His wife, not his lover

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**I must be obsessed with arranged marriage plot but this one has been on my mind even before I wrote “First Love”.. anyway I wasn’t so sure if I should rate the whole story as ‘M’ or not.. it doesn’t have many ual contents but the fact that the story revolves around ‘cheating’ bothers me a little..






“I wanted to be the best wife to you..”






“If you knew I was in love with her.. why did you agree on marrying me?..”






“The moment our eyes met.. there was no one else I could see.. I must have fallen in love at first sight..”






“You changed me.. I didn’t even know I was capable of changing for someone.. you made me fall for you.. and love you..










Jisoo and Taehyung have been married for a month due to their families’ businesses.

But unlike Jisoo who tries her best to be a good housewife, Taehyung is keeping his distance from her as much as possible.

The reason? He has another woman he loves and he cannot leave.














**This will be a short story just like ‘First love’ and I will give you the updates by dividing the story in 2-3 parts. 

I tested positive about a week ago to be honest that’s why I was really bored and as you know, writing is as difficult as not doing anything at all so please bear with me..

I have no wattpad account so if you ever see any of my stories posted there, please help me in reporting them! Thanks!
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