Sunsets Without You

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"I'm sorry I won't be able to watch sunsets with you."


[ Will be written in pure English ]

Dunno it suddenly slips on my mind to write an Xiaorina au,since I can't still move on about them,about Yurina not being able to debut,this will be only also written in short.

Will proly update at midnights, it's just something conflicts going on in my situation right now, so bare w/ me readers. Also expect that I'll be updating very slow, take care y'all & always eat on time, stay healthy!<3


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Elsha95 #1
Chapter 9: what will happen with xiaojin's heart in the next chapter 😏
onlyyujinchoi #2
Chapter 9: We want Xiaojin 😩😭😭😭
Please don't hurt xiaojin
Can't wait for the next chapter
Chapter 3: it's very nice
Sandyarmy2003 #5
Chapter 3: tht hurts...poor yujin...looking forward to how the story moved forward
Sandyarmy2003 #6
loved it....I am a xiaojin shipper but xiaorina does have a special place in my heart....pls do write more xiaojin content authornim...its a request
Chapter 2: This is so good. Made me remember the old good Girls Planet 999 days. And made me miss Yurina even more. Thank you for writing this