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Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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Jimin sits comfortable on the yellow couch. She was certainly less anxious than Minjeong had been for her first individual session, Dr. Choi had observed. And it certainly wasn’t a mystery to her, nor was it hard to underhand why Minjeong had relied so much on Jimin emotionally ever since they were young. 


Jimin seemed to know and understand her own feelings well. Something that was a vast contrast to Minjeong, who questioned herself too much. 


“Minjeong said she likes you.” Jimin tells Dr. Choi, catching the older woman by surprise. Her surprise turns to amusement as her lips widen into a smile. “Which means a lot because… well, obviously, this is a new environment for her. And talking about her feelings is still something she’s trying to be comfortable with. And—,” Jimin stops herself from babbling, smiling and dipping her chin. “Just… Thank you. For making her feel safe.” 


“Yeah?” Dr. Choi chuckles, “I’ll make sure to let Minjeong know that I like her too.” She glances at the proud smile on Jimin’s face, “she’s doing a great job, Jimin. And she’s lucky to have someone like you to remind her.” 


Jimin smiles to herself, looking down at her fingers as they twiddle. 


“I know she’s a delight to talk about, Jimin, but let’s talk about you.” Dr. Choi motions towards her, “what was Yu Jimin like as a child?” 


Chuckling, Jimin shrugs. “I don’t know.” She tilts her head up and hums in thought, “I thought I was a delight, but my mom would tell you I was a troublemaker.” 


Dr. Choi notices the sad smile and distant eyes. “Are you close to your mother?” 


“She was my rock.” Jimin grins, “I am who I am because of her. And, I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but I think I’m a pretty charming woman, don’t you think, Dr. Choi?” She throws her a confident smile, “she raised me right. She would always tell me to hold myself at the highest standard, so that I would always work hard to meet them.” 


“Is that something you think you’ve done ever since you were little?” 


“Yes.” Jimin says with no hesitation. “I think I’ve accomplished a lot for myself despite the cards I’ve been dealt with. And it’s because I worked hard for it.” 


Dr. Choi hums, “very admirable, Jimin.” 


Jimin flashes her a smile of gratitude. 


“Do you still remain close to your mom? What about your dad?” 


Clearing , Jimin heaves a sigh. “My mom passed right before I started high school. My dad… I don’t know.” She shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t remember much of him. I think he’s dead. I mean, if he drinks that much alcohol, it probably would have taken him by now. Or not. I haven’t really been curious.” 


Dr. Choi analyzes her calm expression, before nodding to herself. Jimin refrains from raising a brow, only clearing . She answered as genuinely as she could, the way that she knew her feelings, but being under Dr. Choi’s stare makes her feel like she was lying. 


But she wasn’t. Jimin knew her feelings well. She always has. 


“You were okay with him not being around much?” 


“What child doesn’t want a complete family?” Jimin almost laughs, “but if I had to choose, I preferred that he wasn’t around much. When he was, all he did was drink. And drinking made him an .” 


Dr. Choi’s lips subtly rise to a smirk. 


“Excuse my language, Dr. Choi.” Jimin mutters soon after. 


“I welcome it.” Dr. Choi says with a smile, “I like to see raw emotion, Jimin. That’s the whole point of therapy, is it not?” 






“You should be resting, Minjeong.” Jimin looks down at her girlfriend who had her nose stuffed into her science textbook. She had finals in a week, and she knew that Minjeong was working hard to study for it this past week. The younger woman had unfortunately fallen sick two days ago, and hasn’t been feeling her best to do anything. 


Minjeong merely shakes her head, turning a page. Her head heavily falls onto her palm, using the little strength she had to hold the weight of her head from falling. 


Jimin sighs and takes the book from Minjeong’s lap, closing it, but not forgetting to mark the last page she had fallen on. 


“I’m putting my foot down. Don’t argue with me on this.” Jimin says firmly, despite Minjeong’s disapproving glare. “You can’t treat your body like that, my love.” 


“If I get a hundred percent on all my finals this time, they’ll tell me that they’re proud of me.” Minjeong mumbles, almost groans when Jimin puts her textbook away into her bag and out of reach. 


