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Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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The clinic had become a comfortable place for Minjeong to be in. She’s met really kind patients, and although she wasn’t in the OR like she wanted to, at least she was still doing something to help people while she’s benched. 


Minjeong had learned that the clinic first started before Dr. Im had left to pursue medical missions in Asia. She had received a big donation in her name from a previous patient’s husband for saving his wife’s life. She had free reign to do whatever she wanted with the money, and she decided to use half of it to open up this clinic, and use the other half to fund her missions. Learning this, Minjeong’s respect for the neurosurgeon grew immensely. 


Dr. Im was the kind of doctor she wanted to look up to. The kind that she wanted to learn from. 


“Dr. Kim,” a friendly and familiar smile greets her with enthusiasm. 


“Jungwon?” She raises a brow, “Weren’t you just here last week?” 


The boy nods, “I’m here for something totally different.” He waves his hand and jumps onto the examination table. “My back has been killing me.” 


Minjeong takes his vitals swiftly. “Have you done any strenuous activities lately? Lifting heavy things, maybe?” 


“I lift heavy things at the gym.” Jungwon wiggles his brows, “can’t you tell?” 


She gives him a look of amusement, shaking her head at his playfulness. She types away at the computer, jotting down what he’s reported. 


“I can prescribe you painkillers for now, and I would suggest that you refrain from any type of heavy lifting for at least three days. If the pain doesn’t subside, then come back and we’ll get further testing done. You may have just gone a little too hard at the gym and strained your back. Are you sure you’re lifting correctly?” Minjeong gives him a teasing look as she finishes her ramble. 


Jungwon’s mouth drops. “Of course I am.” He feigns a look of offense, “can’t you tell by how swole I am?” He flexes his arms, showing off his biceps.  


“Well, you should rest your muscles, Jungwon. Doctor’s orders.” Minjeong gives him a stern look, to which he nodded his head obediently in response. 


“You can pick up your prescription at your local drugstore. Or you can pick it up right next door at our hospital pharmacy, though that would cost a little bit more. Stupid, I know.” Minjeong shrugs her shoulders, shaking her head in disagreement. 


“I’ll lead you back to Claire at the front desk and she’ll have a prescription printed out for you and I’ll sign in.” Minjeong nods her head and gestures for Jungwon to follow her back outside of the examination room.


“Oh, there she is.” 


Minjeong’s eyebrows bounce in surprise when she hears a snap followed by words that catch her attention. Claire was speaking to Jimin who was using her social charms to make Caire laugh. She catches Jimin’s attention immediately the moment she walks into the room, and that elicits a bright smile from the cardiothoracic surgeon, making her heart jump in her chest with extreme adoration. 


“Hey, what are you doing here?” Minjeong walks up behind the desk, gesturing for Jungwon to walk around and wait for his prescription. She asks Claire to print out the needed paperwork for Jungwon, before returning her attention back to Jimin. 


“You act like my checkups on you don't occur everyday, Dr. Kim.” 


Minjeong gives her a knowing look, trying to stop a blush from spreading through her cheeks. She doesn’t respond to Jimin’s flirtiness, grabbing a pen from her pocket to sign Jungwon’s prescription. 


“Isn’t she a great doctor?” Jimin turns to Jungwon with that same charming smile. 


The boy doesn’t match her energy, a stoic face remaining. He nods subtly, before clearing his throat. Jimin’s eyebrows bounce in amusement, a chuckle leaving her lips. “Well, what can we do to make your experience better?” 


Jungwon side eyes her, “nothing. Dr. Kim was great. The best.” 


Jimin disregards the lack of smile from the young man, and creates a smile of her own with pride. “She definitely is.” 


And again, her attention is back on Minjeong. “My last surgery is this evening at six.” She lets her know, and she flips her wrist to look at her watch, groaning internally when it showed that it was only noon. 


“Okay,” Minjeong says, “I’ll be watching from the viewing room.” 


Jimin’s heart flutters. Her smile is constant as she watches Minjeong give the prescription to the blushing teenage boy. 


She patiently waits as Minjeong’s next patient gets called back by the nurse on shift. The younger woman gathers assessment charts onto a clipboard until she realizes Jimin had still been there. 


“Get back to work, Dr. Yu.” Minjeong says with a playful look. 


Jimin chuckles, “you first, my love. I’ll see you after work, okay?”  


She made sure no patients were around to hear it. Just the two of them and a giggling Claire behind her computer. 


Jimin waits for Minjeong to leave first. A habit she made sure to engrave into her daily routine. 


I don’t like seeing you walk away. 


Well, maybe Jimin took it in a much literal sense, but she will do whatever it takes for Minjeong to never feel that fear again. 


Even if all she saw was that beautiful brunette head of hair as Minjeong walked away, Jimin can tell Minjeong was smiling to herself as she soon disappeared behind the walls of the clinic. 


Jimin smiles to herself and turns to Claire. “Everything going well here?” 


Claire nods, “oh, yes. The patients love Dr. Kim, and she’s having a great time treating them.” 


A chuckle leaves Jimin’s lips, “I can see that her patients love her.” 


“Jungwon?” Claire echoes the latter’s laugh. “He comes here so often that I think he has a little crush on Dr. Kim.” 


Jimin’s eyebrows raise in amusement, “oh. Interesting.” She nods slowly, lips pressed together tightly. “Hm. Very interesting indeed.” 


Claire looks at her knowingly, “he’s just a kid with a crush, Dr. Yu.” 


She nods, hands tapping the counter before pushing herself off of her leaned position.

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