Picking Daisies

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The classic story of how first impressions can actually be wrong sometimes.


Featuring Kaisoo as trainees pre-debut~ This is basically my imagining of what could've led Jongin to telling Chanyeol that he didn't wanna eat with Kyungsoo all those years ago lol. (Look at them now though <3.)


Anyways, hope you all like this and please feel free to check out my other Kaisoo fics if you haven't yet~! Also, this is crossposted on my AO3!



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Chapter 1: The jojo's reference hit me suddenly like a truck!!

Fluff is not my cup of tea but when it comes to kaisoo nonau, girl sign me tf in!
And this one is just perfect was it is, it really felt like reading jongin's autobiography, it felt so canon!😍
soooo cute, imagining predebut kaisoo like this is making me kick my feet lol
Chapter 1: This is SO SWEET!!!!
Nicole121314 #4
Chapter 1: Just reread this chapter again as I can't over it yet hahaha. So cute...
Nicole121314 #5
Chapter 1: Like a rela one hehe
Aww this is really cute! It also feels real (like with the curse words and social awkwardness), so I could hella relate
Nice work!
Chapter 1: Such a sweet & cute story!!! So happy to read about an early memory of their rs & just loved how you portrayed them & their budding love!!! Thank you for writing and sharing!!! ❤️
witchyexol #8
Chapter 1: omg! This was a wondeeful read.
I love reading about ksoo's glaring and ji thinking that ksoo hated him, they have such a cute origin story
i love your writing style, the way you write the thoughts and your details are fantastic especially hoe you included so many canon details such as the coffee
🥰 I read this listening to Kai's come in
thank you for such a lovely story