Day Care teacher
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3 weeks after Younha's birthday, Kyuhyun was down with flu. It was bad and he has a high fever. 

"Go and see a doctor, Kyu. Your fever is high" Mrs Cho nagged at him when Kyuhyun came down for breakfast with a sick look and shivering badly. She touched his neck and was surprised that his body temperature was high!

"I just need to rest, omma. I should be okay after taking fever medicine" Kyuhyun said, drinking warm water. He got no appetite to eat, but as he needed to take fever medicine, he forced himself to swallow a toast bread.

"Don't be stubborn. I will send Younha to the care centre and you go and see a doctor. I will inform Wook too, that you are sick... and don't go to work!" Mrs Cho told him sternly.

Kyuhyun sighed. He rather not tell Ryeowook because she would be worried, and if his mother didn't inform Ryeowook, she might wonder why he didn't send Younha.

All along since they started their relationship, Ryeowook prefered Kyuhyun not to fetch her to work because his office was far from her apartment and she didn't want Kyuhyun to be late for work. So they only met when Kyuhyun fetched Younha from the day care and then Kyuhyun would send Ryeowook home, and they would also meet on weekends,  with Younha in tow.

However, last weekend, they didn't meet at all, because Ryeowook went home to Incheon for the weekend, from Friday onwards, to attend her cousin's wedding. 

He missed her terribly, and now, he couldn't even meet her due to his cold. He must have got it from one of his colleague, who kept sneezing in their office lift last Friday evening. 

Mrs Cho helped Younha to shower, and put on a skirt and blouse for her. Though still a toddler, but Younha already knew how to choose her own attire. Today's attire was chosen by she herself too, which Mrs Cho kept praising her that she looked very pretty!

"Younha-ya, your appa is sick, so he couldn't send you to school. Halmeoni will send you okay?" Mrs Cho told her while combing her hair and tied it into a ponytail.

"Appa is sick? Why?" she asked innocently. 

"I think he got it from his colleague. So he can't kiss you or hug you too. You just say goodbye okay?" Mrs Cho told her cute granddaughter.

"Ohh okay. But I want to see him!!" she turned around and ran out from her room.

"Younha, don't run!" Mrs Cho took Younha's bag and followed her out and down the staircase.

"Appa, why are you sick?" Younha asked Kyuhyun, who by now was lying down on the sofa.

Kyuhyun opened his eyes, and smile weakly at his little girl "Younha-ya, appa is sorry that I couldn't send you today. Once appa is not sick anymore, I will send you okay. Be a good girl and kiss omma for me?" he told her.

"Okay appa. I love you!" she blew kisses cutely at him, making Kyuhyun chuckled. 

"Kyu, don't drive. You go to Dr Song Medical Centre which is at the junction. Walk, so that you can perspire and your fever can go down" Mrs Cho told him, and nagged at him to go now, to the doctor.

"Omma, are you sure you are a housewife, and not a doctor?" Kyuhyun joked because his mother seemed to know all the symptoms and remedies. 

"I'm a mother, and mother knows best" she smile and helped Younha to put her shoes.

"Bye appa!" Younha waved at him.

"Bye darling. Take care and remember to kiss omma for me!" Kyuhyun grinned and got up. He immediately felt dizzy, cold and weak, but he forced himself to get ready to go to the medical centre.

As he left his home to walk to the clinic medical centre, he texted his boss and his team members that he would be on medical leave. However, as he walked further, Kyuhyun felt like he was floating. "Aishhh... this is not good. Why do I feel like this fainting?"

He stopped at the traffic light at the junction and hold on to the traffic pole. He prayed that he could reach the medical centre safely and he could sit down to ease his dizziness. 

As he stepped into the medical centre outpatient clinic, he felt everything was spinning. And then..... everything went black out!

Kyuhyun fainted before he reached the medical counter, and luckily, there were 2 male medical officers who were in their way out to do house call. They caught Kyuhyun before he hit the floor, and shouted for the nurse at the counter to call an ambulance. 

Kyuhyun was brought to a hospital and a male nurse had to search his pockets to know his identity, and did the registration for him.  

At the A&E, a doctor diagnosed him as having a serious viral infection, and have to be warded as his fever was high.

Kyuhyun had saved Ryeowook's number as "Wife", which he had updated it from "Girlfriend", so after checking his phone, the hospital registration proceeded to call Ryeowook!

Ryeowook was feeling down as Mrs Cho had informed her that Kyuhyun was sick. Even wh

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I'm so happy to read this story.... it's so lovely!!
Chapter 6: Aww.. How lovely..
Happy bday Younha!!