Jimin doesn’t respond, only holding Minjeong’s water bottle to her lips, urging her to take a sip. She does eventually after seeing the stern look in Jimin’s eyes. 


Jimin isn’t usually that way. Demanding and strict. Only when Minjeong was being stubborn about things that only did her bad rather than good. And when the older woman had been this way, she was indeed scary, a big contrast to the soft black kitten personality that Jimin withheld. 


“Bed.” Jimin says, nodding her head towards her bed. Minjeong frowns, unmoving from her seat. 


“I want them to at least tell me they’re proud of me, Jimin. Just the words would be enough for me.” Minjeong pushes her hair back, and her frown grows in annoyance when Jimin wipes the drops of water from her water bottle on her chin. She was extra sensitive with her being sick and all. 


“Is that what you really want? That’s why you work so hard?” Jimin asks, walking over to her bed so that she can pull the comforter down for Minjeong to tuck herself into. She extends her hand for Minjeong to take, and although reluctant, Minjeong’s hand soon finds hers. 


“I’m working hard so I can be successful.” Minjeong clarifies, finally laying down onto Jimin’s bed. The older woman tucks her in, the comforter just under her chin. “And I know you’ll tell me that I don’t need validation from my parents, but Jimin…” 


Jimin takes a seat on the edge of the bed, arm extended over Minjeong’s body as she holds herself up. She looks down at her girlfriend with soft eyes, brows furrowed, and attentive like always. 


“I want it.” Minjeong says.


Jimin sighs. “You want it so bad that you’re straining your body and that heart of yours this way?” 


“Sometimes I forget to take care of myself.” Minjeong says timidly, and she feels ashamed. “I’m sorry.” 


Jimin shakes her head, no. “That’s what I’m here for, right?” She bends down to kiss Minjeong’s forehead. “To love you.” 


“But I really want it, Jimin.” Minjeong says, “I don’t need you to agree with it, Jimin, but I need you to understand why I want it so bad. If you can’t understand it, then please don’t question it. It’s important to me.” 


Jimin nods her head. “Okay, my love.” She takes one of Minjeong’s hands and intertwines it with hers. “As long as you start to take better care of yourself, then I won’t question it. I’m always here to support you, baby, you know that.” 


“Then I need to study.” Minjeong pouts, “I have to review five more chapters and master them to be able to feel confident in getting a hundred percent.” 


“You’re resting.” Jimin says firmly, lifting Minjeong’s hand to her lips. “You did enough for tonight, baby. I’m proud of you.” 


“Jimin—,” Minjeong tries to counter, but Jimin gives her a look. 


“I’ll tell you what.” Jimin lays down beside Minjeong, throwing her leg over Minjeong’s that was under the fluffy comforter. “I’ll review those chapters for you while you sleep. Then when you’re feeling better, we can have a little tutor session. I’ll tutor you, and you’ll be more than ready for your finals.” 


“You don’t have—,” Minjeong tries to rebut. 


Jimin squints her eyes, rolling over to lean in and kiss Minjeong soundly on the lips. “But I want to, and I will. Because I love you. And we will not argue about it.” 


Minjeong pouts, only for Jimin to place constant soft kisses on her lips. “You’re not supposed to kiss me when I’m sick.” 


“Is that a written rule?” Jimin raises an eyebrow. 


“Yes.” Minjeong nods her head. “I just wrote it in our rule book. It’s stored in my head.” 


Smiling at Minjeong’s dorkiness, Jimin softly lays her head on Minjeong’s chest, half her body falling off the edge of the bed, knees practically touching the floor. “And what sort of rules does this book consist of?” 


“You know,” Minjeong releases a breath, “common rules. No going to bed mad at each other, always say I love you when hanging up the phone, don’t steal Minjeong’s sweets—,” 


Jimin laughs, “of course, of course.” 


“And no kisses when sick.” 


Jimin sighs, “fine.” 


Minjeong smiles with victory. 


“Now rest, my love.” 


Minjeong nods softly. 


Jimin adjusts her position so that she’s leaning on her elbows, one hand sliding through Minjeong’s hair to soothingly massage her scalp from any ache she might feel from being sick. 


“I’ll start reviewing once you fall asleep.” Jimin whispers quietly, smiling when she s

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