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Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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“This is a very generous donation, Ms. Uchinaga.” 


Jimin chews on her thumb as she watches one of her best friend’s give her boss a check. A really big check. It was insane the amount of money that that piece of paper was worth, but when Jimin approached Aeri with a favor, explaining the situation, she was more than happy to give. 


“It’s for a good cause.” Aeri dips her chin, a very sophisticated smile on her lips. “Not only am I donating to a program and a team that saves lives, I am also doing this for one of the most important people in my life.” She turns to look at Jimin, “well, two.” 


Jimin softens, a sense of warmth spreading through her body. 


“Fifteen million is a lot.” 


“Not to me.” Aeri blinks, clearly unphased. 


Dr. Kwon smiles, putting the check down onto her desk. “I’ll pass your offer to the board.” 


“Dr. Kim stays and she’s taken care of. That’s all I ask.” Aeri rises from her seat and faces Jimin. “You owe me lunch, Dr. Yu.” 


Jimin grins, “I cleared my schedule for the next three hours for you.” 


“It was a pleasure, Dr. Kwon.” Aeri waves her hand towards the chief surgeon, “kick in that meeting. Don’t let the big bad boys hurt my Dr. Kim.” 


The chief of surgery chuckles, nodding with promise. “Of course, Ms. Uchinaga. It was an honor to meet you.” 


Jimin leaves with Aeri, shoulders not feeling as heavy. Her arm is hooked through Aeri’s with gratitude as they walk through the halls of the hospital. 


“Thanks, Aeri. Really.” 


Her friend chuckles, snapping her wrist in a careless wave. “Please, don’t inflate my ego. Besides, I meant it. I’m also doing this for Minjeong. I’ll do anything for that girl.” 


“Me too.” Jimin smiles. 


Aeri grins proudly. “We’ll show that poor excuse of a father that Minjeong absolutely does not need him. She’s got us for the rest of her life.” 


Jimin’s heart swells with warmth. She snuggled up to her friend, and they almost reached the elevator until Aeri’s steps completely stopped, pulling Jimin back abruptly. 


“Uh oh, uh oh.” Aeri smacks her arm, “alert alert!” 


Jimin looks up and meets Minjeong’s gaze at the end of the hall. Her eyes widened, holding her breath as Minjeong furrows her brows in question upon seeing Aeri next to her. She makes her way towards the both of them, Mark at her side. 


“Jimin!” Aeri says between clenched teeth, masking her panic with a forced smile. “What am I supposed to tell her when she asks—,” her words stop when Minjeong is close enough to hear them, “—hi, Minjeong!” 


“Aeri?” Minjeong glances between the two of them. “What are you doing here? Are you okay?” 


“U-Um..” Aeri gulps, eyes wide against Minjeong’s curious gaze. 


“S-She’s here to take us out to lunch.” Jimin thinks quickly, smiling nervously, “are you free, Minjeong?” 


Minjeong frowns, narrowing her eyes on them. 


“Oh my god!” The three immediately turn towards Mark, “are you the Uchinaga Aeri? Of Naevis Fashion Line?” 


“U-Uh, yes, that’s me.” Aeri says sheepishly. 


“An honor, Ms. Uchinaga.” Mark reaches for her hand, shaking it aggressively in excitement. “Your new winter line? Obsessed! And your spring line that’s coming up? Oh my god, I’m on the edge of my feet.” 


Aeri chuckles, “thank you.” 


Jimin steps away from Aeri, standing beside Minjeong instead. They share a glance, smiling to themselves as they watch their friend get the full experience of Mark Lee. 


“Your designs,” Mark is expressive with his hands, “it’s so new. So innovative. Almost futuristic, but even highlighting trends from the past. I’m mind blown every drop you release.” 


Aeri only nods, trying hard to keep up with Mark’s quick pace. “And it’s so environmentally friendly! Your brand has it all, really. Your jewelry is my favorite, for sure.” 


“Oh, you’re too kind, Dr. Lee.” She turns to her best friends to seek help, but Minjeong and Jimin only hold in their laughs, avoiding her eyes. 


“S-So, Jimin. Minjeong. Lunch?” 


“Sure.” Minjeong shrugs, “the clinic is closed today for renovations. Chan hasn’t cleared me for surgery yet either.” A heavy sigh leaves her lips as she says so. 


“Chan?” Jimin asks with a raised brow. 


“She means Dr. Bang.” Mark says with a finger pointed up, and a grin of mischief on his face. “Silly, Minjeong. Not everyone is on a first name basis with Dr. Bang.” He laughs, a little forced, hand on his stomach as he does so. Jimin narrows his eyes at him. 


“Oh, right. Sorry. I meant Dr. Bang.” 


Minjeong doesn’t see the way Jimin’s jaw clenches at the mention of the psychiatrist's name. This was supposed to be a good thing for Minjeong, and Jimin still believes that it is. But, she can’t help but be jealous. Why were they so close? She’s seen them hugging more times than she wanted to see. Sure, they were friendly… and innocent… hugs… but that is still a man’s arms around Minjeong. 


“Shall we?” Aeri clears , giving Jimin a firm look. 


“Right.” Jimin nods, “Dr. Lee, I expect rounds to be done after I am back. You’ll report to me then.” 


“Ay, ay, captain.” Mark salutes. 


Aeri brings them to a very fancy restaurant with a private room just for them. Yizhuo meets up with them ten minutes into their meal, apologizing for being late due to a lengthy morning trial. 


It wasn’t often that the four of them got to get together like this. Two surgeons, a lawyer, and a CEO, well there wasn’t much free time between the four of them. 


“This is the perfect time.” Aeri claps her hands looking down at their food that had just arrived. Jimin looks at her with raised brows, a look of anticipation on her face. She glances around the table, noticing the excitement on Yizhuo’s face, while Minjeong sported a similar look of confusion she had worn. 


“Show them, baby.” 


Yizhuo brings out her hand from under the table, a shiny rock on her ring finger. In unison, two gasps filled the silence that follows after the shocking reveal. 


“Oh my god!” Minjeong immediately takes Yizhuo’s hand, admiring the ring for a bit. She looks between her two grinning best friends. 


“You finally did it.” Jimin is filled with pride as she nudges Aeri with her hand. “Holy .” 


Aeri chuckles, nodding her head. “Holy .” 


Jimin turned towards Minjeong when there was sudden silence on that side. She sees a teary eyed Minjeong, and the happiness radiating in this room made her heart warm. 


“Congratulations, Ning-Uchinaga’s… Uchinaga-Ning?” 


“Ning-Uchinaga.” Yizhuo answers before Aeri could. Her fiance does give her an amused look at such an eager response. “Baby, there’s no way I’ll pass up having the last name of the CEO of Naevis Fashion Line.” 


Aeri rolls her eyes. “We’re still deciding.” She gives her own answer to Jimin. 


“I’m so happy for the both of you.” Minjeong reaches across the table for both of their hands. 


“Let’s celebrate!” 




“Has your father hit you before this incident?” 


Minjeong blinks at Chan. She wasn’t expecting the question. So far, the questions have been light, assuming that Chan was easing her into feeling comfortable in sharing things that were hard to talk about in general. 


Well, everything was hard to talk about. Minjeong was getting tired of talking. She was tired of explaining her emotions to people. 


“Sometimes.” Minjeong shrugs, “when I said things that made him angry. When I stood up for myself.” 


Chan’s eyebrows furrow. “And how did that make you feel?” 


Her sh

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