Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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Foot anxiously tapping against the floor, Minjeong waits for Dr. Kwon to walk into the room with the hospital’s psychiatrist. She wasn’t excited about this at all. It took her a while to get used to Dr. Choi, and it having to do it all over again. 


When Dr. Kwon passes the window that Minjeong could see out of, she stands up on her feet. The door opens and a familiar man trails after Dr. Kwon. 




Dr. Kwon raises a brow, pausing and glancing between the both of them. The psychiatrist breaks out into a smile, before he pulls Minjeong into a tight hug. 


“You two know each other?” 


Chan motions towards her, looking her up and down and reveling in the nostalgia. “Yes, of course. Kim Minjeong, long time no see.” 


Minjeong exhales, forcing a smile out despite her anxiety. “Yeah, it’s been a while.” 


Dr. Kwon smiles softly, crossing her arms. “Well, this should be fairly easy for you then, Dr. Kim. Seeing that you’re well acquainted with Dr. Bang.” 


She only gives the chief of surgery a small smile, before Dr. Kwon had excused herself from the room. It was just the two of them, and Minjeong finds herself awkwardly shifting her weight from foot to foot. 


Chan chuckles to himself, before gesturing towards the table for them to sit at. He takes out a folder from his briefcase, peaking Minjeong’s interest. Her eyes follow his motions as he reads what Minjeong can only assume was a file about what Dr. Kwon thought was wrong with her and why she was needing counseling in the first place. 


“Dr. Bang, there’s nothing to address here.” Minjeong says, shifting in her seat, “why don’t we just skip through the hard stuff, and you can sign the permission slip to let me go back into the OR.” 


Dr. Bang gives her a kind smile. “That’s not how this works, Minjeong. And please, call me Chan. We’re past formalities.” 


Minjeong exhales, slumping back into her chair. 


“How’s your heart by the way?” Chan asks after a beat of silence. Minjeong notices the small furrow of his brows, and her heart aches. 

“Good.” Minjeong nods softly, “I’m taking care of her. Don’t worry, Chan.” 


Chan takes a deep breath, clearing his throat and blinking his eyes. A smile spreads through his lips. “Great. So, um, shall we get started?” 


“Yeah, sure.” 




Jimin leans against the nurses station, a half eaten protein bar in her hand, and a coffee in the other. She looks into the room that was occupied by Minjeong and the psychiatrist. Apparently he was new, since the psychiatrist for the hospital that Jimin was familiar with was an older woman that had been a psychiatrist for twenty years, and was close to retiring. 


The man in that room with her Minjeong was definitely not an older woman with years of experience. No, he was a young man with a bright smile and dimples that surely made the ladies trail after him. 


“He’s cute.” 


Jimin’s head snaps to the source of the voice and sees Ryujin peering into the room from behind the nurses station. 


“He’s not that cute.” 


Ryujin snorts. “I forgot you were gay.” 


Scoffing, Jimin turns her attention back to the room. 


Much to her dismay, Mark walks up right next to her, peering into the room as well. 


“Oh, he’s cute.” 


Jimin grunts, rolling her eyes. She softly slams her protein bar into Mark’s chest, to which he gladly took from her, munching on the rest of it. 


“That’s the psychiatrist?” 


“Either that, or he’s Jimin’s potential enemy. He could possibly be both.” Ryujin teases, earning herself a glare from the heart surgeon. Jimin crosses her arms, tilting her head as she watches them from afar. 


Minjeong was smiling here and there, which was better than seeing her cry, so maybe this guy was funny. Maybe he was good at his job, and he was making Minjeong comfortable. 


“What do you think he’s saying?” Mark whispers, mouth full of the protein bar that was given to him. Jimin clenches her jaw and ignores Ryujin and Mark’s side comments. 


“Oh, oh, they’re getting up!” 


Jimin’s eyebrow twitches when the psychiatrist pulls Minjeong into a very tight hug. Suddenly there was silence between the two beside her, which meant they were probably looking at her for some sort of reaction. 


Jimin didn’t think it was appropriate for a psychiatrist to be hugging their client like that, so she assumed they knew each other. 


“We’ve got a new case, Dr. Lee.” Jimin mutters, ripping her eyes away when the two finally break their hug. 


Mark blinks, crumpling the protein bar wrapper and throwing it away into the nearest trash bin by the nurses station. “Aren’t we going to ask Minjeong—,” his words stop when Jimin walks away from the both of them. 


He glances at Ryujin, who stood there with her lips pursed awkwardly. 


“Good luck dealing with her today.” Ryujin encourages him with a small fist in the air. Mark groans, hanging his head down as he mentally prepares himself for the day he was about to have. He’s dealt with a coffee deprived Jimin, and even a lovesick pining Jimin. He hasn’t fully dealt with a jealous Jimin besides when she thought he had a thing with Minjeong. A glimpse of that was harsh enough to the point that Mark could about it. 




Mark raises his head and looks at Minjeong who had just walked up to the nurses station. He looks her dead in the eyes, confusing the latter with such a greeting. 


“Thanks a lot.” 


Minjeong blinks, confused. “Um…you’re welcome?” 


Mark groans again, before rushing after his attending. 


Minjeong watches him disappear, still confused. She turns to Ryujin for an explanation, but the latter just shrugs. 


“How was the cute psychiatrist?” Ryujin asks her instead, leaning her chin onto her palm dreamily. 


“You think he’s cute?” 


Ryujin nods, “yeah, I’m not blind.” 


Minjeong snorts, “it went okay.” She shrugs, “I’m just bummed I couldn’t convince him to sign the damn permission slip to let me go back to doing surgery.” 


Nodding with narrowed eyes, “yeah, you two seemed pretty cozy with each other.” 


Straightening her posture, Minjeong gives her a surprised expression. She chuckles, “What?” 


Ryujin wraps her arms around herself, mimicking the hug that happened. 


“Oh,” Minjeong chuckles, “Chan and I know each other. We’re old friends.” 


Ryujin’s mouth formed an “O” shape, nodding in understanding. That made sense, although she knew it wouldn’t have stopped the jealousy that she was sure was bubbling through Jimin’s body, Ryujin knew that the two would have that talk later. 


“Well, I hope all goes well, Minjeong.” 


Minjeong just smiles. “Yeah. Thanks.” 




“You wanted to see me, Dr. Kwon?” 


Jimin enters the chief of surgery’s office, and she wasn’t expecting to see her in such distress when she walked in. She sits across from her in one of the single sofas. 


“What’s wrong?” 


Dr. Kwon sighs, “the director of this hospital is urging me to take Dr. Byun’s offer.” 


Jimin’s eyebrows furrow, “what offer?” 


“His three million dollar offer.” Dr. Kwon scoffs,

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Chapter 22: Congrats on the feature ✨
Chapter 22: This chapter is so full of love. 💕

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