About Me

Hi there~


So...I'm a fan of many Kpop groups, but the one group I love reading/writing about is EXO haha. (Dunno why--it just kinda is. SHINee's my first ever fave Kpop group, but I'm just not that interested in reading fics centered around them o.o. Either way though, I've been a Shawol for 9 years now and an EXO-L for 7 years ^^.)


  R.I.P. Jonghyun. #5HINee ❤︎.


Anyways, I specifically love reading about Kaisoo, Xiuhan, Taohun and like reading about Baekxing and Suchen ^^. I'll still read fics that don't have those pairings though, and I'm also a er for ot12 ot11, crack/humor, fluff, slice-of-life, and (sometimes) angst stories :P.


If you have a story with any of those, feel free to message me it and I'll try to read it sometime ^^.



Here are 3 of my current multi-chaptered stories:


(Completed) An OT12 fic based on the Pathcode teasers:-- Strange Entity

(Completed) Another OT12 fic of mine, (a slice-of-life fic):-- Bus Rides & Sleepy Misses

(Completed) Another OT12 fic of mine (a sci-fi, fantasy Skyrim!AU fic):-- The Eternal Flower


Also, I have a K-pop tumblr blog: Right here~

And I have an AO3 account as well: Right here~


  Thanks for reading <3