The traumatised toddler

Day Care teacher
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Cho Younha, a 2 years old toddler, needed special attention because she would often cried continuously due to trauma, especially when she woke up during her nap time in the afternoon, and worst of all, she would usually kept to herself during playtime for the rest of the day.

Kim Ryeowook got to know that Cho Younha was a sole survivor in a car accident a year ago, whereby her parents and grandparents had died, and worst of all, she had witnessed their death with all the blood around them. Though only 2 years old now, Younha was easily traumatised whenever there was a loud car screached, or loud noises, or even loud screams. 

"So, Taeyeon, who takes care of Younha after the accident?" Ryeowook asked her colleague during their break when all the infants and toddlers took their nap.

"From what I know, she was officially adopted by the late grandfather's younger brother's family. And this younger brother's son, ermm... what was his name, oh yes.. Mr Cho Kyuhyun, is now her official guardian" Taeyeon told Ryeowook. 

"I see, such a sad story for a young girl. Her family just parish within a day.. " Ryeowook said sadly. 

"Yes, such a poor little girl" Taeyeon said sadly too. "Anyway, usually, Mr Cho's mother, who is the late grandfather's younger brother's wife, Mrs Hanna Cho, is the one who fetch Younha. A very nice and kind lady" 

"I see. You saw the guardian, Mr Cho Kyuhyun, before?" Ryeowook asked curiously. She imagined that Mr Cho Kyuhyun must be a matured married  man who has no children, which was why he didn't mind to be Younha's guardian. 

"No... I think he only came during the registration with Mrs Hannah Cho, but I wasn't there".

"Hmm okay. It's good that Younha has relatives who are willing to take care of her" Ryeow

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I'm so happy to read this story.... it's so lovely!!
Chapter 6: Aww.. How lovely..
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