Chapter 8: Starting Line... Again

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 (Fanfic)


Starting Line... Again.

Lee Si-eun doesn't know how to tell her husband the favor that Choi Min-seok was asking. This is not just confusing, but also a spliting fact that she will have to spend less time at home. She just gave birth few months ago and she stopped working as a writer to give every time she has to her family. If she accepts this favor, Si-eun would have to give up the household and get Haneul a baby sitter.

"You are sighing more than 100th time." Seo Ban said as he sat down on the chair beside his wife.

"De? Am I sighing too much?" Si-eun innocently asked.

"Did somsthing happened with your brother?"

"Ani. He stable and he woke up earlier. He has no recollection of what happened to him last night."

"What about his examinations? Is everything alright?"

"Some tests are and some not. He will need to go under medication from now on. The problem is the doctor wanted to put him under vacation so he can rest well for at least a month."


Si-eun looks at her husband seriously and sigh, "He can't leave the corporation that long. Oppa doesn't have a son nor we have anyone in our relatives that can hold the chairmanship that long."

"What about his secretary?"

"Thats not only the problem. My brother made a very silly decision."

"And that is?"

"He put my name to everything as his successor if anything would even happened to him. Now the board is waiting for me to come and take over as long as my brother can't."

"He did that eventhough you two doesn't see each other for a long time?"

"I know. I just don't know what he was thinking. I can't even tell him off because of his condition."

"Have you decide what to do?"

Si-eun shakes her head, "I don't know. I want to help him, but I don't want to split my attention to our family and work."

"You will come home to us everyday."


Seo Ban holds her hand and kisses it, "Help your brother."


"The fact that he never forgets that he has his sister despite everything that happened in the past only means that he still wants to have you as his family. Think of it as his way of apologizing for all the years he ignored you."

"Should I?" Ban nodded, "But how about our kids? Haneul?"

"We can make plans for them. We can always find ways to do our part as parents. I will help too."

"Gumawo, Ban-i"

Seo Ban smiles, "Call my name more. I like it when you are doing it."

Because Seo Ban had supported her and she believes that nothing they cannot overcome when they're together. They then sought and asked for guidance from Chairman Seo. He let Lee Si-eun to accomplish her brother's wish. They also asked Sa Pi-young for help for Haneul.

"This is a big leap for Si-eun unni." Pi-young said as she and Dong-ma were in their bed. "Well after all it is hers from the start. It is where she really belong."

"I never thought that my brother would agree for that set up moreover my father." Dong-ma replied. "I can see that our father was being considerate as days go on."

"It might be because of Haneul. I think abbeonim beleives and trust hyungnim about their decisions. Si-eun unni is capable and smart. I know she can do it."

"Did she took a course on management?"

"I don't know, but what she said before that she had to work for her university since she was left to fend for herself by her family."

"Do they even attended her first wedding." Pi-young had shake her head, "I wonder how she was feeling now that she was left with a responsibility that was forcefully taken from her because she fall in love with a man."

"A man so full of himself. He reaped what he sow when he was dumped by his lover then."

"Really? Women are so mysterious."

"That woman was 10 years younger than Si-eun unni. She looked good when I last saw her."

"You are seeing the woman?"

"It by all means just accident. She invited me for a coffee knowing who I am. She was modest and respectful if you are going to talk to her. By its just that."

"Do I know the woman you are talking about?"

"I bet. She was famous enough that you could recognize her."

"A celebrity?" Sa Pi-young nodded, "Who?"

"Nam Ga-bin." Pi-young answered without even stuttering. Her husband was surprised hearing the name. "See? You are surprised too. We were surprised too when Si-eun unni told us. With her status and success you woukdn't know that she messed up a family and messed a man's life after that. Now she seemed to be in peace after what happened."

Seo Dong-ma can't believe what he had heard about Nam Ga-bin who was her ex-fiance. He knew and met the man that Ga-bin was going out before but he never thought that the man she was going out with was a married man. It was out of her character to wreck a family. Nam Ga-bin was not that type of woman. At least that was what the kind of woman he knew. 

