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Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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Walking into her apartment, Minjeong isn’t surprised to see Yizhuo pacing around her living room while on a work call. She simply sighs, walking into the living room and dropping her bag on the couch. 


Minjeong lets Yizhuo finish her phone call, patiently waiting as she tries to loosen up her tense body by relaxing on the couch. 


“Okay, perfect, Mr. Reed. Bye.” 


Yizhuo groans and tosses her phone on the single couch behind her. 


“Tell me why men think it’s okay to speak to women like we’re their doormats?” 


“Tough call?” 


Scoffing, Yizhuo lifts Minjeong’s legs up, before sliding under to sit on the couch. Once she’s comfortable, Yizhuo rests Minjeong’s legs on her thighs, massaging them subconsciously. 


“Mr. Reed is the lawyer I’m up against in court tomorrow. He’s a pretentious that works in another firm.” 


Minjeong snorts. “Well, I hope you tear him up in court.” 


“Oh, you bet, I will.” 


Before Minjeong can say anything, she hears the door open and close.


“Knock knock.” 


Rolling her eyes, Minjeong doesn’t have to turn around to know who had just come into her apartment. 


“You know, saying knock knock doesn’t make barging into someone’s apartment less rude.” 


Aeri frowns, “yes, it does.” 


“No,” Minjeong rebuts, “for one, you didn’t actually knock. And for two, you didn’t wait for an answer.” 


Bending down to kiss Yizhuo on the forehead, Aeri then greets Minjeong with a hair ruffle, much to Minjeong’s dismay. 


“Maybe you should’ve locked your door.” 


“I did!” 


“Maybe you shouldn’t have given us spare keys.” Aeri sticks her tongue out. 


Yizhuo smiles, “I use mine responsibly.” 


“No, you don’t.” Minjeong counters. 


A mischievous laugh is all Yizhuo gives her. Once silence falls, Minjeong lets her eyes close briefly, appreciating the little massage Yizhuo was giving her. 


“What do you want for dinner, Minjeong?” 


With furrowed eyebrows, Minjeong cracks an eye open and eyes Aeri who had asked her the question. “It’s 9pm.” 


“Have you eaten?” 




“Exactly.” Aeri scoffs. “Let me be nice. I’ll cook for you.” 


Yizhuo smiles adoringly at her girlfriend. 


“This is weird.” Minjeong groans, twisting her body on the couch. “I’m getting massages and dinner from you two?” 


Suddenly sitting up, Minjeong suspiciously squints her eyes at her two best friends. A finger is pointed at them accusingly, “did you two do something? What was it?” She wags her finger, eyes looking around her apartment for any signs of damage. “Did you break another picture frame? Where’d you hide it?” 


“I swear, I didn’t.” Yizhuo raises her hand in scouts honor, although she’s never been a scout before. 


Minjeong’s legs are softly thrown off of Yizhuo’s legs as the younger woman stands up to head to the kitchen. She heaves a sigh, before forcing her tired body to rise and follow after her friends into the kitchen. 


“I sent Jimin out for wine.” 


Minjeong frowns, “Jimin was in surgery when I left the hospital.” 


Yizhuo scatters through Minjeong’s fridge and she notices that there was a few extra groceries that she knew she did not get. “I know, but I told her to come to yours for dinner after she had clocked out.” 


Minjeong snorts, “this is my apartment. I should be hosting.” 


Feeling hands on her shoulders, Minjeong is turned around and led back into the living room. Aeri makes her lay back down onto the couch, reaching for the remote and turning on the television. 


“You need to relax. You’re exhausted from work, Dr. Kim.” Aeri calls her by her professional name with playfulness. 


Well, Minjeong was exhausted. But her best friends should know better than anyone that Minjeong wasn’t someone who could just easily relax. She gives Aeri a stressed look, and the latter rolls her eyes. 


“I promise we won’t burn your apartment down.” Aeri raises her hand up in oath, “if we do, we’ll pay for the damages.” 


“She will!” Yizhuo yells from the kitchen, “she could buy the whole building for you too.” 


Minjeong blinks at Aeri. “How does it feel to have so much money that your girlfriend is offering to other people that you’d buy them a building?” 


Actually in thought, Aeri looks up to the ceiling and purses her lip. “Really good, actually.” 


Grinning tiredly, Minjeong gives her friend a nod of approval. “Proud of you, Miss CEO of Naevis fashion line.” 


Aeri curtsies. “Now, watch the movie.”


Minjeong watches Aeri rush back into her kitchen, and she finally wills herself to turn into mush against the fluff of her couch cushions. She stares blankly at the television, and Minjeong recognizes the film to be Frozen 2. 


Heaving a sigh, Minjeong’s eyes begin to feel heavy. She blinks slowly until her eyelids become too hefty to crack open. The sounds of Olaf singing begin to fade, and Minjeong snuggles deeper into her couch. 


She hears a few distant voices, followed by heavy steps against the floor. 


