Day out together

Day Care teacher
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"So, I was thinking to celebrate Younha's 3rd birthday at Sapphire Tots" Kyuhyun told Ryeowook while they were sipping tea.

They had an enjoyable time preparing for dinner just now, with Kyuhyun helping Ryeowook to stir the spaghetti's gravy while Ryeowook helped to bathe Younha. 

And throughout the dinner,  Younha was so talkative and inquisitive, so now, she must be too tired, that she fell asleep after dinner!!

The tea that they were sipping was from Incheon and Ryeowook served it after brewing it for a few minutes. Kyuhyun had given her a thumbs up for the refreshing tea! 

"I think it's a great idea to have her birthday at Sapphire Tots, Mr Cho. Younha has beginning to mix around and had even volunteered to read a book! Having her birthday celebration there will definitely make her very happy!" Ryeowook smile fondly while glancing at the sleeping girl.

Kyuhyun smile and nodded. "Very well then, let's do it!  But ermmm... I need to go shopping to get small gifts for the kids...." he started thinking aloud.

"I can help you!" Ryeowook smile happily. "I intend to go to the bookshop, so I can look for cute stationeries and small packs of chocolates. We can put them in a pull-string carriers for the kids!"

"Let's go tomorrow then?" Kyuhyun immediately said it out.

"You have nothing on, tomorrow?" she asked him.

"No..." he shook his head, looking at her.

"I thought you will be busy tomorrow that's why you go to Everland today..." she asked him with a confused look.

"Ohhhh..." he grinned. "I hate crowds. It slows down everything, so I took one day leave today to bring her to Everland" he smile. "So, we go together tomorrow? Yes, with Younha of course" he chuckled when Ryeowook glanced at the sleeping girl. 

Ryeowook smile and nodded. "I meet you two for lunch first? About 12.30pm?"

"I pick you up..." 

"I can go myself, Kyuhyun-ssi" 

"You are helping me, so I will pick you up" he grinned. 

She nodded shyly and said "Alright". Somehow in one corner of her heart, she felt happy that she would be seeing Kyuhyun again tomorrow! What's happening to her??! 

Thirty minutes later, Kyuhyun left after carrying Younha and bidding goodbye to Ryeowook. Though tired, Kyuhyun felt refreshed after drinking the tea brewed by Ryeowook and he was smiling like an idiot while driving all the way home. Because, other then the prospect of seeing Ryeowook again tomorrow, he got to spend some time with her! Woohoo!! 

"Kyu, I'm bringing Younha to my friend's house for her granddaughter's birthday party, around 11am...." Mrs Cho told Kyuhyun during breakfast early next morning. He just came back from his jogging and after washing his hands, he joined his mother at the breakfast table. 

"What? But I told Miss Kim that we go to the stationery shop today... with Younha..." Kyuhyun stopped munching his sandwich. 

"Stationery shop?" Mrs Cho asked confusedly. "You are buying something for Younha?" 

"I thought of celebrating Younha's birthday at Sapphire Tots, so Miss Kim said that she can help chose on what to buy

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I'm so happy to read this story.... it's so lovely!!
Chapter 6: Aww.. How lovely..
Happy bday Younha!!