Stars In The Sky: You Give Me Heart Eyes
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In a rush, Minjeong opens her door, fumbling her keys in her hand. When she looks up from the floor after stomping her feet into her shoes, Minjeong is surprised to see Yu Jimin leaning against her closed door. She holds a small white box in her hands, and a cup of coffee in the other. 


“Hi,” Jimin smiles softly. 


Minjeong raises a brow, adjusting her bag on her shoulder, and turning to quickly lock her door.


“I can’t talk, I’m going to be late, Dr. Yu.” Minjeong says hastily. She stuffs her keys into her bag and stares at Jimin. 


“I was waiting for you.” Jimin pushes herself off of her door, and hands the tiny box of pastries to Minjeong, as well as the coffee. “I’ll drive.” She smiles and nods towards the food, “and breakfast for the road.” 


“Dr. Yu—,” Minjeong tries to say, but Jimin cuts her off when she takes Minjeong’s bag from her. “Jimin.” The older woman corrects her, placing a quick kiss against Minjeong’s temple as a greeting. 


“What do you carry in this? It’ll break your shoulder.” Jimin mutters, slinging it on her other shoulder that didn’t have her own bag over it.


“What is this, Jimin?” 


Jimin’s smile never leaves her lips. She slightly rocks on her feet shyly, “this is me showing you that I love you.” She nods firmly, “little by little… so you don’t hate me anymore.” 


“I don’t hate you…” Minjeong says softly, “I didn’t mean it.” 


“But you don’t love me.” 


“I…” Minjeong stops herself before she says something she wasn’t sure of yet. She eyes the older woman, before her lips press against each other tightly. “I’ll be late, Jimin.” 


The older woman nods, tilting her head towards the elevator. “Shall we?” 


The elevator ride was quiet, but Jimin was just happy being in the same vicinity as Minjeong. She couldn’t help but stare at Minjeong through their reflection in the elevator doors. A small smile creeps onto her lips as Minjeong bounces slightly on her feet, eyebrows furrowed and looking at the floor numbers counting down slowly as they move down the floors. 


Her mind drifts to last night, how Minjeong’s lips felt against hers and how surreal it was being able to kiss the love of her life again after a whole decade. She made sure it didn’t go further than a few kisses because Jimin didn’t want to overwhelm Minjeong, nor would she think it would have been appropriate considering their timing and how much they still had to talk about. 


“You won’t be late, Minjeong.” Jimin assures her, wanting to wash her anxiety away. 


Minjeong stills, probably aware of how jittery she had been. 


Turning to look at her, Jimin still hasn’t stopped smiling. 


“Thank you.” Minjeong says out of nowhere, “and… I see your efforts, Jimin, but it won’t be that easy to forget.” 


Jimin turns back to their reflection, staring back at Minjeong through there. “I don’t want you to forget, Minjeong. I wouldn’t ask that of you. What I’m hoping is that you’ll forgive me and give me a second chance.” 


“It still won’t be easy.” 


“I don’t want it to be easy.” Jimin replies, “having you love me is something that I will gladly work for. I don’t think people should give their heart so easily. It’s precious. You should protect it, and I shall prove myself again so that you can trust me with your heart.” 


Minjeong stares at her smile through the silver shine of the doors. The door dings on the fifth floor, their reflections disappearing until they meet eyes with an old woman waiting for the elevator. 


The old woman smiles at them adorably, entering and standing between them. 


Jimin catches Minjeong’s eyes for a split second and smiles. A blush creeps onto the younger woman’s cheeks, and she looks away as if Jimin wouldn’t be able to see. 




Minjeong patiently waits for Dr. Kwon to walk out of her meeting, thumb between her teeth as she anxiously bites her nails. As soon as the door opens, Jimin walks out first, but Minjeong’s eyes are scattered as she looks for the chief of surgery. 


“Minjeong—,” Jimin approaches her, but the younger woman jolts after Dr. Kwon as soon as she emerges from the doors of the conference room of the hospital. 


“Dr. Kwon!” 


Jimin blinks, body whirling and eyes following after Minjeong’s body. 


“Dr. Kim.” Dr. Kwon breathes out In acknowledgment, pulling her eyeglasses up to slick her hair back. “What can I do for you?” 


“I was wondering who’ll be taking over Dr. Jeon’s surgeries, since he’s been suspended. I…” Minjeong’s hands fidget against each other, “I need someone to teach me.” 


Dr. Kwon walks towards the whiteboard on the wall that has the schedule of the surgeries happening that day. “Dr. Jeon’s surgeries are being transferred to Hybe hospital for the time being.” 


Minjeong’s eyebrows furrow, “and new neurosurgery hires?” 


Dr. Kwon pauses, writing on the clipboard in her hands. “Pending,” is all the chief of surgery says, turning and heading back to her office. 


Minjeong quickly follows, “for how long?” 


Dr. Kwon comes to a halt, turning back around to give Minjeong a steel gaze. The intern blinks, clearly intimidated under Dr. Kwon’s sharp eyes. “You should be focused on your patients, Dr. Kim. You should be working towards getting experience in various specialties, not just one. Everyone needs experience to truly know what is best for them and what they want.” 


