Meron Pa Bang Ikaw?
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I'm facing back and forth here inside my condo,'di pa ako tinatawagan ni V,I can't even call him,gosh its been eight hours already,ang dami ko na nai-dm,text and missed calls sa kanya. I mean,can you blame me?I'm just getting scared again,lalo na he's far from me,natatakot akong mangyari nanaman yung nangyari two years ago,I'm scared to be left out. It's been one week since he went to Canada to handle the business of his dad,aware na aware ako sa mga nangyayari,like it drives me crazy kapag ganito. I called Gi this time.


G: "Hello Jimin,is everything okay?"

K: "Gi,he's not answering his phone,argh its been eight hours already."

G: "Calm down he's just busy,don't overthink too much Jimin?"

K: "Pero-"

G: "Pero what?Jimin please,don't think of him that way,iba siya,he loves you too much and you know that,right?He won't do anything stupid while he's away."


  Right,my overthinking and trust issue are just ing me up again this time,I should calm my s down.


K: "Okay,sorry."

G: "Don't be,I understand you. I'll assure you that everything will be fine,hmm?Are you all alone there ba?"

K: "Oum."

G: "Hmm,want me to talk to you until you fall asleep just like before?"


  I smiled as I heard her said that,Gi's such a sweet and caring person,ang swerte ko na maging bestfriend siya,she's always there for me. She's also one of I can consider as my home.


K: "I want to but it's fine Gi,thank you. Focus ka muna diyan,I'm rooting for the both of you,husayan niyo.


  She chuckled over the line,Gi's been away with Ningning,umalis sila yesterday. Ipinakilala siya sa parents ni Ning,ka-kwento na rin sakin ni Gi na almost one month na sila ni Ning,sinagot niya nga agad within one week. I won't be a hindrance for the both of them,besides may pinag-samahan naman na. I admit,I kinda envy them,but I'm happy for them.


G: "We will be back naman agad. Susulitin muna namin one week vacation."

K: "Uhuh,I'll hang up now Gi,ingat kayo diyan hmm?"

G: "Mhmm we will,you too,always lock the door there Jimin-ah. I'll talk to you tomorrow."


   I deeply sigh as I look around my condo,it's so quiet here right now,the fact na mag-isa nanaman ako dito. I suddenly reminisce the events here before,I smiled,sometimes I'm wondering wether I should just move out here already?Para somewhat makalimot,including my memories with her here. She's my first,like literally my very first,same with her sakin. She's my first lover that I bought here,don't blame me for still thinking of her although it's been 2 years passed,gano'n ata talaga kapag first love mo.


 But I'm thankful that I'm currently with Taehyung,he fills up the painful memories she left here inside my condo,even inside of my heart. He fills up the void that Minjeong left me. I was about to go to my room when I suddenly bump into something and I heard the  cracking sound,I gasps in shock,it was a plant na nasa paso. I frowned as I recognize who's the owner of that plant.


"Minjeong's plant." I mumble to myself.


 She gave me this 'Remember Me' plant you can called ( u guys can search the look of the plant btw ) emerging leaves are bright yellow with a smoky green edge,she even named it "Ember". I caress the leaves of the plant and a smile form from my lips.


"You're still here,'di pa kita mapapansin kun'di pa kita nasagi."


 I remember year ago ko pa nasabi kay Taehyung na itapon na 'to,but he declined kesyo sayang daw kasi buhay pa naman,he even said "It's yours,its up to you and your decision wether you'll throw it or not,so I wouldn't throw it away by myself babe." 


Why can't I throw this to myself until now tho?How ridiculous Jimin.


 I broke her too,I know. Just like what she did to me,just like what I did to the plant she gave to me. Just,where did it all went wrong?









Month of November; 7 months ago after Minjeong left me....



 I'm here at the parking lot and am I seeing this right?Minjeong's standing there sa labas papasok sa condo unit ko,I clunch the hem of my shirt and decided to walk pass by her,but she immediately grab my wrist,I looked at her coldly.


"What are you doing here?'Di pa ba sapat yung ginawa mong panggu-gulo sa bahay nila Giselle kahapon?Minjeong I-"


"So meron na palang bago?" She said coldly and stern,napatikom ako bigla,no Jimin,'wag kang papadaan sa ganyan niya,this time siya yung may kasalanan.


"So ngayon mo lang nalaman?Huli ka na sa balita." She suddenly

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