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Kyungsoo's sense of vampires lurking nearby is never wrong, so on this regular old day he quickly has to come to terms with two facts of life. Looks can be deceiving and people (or well, vampires) can always surprise you. Good thing he hunts vampires for a living otherwise this would be a completely different story.


 Featuring Kyungsoo as a vampire hunter and Jongin as a vampire huhuhu~


Here are some more completed Kaisoo fics of mine btw:


Perfectly Cheesy--A fluffy au where they're teens crushing hard on each other.

Universal Stardust--A sci-fi fantasy where Jongin's a half-human dryad and Kyungsoo's a 'secret' lol who both work at a star-making factory.

Time for Confession--A college!AU where they participate in a relay race and Jongin plans to confess to Kyungsoo at the after-party.

Crêpe Craving--A fluffy au where Kyungsoo ends up falling for Jongin who works at his local crêperie.

Couple Vibes--A fakedating!AU where Kyungsoo asks Jongin to be his fake boyfriend for a day to mess with their friends.

Washed Ashore--A mermaid!AU where Jongin gets washed ashore and Kyungsoo finds him.

The Rose Burglar--A secret admirer!AU where Jongin receives a rose from 'someone' on Valentine's Day.


Hope you all like this~! Also, this is crossposted on my AO3!


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