Brightest Star

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tangled version of winrina


It is almost the time of the year, Minjeong thought.

The day wherein the stars will illuminate the serene night sky, coincidentally, the same day as her birthday. It is as if the stars are her companion to survive her alienated life in a tower away from civilization.

A deep sigh leaves her lips as Minjeong stares up at the ceiling, why is her life so pointless right now? Everything felt flat, the air in the room feeling suffocating even when her windows are already open.

All her life she's been stuck inside this tower, hidden deep inside the forest. Minjeong is slowly getting tired of it. All she ever does is read the same books, clean her home, cook some meals, make a cake, paint the walls, clean again, and read some more all over again. To say that it's driving her mad is an understatement.

Minjeong always pleaded with Jessica, Minjeong's mother, to go out with her and see the stars but never once agreed to her. Every year she was met with the same reason that she is not ready to go out and face the dangers of this ferocious world.

Jeorangie, the chameleon being her only friend which is by far not that much because he doesn't talk, Minjeong knew that she needed to do something, something that would push her mother to let her see the world.

Minjeong didn't know it would happen so soon.

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