The Rose Burglar

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This Valentine's Day, Jongin finds out that it's not just his heart that's been stolen but a rose as well. And that his locker neighbor and crush Kyungsoo may just have something to do with it.


Featuring Jongin and Kyungsoo as teens in highschool during Valentine's Day~


Here are some more completed Kaisoo fics of mine btw:


Perfectly Cheesy--A fluffy au where they're teens crushing hard on each other.

Universal Stardust--A sci-fi fantasy where Jongin's a half-human dryad and Kyungsoo's a 'secret' lol who both work at a star-making factory.

Time for Confession--A college!AU where they participate in a relay race and Jongin plans to confess to Kyungsoo at the after-party.

Crêpe Craving--A fluffy au where Kyungsoo ends up falling for Jongin who works at his local crêperie.

Couple Vibes--A fakedating!AU where Kyungsoo asks Jongin to be his fake boyfriend for a day to mess with their friends.

Washed Ashore--A mermaid!AU where Jongin gets washed ashore and Kyungsoo finds him.


Hope you all like this~! Also, this is crossposted on my AO3!



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Chapter 1: Very adorable story!! 😍😘❤
Sakuraheat #2
Chapter 1: Omg so effing adorable i cantttt
Chapter 1: Fluffy and cutie, after reading it I feel like seeing rainbows and unicorns. Great fic dear writer
Nicole121314 #4
Chapter 1: This is so cute... love it.
Nicole121314 #5
I think all KaiSoo stories based on the link above, I've read already hehe. Thanks. And gonna read this new one. ❤🥰