"Thank you for considering my favor." Choi Min-seok said while Si-eun was preparing her brother's food.

"Did your husband agreed to it? Its not like I can do anything about it, but I just want to know." Seok-jin opened up. "I didn't mean to get sick."

Lee Si-eun looks at her brother worriedly, "Can you just relax at home?" she said before sitting down beside the bed, "I am taking your work for you to be able to think nothing about your business. You have to take care of yourself."

"Are you nagging me now?"

"Ani. Oppa, we are not getting any younger. You were living alone too. Please take care of yourself. I won't get to you quick everytime."

"Is he treating you well?"

"My husband is a good man and he loves me. He also takes care of our kids as father would be."

"I'm not talking about him. I am talking about Chairman Seo."

"He is treating us well and always looking over the kids too."

"He was always thinking about it." Min-seok joined in the conversation, "He seemed so unbothered but all he was doing was to worry about you."

Si-eun looks at Seok-jin, "Don't worry too much about me and the kids. We are doing fine. We are with good people."

"I'm just glad you already left that man." Seok-jin strongly said before taking a bite of his food.

"Why are you still upset? Can't you just be happy for me for once?"

"I am. Just don't speak ul about your ex-husband."

"You are the one who talked about him first." Hearing Si-eun low key bickering with her brother madd Choi Min-seok chuckled.

Choi Min-seok had watch the siblings grew so close together and even grew apart. Seeing them together now made him remember how much Lee Seok-jin loves his sister. He would always protect her no matter what. The first fond memories of them in Min-seok mind was when they were all running home from school. Lee Si-eun was in 6th grade then but a tall girl. Lee Seok-jin loves to play pranks with his sister. That day, Si-eun was wearing a gray coat when Seok-jin suddenly took her candy from her hand and ran off. Given her personality, she ran after her brother while Min-seok was running after them and not too long Si-eun tripped down so hard that it ripped her jeans and got wounded.

"Si-eun-a!" Min-seok and Seok Jin ran towards her to help but as soon as she saw her wound she cried. "Haist..."

"Oppa, oppa, pi... pi, oppa." her cry just made Seok-jin felt more than guilty of playing with his sister.

"Can you walk?" Min-seok asked. Si-eun just shakes her head while crying. "You can ride my back if..."

"Carry our bags instead." Seok-jin said before sitting in front of his sister offering his back. "I'll carry you home."

That day, Seok-jin had an earful from their father and even Min-seok didn't get a pass. Si-eun had a fever after that that made the punishment for the two boys heavier. Now, it is Si-eun who was taking the resposibility for both of the men. Seeing the siblings together again just had Min-seok smiling.

Seo Ban decided to pick up Si-eun from the hospital and also visit his brother-in-law. He brought some fruits basket.

"You shouldn't have got out of your way just to buy those." Seok-jin said.

"Its just fine. I didn't pay my proper respect yet to you."

"You need not too. I assume that you already knew what happened from Si-eun." Ban nodded. "Thank you." Hearing Lee Seok-jin expressing gratitude made Min-seok and Si-eun looked at each other and then followed to what will the chairman will say next. "Thank you for taking care of my sister. She isn't the wisest, but she has the purest heart you can see. She forgives more than she could. She is enduring despite all the pain she was bearing. It will be a big favor to ask, but please take care of my sister and her kids. I can't do that for her for the past decades. This is the leass I can do for her. To leave her into the hands of a good man."

"You need not to ask that of me." Seo ban respectfully replied. "When I asked her to marry me, I also gave my promise to be with her forever. I didn't wait for 40yrs just to hurt her and let her go." Lee Si-eun softly hearing her husband confessing his love for her in front of Lee Seok-jin.

