Rise of a Phoenix

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Chanyeol's been having some overheating problems, and though he and his friends had all hoped that it was something that'd go away with rest, it turns out to be something else entirely. Something that requires a trip to the Tree of Life and a lesson in not being afraid to fall in order to fly.


 Hey everyone~ So, I'm back with another fic, this time a bonus oneshot for my old ot12 fic Strange Entity! This fic's ot11 tho (for obvious reasons) and Kris is only mentioned by name a few times since tho I'm not writing anymore fics with him in them, it felt weird retconning him in this universe since his character is a part of Strange Entity.


Anyways, to those of ya that have read any of the fics in my collection of short stories, this fic's a direct continuation of this one. I'd wanted to add another oneshot to this universe over the years since I finished the story but never knew how to start it/wasn't getting ideas for it until literally last month lol! Then, the words just flew outta my fingertips and thus this fic's born. (Oh and lastly, Baekyeol is the main pairing in this, while Kaisoo, Xiuhan & Taohun are more in the background.)


Hope you all like this~! Also, this is crossposted onto my AO3!


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