Birthday party

Day Care teacher
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Mrs Cho helped Younha to remove her cardigan, folded it and kept it in a paperback which Ryeowook had given her. Both Younha and Mrs Cho thanked Ryeowook and Younha hugged her because she was happy with her present. 

"Ermmm... omma, actually... Miss Kim and me... we like each other and... and I want to introduce her to you properly, as my girlfriend..." Kyuhyun told his mother, making Ryeowook felt shy. 

Younha had run to said goodbye to another girl so the adults have a moment to talk.

Mrs Cho closed happily! "This is what I want to hear, Kyu! That one day, you will introduce your girlfriend to me! And I couldn't be more happier because it Miss Kim! The girl that I like too!!" Mrs Cho clasped her hands happily!

Kyuhyun grinned "Actually,  I wanted to do it tomorrow,  but since you are here, I thought, why not? The sooner the better!" he laughed when Ryeowook playfully beat him.

"Mrs Cho, I like Kyuhyun too, and I adore Younha. I hope she like me as a person,  not just as her teacher" Ryeowook said shyly.

"My dear Miss Kim, call me omonim when we are together. And can I call you Wook?" she asked, and when Ryeowook nodded, she continued "I really like you and I've been hoping that Kyu will open his heart to like you too. He is always too busy to find a girlfriend!" she laughed, and then pulled Ryeowook into a hug. "Now I'm so happy! Welcome to our family!! I'll introduce you to Kyu's father tomorrow ok!" she smile happily. 

"Thank you, ommonim...." Ryeowook said, with a slight bow.

Younha ran over to them, asking Ryeowook to carry her, which of course Ryeowook obliged happily. 

"Younha-ya, do you like Miss Kim?" Mrs Cho asked the little girl.

"Yes, I like Miss Kim!" she said happily and hugged Ryeowook cutely,  earning laughter from the adults.

"Ermm.... can she be your mummy?" Kyuhyun tested her.

Younha looked up to Kyuhyun and then looked at Ryeowook. She smile happily and opened up her hand for Kyuhyun to carry her instead.  Then she said happily,  and pointed at Kyuhyun "I want samcheon to be my daddy and" and she pointed at Ryeowook "Miss Kim to be my mummy" and she giggled cutely.

Mrs Cho teared and carefully took Younha from Kyuhyun's arm and hugged her happily. She kissed Younha repeatedly until Younha giggled again because she felt ticklish.

After they cleaned up the place, Kyuhyun sent Ryeowook home first before driving back to their home. By then, Younha has fallen asleep, so Kyuhyun carried her into her room. 

As he took off her socks, cleaned her face amd hands using a wet face towel, and then changed her cute dress into her pajamas, he fondly recalled that this little girl wanted him to be her daddy, and Ryeowook to be her mummy.

He felt warmth in his heart that Younha has finally managed to move on and wanted to start a new life with him and Ryeowook. 

He would fulfil her wishes, and would seek his lawyer's help to convert his legal guardian status to Younha's legally-adopted father.

He kissed his little girl and wished her softly "Happy birthday,  my darling Younha!" and carefully adjusted her

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duckj0471 #1
I'm so happy to read this story.... it's so lovely!!
Chapter 6: Aww.. How lovely..
Happy bday Younha!!