A happy day

Day Care teacher
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"Samcheon?" Younha lookup to Kyuhyun while they were walking hand-in-hand towards the party area, which was at their verandah. Kyuhyun had helped her to put on a pretty dress which he had bought for his little girl, and had combed her hair neatly. 

"Hmmm?... what is it Younha-ya?" Kyuhyun smile gently at her, and squatted down so that it would be easier for Younha to talk to him. He glanced at the verandah and saw that Ryeowook was busy helping his mother to arrange the paper plates, cups, and the door gifts.

"Can I.... ermm..." she started to say but she looked a bit shy. 

"Just say it. It's your birthday, so I will grant all your wish!" Kyuhyun laughed and pinched her nose.

"Can I... can I ... call you appa?...." she said, smiling shyly.

Kyuhyun didn't know whether he should laugh due to her cuteness, or cry, due to the fact that he felt so touch. But he did teared. He was touched that Younha was the one who started the ball rolling!

He hugged her "Of course you can, Younha-ya. Call me appa from now on, okay, and ...." and he let her go slowly, and smile at her "can you call Miss Kim as omma?" and he glanced at Ryeowook again. 

Younha smile happily and turned to look at Ryeowook. She called out "Omma!!! Omma!!!" to Ryeowook, who by now, had looked up and saw both Kyuhyun and Younha were looking at her. And the naughty Kyuhyun was smiling sheepishly at her!

Mrs Cho looked up too, and looked at Ryeowook, smiling at her. "Wook, go to her...!"

Ryeowook felt like she was in a trance! Did she hear Younha correctly? That Younha called her "omma"?

And everything became an auto-pilot. Her legs moved by themselves and her eyes started tearing. She squatted down opened her arms and Younha ran to her!

Ryeowook cried while hugging her favourite little girl. She couldn't stop herself! She was beyond touch, that Younha really like her to be her mother, and that she wasn't just a day care teacher to Younha!

Mrs Cho cried too. She was happy that Younha accepted Ryeowook as her mother.

Kyuhyun stepped nearer and hugged both girls! "My little family" he smile to himself. 

"Ehhhh.... what happened? Why is everyone crying?" Mr Cho, who stepped into the verandah with balloons, asked them confusedly.

He has been introduced to Ryeowook earlier, whom he already knew from his wife that Ryeowook was Younha's favourite teacher, and that his son, Kyuhyun, had fallen in love with her. He liked Ryeowook's simplicity and quiet demeanour, and very humble and polite to the elders. And her cookies were so yummy that they became his favourite cookies now!

Mrs Cho wiped her tears but it was Kyuhyun who told his father what happened. Mr Cho nodded with understanding and felt happy too that his favourite grand-daughter has moved on.

"Omma, don't cry!" Younha said, making Ryeowook smile happily.

Ryeowook took the handkerchief that Kyuhyun passed to her, dabbed her eyes and smile at him while passing back his handkerchief. 

"Harabuji.... I want balloons!!" Younha ran to Mr Cho and she started playing with some balloons.

Kyuhyun kissed Ryeowook's forehead, making her shy because Kyuhy

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I'm so happy to read this story.... it's so lovely!!
Chapter 6: Aww.. How lovely..
Happy bday Younha!!