Couple Vibes

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Jongin and Kyungsoo are just best friends whose mutual friends think that they're together. For some reason, Kyungsoo wants to mess with them and so asks Jongin if he'd like to be his fake boyfriend for a day. And Jongin, being the lovesick man that he is, agrees to it.


Featuring Jongin and Kyungsoo once again as cute and slightly dense best friends in their early to mid 20's lol.


Here are some more completed Kaisoo fics of mine btw:


Perfectly Cheesy--A fluffy au where they're teens crushing hard on each other.

Universal Stardust--A sci-fi fantasy where Jongin's a half-human dryad and Kyungsoo's a 'secret' lol who both work at a star-making factory.

Time for Confession--A college!AU where they participate in a relay race and Jongin plans to confess to Kyungsoo at the after-party.

Crêpe Craving--A fluffy au where Kyungsoo ends up falling for Jongin who works at his local crêperie.


Hope you all like this~!


7/6/21--Hey, so I've cross-posted this fic and some of my other ones onto AO3~! It's under the same user: reddoll123~ Hope ya all are doing alright btw!


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Sakuraheat #1
Chapter 1: Here again. Uuurrrggg dis is makn me feel soo singleee omg so fluffy
Chapter 1: I just love this so muchhhhhh. It's so gorgeous! 😭😍
Chapter 1: Love this!
Chapter 1: Love this!
Chapter 1: Love this!
eclipseborn1 #6
Absolutely lovely story!!! Kaisoo being fluffy is just so wholesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
CantabileDian07 #7
Chapter 1: Ooooh this is just so sweeet!!! It got me squealing like crazy!
Thank you for making this lovely story of Kaisoo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chapter 1: i needed me a sweet fic like this! thank you for writing fluffy sweet kaisoo :')))))))
Charlie498 #9
Chapter 1: This is amazing, the date was so sweet, cute and fun. Both are so oblivious and stupid omg could have done that since agree but they are an adorableee couple, I enjoyed everything here especially the moments when Nini saw Soo smiling and felt he just could combust. Thank you so much for writing it 💕
Chapter 1: Wahh I love this 💕❤️
It’s so cute 🥰
Thank you for this amazing fic author-nim 🤩