Meron Pa Bang Ikaw?
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"I love you,Jimin."

"I love you too Minjeong-ah~." She said as she hug me,I just stare at her as I hug her back.

"I love you so much for real,Yu Jimin." I said smiling,not averting my gaze at her beautiful face.

"I love you too so so much,Kim Minjeong." she said as she cupped my face.

"Haist,bakit ba ang ganda-ganda ng girlfriend ko?" I tucked her hair behind her ear,she then payfully slapped my arm and chuckled.

"Sira,'kala mo naman siya hindi maganda." I suddenly kissed her left cheek.

"Napaka-chansingera mo talaga noh Minjeong?"

"Sa'yo lang." I said as I winked.

"Argh." She buried her face at my neck.

"Oh ano,kilig ka nanaman?"

"Kainis 'to." She said as she whine like a kid,I hugged her tight,her face still burying at my neck.

"You know how much I love being complimented." Oum,I know,you said it flatters and makes you blush.She loves being complimented.




"You're so beautiful." That compliment that you always wanted,was now owning by him.Bet he flatters and makes you blush also,didn't he?

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