Meron Pa Bang Ikaw?
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     Agad nag-iba ang expression ni Winter right after she saw her mom. Nakatingin ang mom niya kay Karina as if analyzing her whole well being,which is now lowering her head,Winter held her girlfriends left hand and place behind her,she looks at her mom with a blank expression.



"What are you doing here?" 



Her mom sighed and smiled after,that smile,yung ngiti na kinaiinisan ni Winter.



"Can't I visit my daughter?" She paused and looks at Karina. "And my daughters girlfriend." Karina then tighten her hold on Winters hand,Winter's now clenching her left hand forming a fist.



"Can you please stop all of your bulls,mom?Can't you let us be happy?" Frustration was evidence on Winter's voice.



" Can't you just let me be happy,just this once?" 


Her voice cracks,natatakot nanaman kasi siya na mapag-hiwalay ulit sila,she doesn't want the history on what happened from their past to repeat itself. But this time,she won't let anyone hurt them and tear them apart again. Winter shook her head as she glare at her mom.



"No,I won't let you do what you're planning to do AGAIN this time." She was about to drag Karina outside but Karina stops. "Jimin,what-"




   And there,she's shock on what she's seeing right now,her mom,getting a hold on Karina's right arm.



"Let me talk to her anak." 



Winter scoffs. "Anak?Anak pa ba turing mo sakin?"



"Winter." She looks at her girlfriend,now she's calling her by her nickname,its her mom's fault again.



"Mom bitawan mo siya. Please let us go."



"No anak-"



"Tangina naman mom sabing bitawan mo ang g

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