Perfectly Cheesy

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Jongin doesn't know exactly when he fell for Kyungsoo. But what he knows for sure is when Kyungsoo fell for him...or at least, next to him.


Featuring teen-aged Jongin and Kyungsoo being their cute selves ^^.


Here are three OT12 fics of mine btw:


A completed fic based on the Pathcode teasers: Strange Entity 

A completed slice-of-life fic: Bus Rides and Sleepy Misses

A completed sci-fi fantasy Skyrim!AU fic: The Eternal Flower


Hope you all like this~!

3/14/21--Hey, so I'm gonna be cross-posting this fic and some of my other ones onto AO3~! It's under the same user: reddoll123~ Hope ya all are doing alright btw!


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eclipseborn1 #1
Chapter 1: Jongin glaring at the rock hahahaha!!
Chapter 1: Just love sweet and fluffy kaisoo!!! Thank you for this!!!
Chapter 1: ohhooo this is so sweet..
this is tottally cup of my tea.
friends turn to lovers.
kaisoo for life!
Chapter 1: I seriously love the part where Jongin glares at the rock... it’s so like him to do that
Chapter 1: My heart is seriously going to explode because this fic is so cute
hachiiko #6
Chapter 1: My heaaaart
Chapter 1: What is this cute thing. Never thought Jongin would say it first!
lilymelody #8
Chapter 1: This was definitely cute and it's so frustrated to see them pining over one another lol
alyntasya9 #9
Valendo #10
Chapter 1: this was so sweet and amazingly written! good work <3