you my intern today, Dr. Lee? Again?” 


Nodding, Mark playfully salutes. “Reporting for duty, Dr. Yu!” 


“I thought you were interested in ortho?” 


“I thought I should keep an open-mind?” Mark counters with a cheeky smile. 


Only a glance his way, Jimin signs the last paper and hands it to Ryujin. 


She heaves a sigh, and her steel gaze falls on Mark’s optimistic smile. “If I’m stuck with you the whole day, I would love it if you were less annoying.” 


Mark’s smile falls, and he turns to Ryujin with a dumbfounded look. The nurse snorts, “she just really hates her birthday, Dr. Lee. Don’t take it personally.” 


A hand falls to Mark’s chest, a very much offended look on his face. “It’s very hard not to, Nurse Ryujin.” He scoffs, and Jimin rolls her eyes. “I’m a man that likes to keep the mood light and fun.” 


“You’re saying I’m a mood killer, Lee?” 


Mark looks at the blank look Jimin gives her. “Well, if you’re telling me otherwise, Dr. Yu, I think a smile would help me be convinced.” 


“Keep pushing her buttons, Mark, and I don’t think you’ll see an OR room today.” Ryujin chuckles, and Mark glances at Jimin warily. 


The cardiothoracic surgeon reaches for something in her pocket, balancing it on the palm of her hand towards Mark. “Your first assignment, Dr. Lee.” 


Mark stares at the chocolate bar and groans. “I’m not your delivery man, you know.” He takes the chocolate bar from his boss anyway, stuffing it in his own pocket. 


“Jimin’s too much of a coward to give it to Dr. Kim, herself.” Ryujin says, a subtle smile on her face when she catches a glimpse of Jimin’s scowl at her comment. 


“She might think it’s cute, you know.” Mark says, leaning against the counter. “At least that’s what she calls me whenever I deliver your secret goodies to her.” His eyebrows bounce up and down playfully, irking Jimin to the core. 


“Usually interns kiss up to their residents and attendings.” Jimin says, giving him a look. 


Mark wears a proud smile, “then I guess I’m not your usual intern, Dr. Yu.” 


Ryujin chuckles, “I like him.” 


“I don’t.” Jimin deadpans. 


Mark snorts, “well, you should like me. I’m Minjeong’s best friend and I indulge in your very complicated, yet cute relationship with Minjeong. Although, I do not appreciate being kept in the dark about what kind of relationship it is.” He squints at the two women, “I’m doing a lot for whatever this is.” He points at Jimin, “delivery man, messenger, what else?” 


Rolling her eyes, Jimin shakes her head. “Just mind your own business, Lee.” 


“Trust me, I’m trying.” Mark scoffs, “well, very minimally. I’m very determined to find out what this is. And maybe I’d be less nosy if you stopped making me deliver secret presents to Minjeong.” 


Jimin raises a brow, “are you complaining, Dr. Lee? I don’t like whiners.” 


“Oh, no. Definitely not complaining.” Mark fakes a sarcastic smile, giving Ryujin a look. He takes the candy bar from his pocket and waves it in the air. 


“Gotta make a delivery!” 




When Mark sees Minjeong approaching them with the candy bar that he had delivered to her, he glances at Jimin with a mischievous look. 


“Minjeong!” He calls out to her, hand raised in the air. Jimin looks up from the clipboard in her hand and catches sight of Minjeong at the end of the hall. 


“H-Hey..” Minjeong says awkwardly, stopping in front of them. She glances at Jimin who was already shamelessly staring at her. 


Mark grins and slings her arm around Jimin’s shoulder, something she’ll probably make him regret later. “Enjoying that candy bar?” 


Minjeong looks down at the half eaten  chocolate bar in her hand and nods. “It’s my favorite candy bar. I still don’t know how you knew.” 


Smirking, Mark chuckles to himself. “I told you. Wikipedia.” 


Jimin rolls her eyes. 


“Did you know it was Dr. Yu’s birthday?” 


Minjeong meets Jimin’s gaze, and softly nods. “I remember.” 


Jimin’s heart swells. 


“Happy birthday, Dr. Yu.” 


Mark shakes his head. “Oh, no, Minjeong. Dr. Yu hates—,” 


“Thank you, Minjeong.” Jimin cuts Mark off much to his surprise. He looks at her with wide eyes. 


“The double standard is real.” Mark mutters under his breath, earning him an elbow to the rib. 


Silence envelops them, and Mark suddenly feels out of place. He awkwardly averts his eyes back and forth from the two who seemed to be deep i

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