Her cheek tickles a little, and they feel like fingertips, but Minjeong only hums in response. 


“Hi, my love.” A voice whispers. 


Minjeong’s eyebrows furrow, but she still doesn’t open her eyes. Too exhausted to even want to. 


A hush chuckle echoes through her ears and Minjeong couldn’t mistake that for anyone else’s. 


Yu Jimin. 


“You don’t need to open your eyes, baby. Rest.” Jimin whispers, “I just wanted you to know that I’m here now.” Maybe it wasn’t insinuating anything deeper than announcing her arrival, but to Minjeong, those words squeezed at her heart with so much needed reassurance. 


The sound of something dropping on the floor startles Minjeong awake. Her body reacts immediately and she’s sitting up from her comfortable position, wide eyes meeting Jimin’s surprised ones. 


Jimin rests her hand comfortingly on Minjeong’s waist, peering past Minjeong to hear for any other sounds from the kitchen. 


“Aeri?” Minjeong calls out worriedly. 


“It’s fine, it’s fine!” Came Aeri’s panicked response. 


When Minjeong makes a move to get up from the couch, Jimin stops her. She gives the older woman a look, but Jimin just stands up from her squatted position, placing a kiss onto Minjeong’s forehead and laying her back down. 


“I got it.” Jimin assures her, “rest some more, and I’ll come get you when dinner is ready.” 


Minjeong looks up at her with doe eyes. She could see the exhaustion that mirrored her own in Jimin’s eyes, but the older woman still held her smile. It was very Yu Jimin of her.


The older woman only masks her exhaustion with adoration swimming through her eyes as she peers down at the love of her life. 


“I’ll be right back.” Jimin tells her. 


She heads to the kitchen where she finds Aeri cleaning up a puddle of sauce on the ground, a wooden bowl right next to her on the floor. Shaking her head, Jimin peaks at Yizhuo who seemed to be doing just fine with the pasta she was making. It was obvious who in this relationship cooked the most in their household. 


“Anything I can help with?”


Aeri freezes from her task of cleaning up her mess, looking up at her friend like a deer caught in headlights. Jimin snickers, raising her eyebrows expectantly. 


“Uh, no.” Aeri shakes her head and resumes her cleaning. 


“Are you sure?” 


“Yes,” Yizhuo is the one to chime in. “We are trying to be good best friends by treating the both of you for being hardworking frontline heroes!” 


Jimin thins her lips, clasping her hands. “I am to supervise your activities in the kitchen.” She gives them an awkward smile, “you both are stressing Minjeong out by banishing her from her own kitchen.” 


Aeri stands up from her squatted position on the floor, tossing the dirty napkins into the trash, and putting the bowl into the sink. “You are banished too, Dr. Yu.” 


Jimin laughs in disbelief when Aeri pushes her back towards the living room. The hands on her shoulders are persistent, and she rolls her eyes. “Aeri, let me help.” 


“You’re probably exhausted too.” 


“I’m fine.” Jimin says. 


“You tell Minjeong she does not need to worry because we’ll make dinner so delicious and we’ll clean up and make this kitchen spotless after we’re done.” Aeri stops pushing her when they reach the couch that Minjeong had been peacefully asleep on. 


“Hold her.” Aeri taps her shoulder as she whispers cautiously, “I know she’s here, but you miss her all the time. Even when she’s next to you.” 


Jimin gazes at Minjeong, and her heart swells with longing. 


“Yeah,” her voice agrees in a whisper, “you’re right about that.” 


“I know I’m right.” Aeri whispers back, moving in to snuggle Jimin into a quick hug. “I’m glad you both found your way back to each other.” 


With that Aeri rushes back into the kitchen. 


Sighing, Jimin sits on the floor facing Minjeong’s peaceful slumber. She is cautious with her movements, leaning forward and resting her chin on folded arms. Jimin stares shamelessly, her lungs breathing in Minjeong’s vanilla scent. She smiles in nostalgia as her mind drifts to old memories of their love story. She can’t help, but reach out and let her fingertips run across the plump of Minjeong’s cheek. Jimin smiles when Minjeong nuzzles unconsciously into her palm. 


“What do I do, my love?” Jimin whispers as quietly as she could, “I miss you all the time.” 


Jimin watches Minjeong sleep until Aeri quietly signals that dinner is ready. Hesitant on disrupting Minjeong’s peaceful slumber, Jimin stares for a few more minutes, before softly running a finger along the bridge of Minjeong’s nose. 


She smiles when Minjeong’s nose crinkles adorably. “Dinner’s ready, Minjeong.” 


The younger woman lets out a small whine, eyes still closed. Jimin was in no rush to get Minjeong out of her comfort. 


“I know you would choose sleep over food, baby, but I can’t let you skip dinner again.” Jimin whispers, this time swiping her thumb across the plump of Minjeong’s cheek. 


“Mkay.” Minjeong says with slumber seeping through her voice. 


Minjeong finally opens her eyes, blinking a couple times to adjust to t

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