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In which Minjeong goes to another country to make a new start but ends up bumping into her ex-girlfriend. She's inescapable.


Minjeong sat impatiently on the couch as she waited for her lover to come. Nervousness filled her veins thinking of what could happen. She should not be but she couldn't help but feel this way. 


A loud knock brought the doe-eyed girl out of her trance. She took a deep breath as she walked to the front door. Beads of sweat started to crawl out all over her body and her heart started beating fast as she opened the door. There she was, a girl who was taller than her, standing in front of the door with a worried look on her face.


"Babe," said with an anxious voice. "I went here as soon as I got your text, it sounded so urgent. What's going on?" 


Minjeong didn't answer her. She led her to the couch where was sitting before her lover came. She could feel the curious gaze of her lover but chose to ignore it and focused her attention to her trembling hands. 


"Are you okay, jagi?" 


The shorter girl closed her eyes and thought of their relationship. How two girls fell in love despite their differences. 


We were young and naive but you could tell that we were in love— we are in love. But sometimes even if you love someone, the timing is just not right.


Even though Jimin and Minjeong are just 19 and 18 respectively, they are both successful in their own ways. Jimin's an upcoming artist and Minjeong on the other hand, is a singer.


"Let's break up, Jimin." The brunette's voice cracked as she said those words. She couldn't bear to look at her—her Minmin.


"What? Why? Don't you love me anymore?" Jimin cupped her cheeks and got closer to Minjeong so that she would be able to see her emotions. 


Tears were now continuously running through the shorter girl's cheeks but she needed to do this, she must do this. It would be better for both of them.


"Please, don't do this. Let's talk about it, can we?"


Minjeong stared at her as Jimin looked at her pleadingly. Looking at her eyes made Minjeong not want to break up with her but she couldn't. This should be done or else consequences will follow.


"We don't have any time for this relationship, Jimin. You're slowly reaching your dreams and I don't want to be a burden to you anymore."


Minjeong couldn't look at her. Not when Jimin was close to tearing up. She couldn't bare to look at her eyes that screams 'what went wrong.'


"No, Minjeong! You can't do this to me. I love you!"


It was the truth, Minjeong could hear the sincerity in Jimin's voice but her glassy eyes spoke more than the words she just said.


"Sometimes love is not enough to make a relationship work."


Minjeong reasoned out. She had to do this. 


"Minjeong, please! We'll try again. Just don't break up with me. We'll make this work." Jimin pleaded and the latter just wanted nothing more but to hug her back.


"Jimin, I'm just holding you back from reaching your dreams. I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I was the reason you didn't live out your dream. You'll travel to different places and you'll find someone else, someone better than me." 


Of course Minjeong didn't mean any of that. She doesn't want Jimin to believe what she just said. She doesn't want Jimin to have someone else other than her.


"What's the sense of continuing being an artist if you would not be there beside me? My dreams are not complete without you, Minjeong!" 


"You should go now," Minjeong said with finality. Then the realization hit her. Jimin's once bright eyes were now dull. It pained her to see her like that. 


"So is this the end?" Jimin's voice cracked, also tears streamed out of her eyes.


Minjeong nodded as she walked the older girl to the door. She silently looked at her now ex-lover's appearance, quickly dawning herself with every little detail of her. 


Without saying any words, Jimin slowly leaned in and kissed Minjeong. It wasn't rushed or rough. It was soft and slow. It was as if she was saying goodbye.


"Goodbye, Jimin," Minjeong whispered, staring straight into her eyes. She hoped that Jimin got the hint that it wasn't for forever, but only for now. She doesn't know if Jimin realized it but she replied once more. And it was the last words that Minjeong heard from her as she walked out through the door and may be from Minjeong's life too.


"Goodbye, Minjeong."


Minjeong’s heart broke into pieces, she completely broke down and cried while looking at the space where her ex-over was. 


It was far from over but she needed to do this.


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