Minjeong gulps. 


“As for the new chief of neurosurgery? I promise you that I’m working on it, Dr. Kim. You have my word.” Dr. Kwon assures her, before continuing with her journey to her office, and this time Minjeong doesn’t follow. 


Jimin stares at Minjeong from afar, her heart breaking at the dejectedness falling upon Minjeong’s shoulders. 


Turning on her heel, Jimin heads for the nurses station on the ICU floor. She finds Ryujin walking out of one of her patients' rooms, hands rubbing together as she applies the hand sanitizer. 


“Any updates on Dr. Im?” 


Ryujin blinks at her, “well, good morning to you too, Dr. Yu!” She says sarcastically, making her way behind one of the charting computers at the nurses station. 


“Ryujin.” Jimin clicks her tongue. 


Chuckling, Ryujin hums and twirls her seat to face Jimin. “I called her last night. Told her there was an opening for the chief of neurosurgery. She wasn’t interested.” She shrugs her shoulders, “Dr. Im is living the life, Jimin. Traveling the world, helping the less fortunate on medical missions. I mean, I wouldn’t wanna give that up to work here either.” 


Jimin huffs. 


Smirking, Ryujin twirls back to her computer screen. “She did ask about you though, and I’d say she’s very much still intrigued by you.” 


Jimin’s eyebrows furrow.


“I think if you called Dr. Im yourself, she’d be easily persuaded.” Ryujin says in a sing-song voice, finger tapping against the computer mouse. 


“You think?” 


“Oh, I know.” Ryujin snorts. 


Jimin rubs her chin in thought.


“Maybe don’t mention that you’re only trying to get her to come and work here because you want to give the love of your life a neurosurgeon to teach her.” Ryujin states, almost laughing. 


“That’s not…” Jimin starts, but pauses when Ryujin gives her a knowing look. “It… might… be… one of the reasons…” Jimin says slowly, “but also for the other interns and residents that are interested in neurosurgery. Dr. Im is one of the best, and she’d make an amazing teacher.” 


“Okay, Jimin.” Ryujin nods, hiding her smile. “You let me know how everything goes okay? Especially when Dr. Im finds out about Minjeong… or when Minjeong finds out about Dr. Im fancying you.” She claps excitedly, “oh, the drama. Mark and I will need popcorn.” 


Jimin rolls her eyes. “I'm glad you find my dilemmas entertaining.” 


“Very entertaining, babe. Cures my boredom.” Ryujin winks at her playfully.




Jimin stands in the hospital lobby, eyes anxiously wandering around the entrance for a familiar face. Mark is next to her, looking down at the flowers in his hands. 


“Who is this for?” Mark asks. 


“Someone important.” Jimin replies vaguely. 


“I feel like your assistant, rather than a surgical intern.” Mark mutters under his breath. 


“That’s basically the same thing as an assistant.” Jimin side eyes him, “but just for an attending surgeon.” She snorts. 


“Dr. Yu.” Both their eyes snap up to see a smirking woman clad in a white long sleeve button down, black slacks, and black heels. She looked very sophisticated and definitely important. Mark blinks at her, mouth agape, and his hands unknowingly stretch forward to hand her the flowers. 


“Dr. Im.” Jimin grins, walking forward and opening her arms for a welcome hug. “Thanks for coming.”


Mark eyes her suspiciously. 


“I left Malaysia for you.” 


“I thought you were in Indonesia.” Jimin mentions. 


“Before Malaysia, yes.” 


Mark clears his throat harshly, fist to his lips and eyes peering up at both women. 


“Oh, right.” Jimin almost rolls her eyes, “Dr. Im, this is Dr. Mark Lee. My surgical intern for the day.” She gestures towards Mark, “Dr. Lee, this is Dr. Im Nayeon. A well known neurosurgeon that I’m hoping will soon take the position as the new appointed chief of neurosurgery at this hospital.” 


Mark’s eyes widened, and he extended his hand for a shake. “A pleasure, Dr. Im. Minjeong would absolutely love you.” 


Nayeon raises a brow, “Minjeong?” 


Mark nods, “yeah, she’s Dr. Yu’s—,” 


Jimin pushes Mark to the side. “Shall we talk business, Dr. Im? How about a tour? We renovated the surgical floor after you left.” They walk side by side, leaving Mark behind staring at them with a look of disbelief. 


“Rude.” Mark mutters, “nothing new.” He brushes his white coat, before following the two surgeons. 


From Mark’s observations, the two women were more than familiar with each other. Obviously they were colleagues, but the way they interacted, Mark could tell there was a little tension between them. ual? Mark didn’t know. He knew Jimin was head over heels with Minjeong, but he knew nothing about Nayeon. 


Mark eyes them, rubbing his chin. “Maybe they’ve slept together before.” He mutters under his breath. 


“What are you looking at?” 


Mark jumps, hand to his chest. “Geez,” he sputters, turning to glare at the pe

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