The party

Day Care teacher
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Kyuhyun managed to find a costume rental outlet which have both penguin and giraffe, and both costumes were available for rental on Younha's birthday party date!! He placed a deposit and confirmed the collection date as 2 days before the party. 

They had decided to hold the birthday party at the Day Care Centre on the following Friday,  which was a day before Younha's actual birthday. And for the party at their own house, Kyuhyun had placed an order for a 3-tier cake, with chocolate moouse, which was Younha's favourite. 

Mrs Cho has happily started inviting her friends with grandchildren and their close relatives with small kids. 

"Omma, don't invite too many, our house will be very messy!" Kyuhyun had told his mother as he saw with horror the long list of guests!!

"Aishhh, don't worry, Younha will be so happy with lots of friends to play with!" Mrs Cho had brushed him off. Kyuhyun shook his head and went into his room.

It was the Sunday before the party and Kyuhyun was going over to Ryeowook's apartment to help her pack the little gifts. Mrs Cho had brought Younha for an early dinner gathering with her friends, so Kyuhyun went alone, which of course he didn't mind.

"Ryeong, don't cook, I get dinner for us" Kyuhyun had texted her. He bought 2 sets of tteokbokki, and pajeon to share, and 2 fruit juices.

"Thanks for buying dinner!" Ryeowook smile at him while inviting him in.

"I hope you don't mind tteokbokki. I asked for non-spicy" he grinned at her, knowing that she couldn't take spicy food. He placed the food carrier on her little dinner table.

"Yes, it's fine. I'm learning to like whatever food you like" she smile sweetly at him.

She looked so cute and it warmed his heart that she took the extra step to know which food he liked. They had talked about their favourite food during one of the days when Kyuhyun had sent her home.

He had wanted to kiss her so badly, and this was a good opportunity! He reached over and peck her lips, and she gave him a mixture of surprised and shy look.

Kyuhyun looked at her tenderly, reached over and held the back of her neck gently, and kissed her properly.  He has no idea on how to kiss, but somehow he did it without being too sloppy, which surprised himself!!

"Sorry, I couldn't help it. I like you a lot.  I guess, eversince our first meeting.... and I'm so grateful and happy that Younha likes you too" he said, gently letting her go.

"Kyuhyun, I like you too, and I adore Younha, but I'm not sure whether she likes me as her teacher or as a person..."

"From how I see it, she likes you as her future mother..." Kyuhyun chuckled.

Ryeowook playfully punched him "Don't joke about this things... "

"I'm not... it's the truth" he laughed. "So... erm...since you like me too, ermm...can you be my girlfriend?"

Ryeowook smile shyly. Wowww, Kyuhyun as her boyfriend? OhhmyGoddd! 

"Silent means consent?!" he .

"I.... prefer us to get to know more about each other first...." Ryeowook said, after weighing the possibilities that Younha only liked her as her teacher.

"Even if we are boyfriend/girlfriend, we can still get to know each other more...."

"To tell you the truth, actually at first, I wasn't in favour of you..." Ryeowook chuckled.

"What?! What do you mean...?" he raised his eyebrows and teasingly put both his hands on his waist to feign anger.

"It was difficult to get you to update you on Younha's progress, and when I finally got you, you told me to liaise with your mother..." she grinned widely.

Kyuhyun laughed "Ohhh... " then he stepped closer "my dear Ryeong, that was because I was busy with work... and I was in a middle of a business trip..." and he gently hold Ryeowook's hands "Anyway....I'm sorry, okayy?"

"No, no, don't be.... I understand now... and my 1st impression of you was totally wrong! You are actually a very responsible guardian and cares a lot for Younha"

"I do. To be honest, it was a mixed feelings at first. I'm single and busy with work, and I have no experience to take care of a toddler. But omma encouraged me a lot and since we were all practically adore her, I decided to proceed to engage a lawyer to be her official legal guardian. And I never regretted it" he smile. "Now I want to care about you too, the woman who has captured my heart... And I do hope that you can accept me, a guy with a daughter...."

Ryeowook teared to hear how sincere Kyuhyun was. "I do accept you and Younha. It's just that I'm not sure if Younha will accept me as part of her family..." she sobbed.

Kyuhyun pulled her into his arms.  "Ryeong, trust me.  I know Younha. She wouldn't be close to you if she wasn't comfortable with you or didn't trust you. She likes you a lot and from the way she held both our hands at the zoo, it showed that she wants both of us to be her family"


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