Meanwhile, in Bu Hye-ryung's family, the two old people of the house can't stop thinking about what has really happen to their daughter-in-law's sudden change. They are still in awe how hands on Hye-ryung to her husband and Jeong-bin. She was even helping on cooking and trying to learn more from the mother-in-law.

"Hye-ryung-a, don't you want to have rest while Jeongbin is still sleeping?" So Ye-jung, Sa-hyun's mother asked. "You have been taking care of him all day and you even made the side dishes earlier."

Hye-ryun was reading a magazine in the living room when her mother-in-law initiated a conversation, "I'm just fine eomonim. I get to sleep peacefully in the night because Jeongbin is sleeping peacefully too."

"Are you sure that its okay for Jeongbin to join the two of you in your bedroom?"

"Yes. Don't worry eomoni, Sa-hyun and I are making time for ourselves too. It will also makes us closer as a family."

"If you say so."

"By the way eomonim, can you look over for Jeongbin tomorrow? I just have some schedule as a host but I will comeback before dinner."

"Don't worry about him too much. I can manage. Take your time."

"Its just a sudden call since the DJ can't make it tomorrow."

"How about your friends? Don't you guys go out anymore?"

"Ah, jagganim have her plates full right now. She just reconciled with her brother and she was helping him about his business. Sa-PD was a full time mom and housewife for now since she needs to look for and take care of her youngest and so as for Haneul."

"Wait, your writer's brother is a businessman?"


"What business does he own?"

"That's the surprising part, eomoni. His name was Chairman Lee Seok-jin of Sun Corporation."

"De? Wait, isn't that a big company for hotel and restaurants chains? She's that rich?"

"Right. We are all surprised when we learned about it. We knew that she came from a walthy family, but we didn't it was that big of a name. Sa-hyun was the one who told us."

"Sa-hyun knew about them?"

"He said he handled some cases from the Sun Corporation and had read their family profile."

"Isn't she also married to the eldest son of SF Corporation?"

"De. She was rewarded for all the hardship she had been thru for 30yrs."

"She had endured a lot indeed."

Since their classes had ended early, Jia decided to invite Uram to have some snacks in a cafe nearby.

"We haven't been able to come to a bookstore recently. Hyanggi unni was busy too." Jia said while having some of her cake.

"Noona is really doing her best to keep up her phase." Uram replied. "I dont know how she was doing that. When she comes home she even wanted to take care of Haneul too upon teaching us for school."

"By the way, your eomma-"


"She was also busy with her brother. Have you met him before."

"Anio. Eomma still hasn't tell us what is happening, but appa called earlier he said we will a family meeting."

"Whoa, I wish have family meetings too. Uncle Ban is so cool."

"Uncle Dong-ma too. He is also young and so fit."

The cousins enjoyed their afternoon as usual before coming home. In their bedroom that night, Seo Ban and Lee Si-eun faced their kids to tell them something about the situation that suddenly arises.

"Your mom and I apologize if we ever we made you feel a little uncomfortable these past few days for nkt explaining what is happening." Seo Ban started.

"I am sure that you guys have the idea and heard about it that i have met my brother again." Si-eun took the conversation. "Some unexpected things happened and I have eneded up to decide to work at the office again."

"Your mom and I wanted to ask you two to help us to take care of Haneul and some other things."

"Don't worry about it, the summer vacation had started so it won't be a problem. We have less things to do in the university too." Hyanggi said. "You don't need to explain everything to us. We can handle the household task here and also Haneul. Right, Uram?"

"De." Uram replied confidently. "We can help in every way we can."

"Gumawo, uri ttal, uri adeul. We know its a big thing to ask, but please bear with us a little more." Si-eun said with a smile.

"Your mom and I won't be home most of the day, but we will go home together and you can still confide with us if you want to." their father continued.

"By the way eomma, what's our samchon like?"

The family spent their free time talking about Lee Si-eun's brother and her side of the family. Tho Hyanggi knew a little about what happened to their mother's side of the fsmily, she and Uram were brimming with glee hearing stories about them and about their mother's childhood.

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