Meron Pa Bang Ikaw?
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  It's already night time,Karina's spending her time at her condo's balcony,she closes her eyes as she feel the cold midnight breeze hitting her skin. She recalls what just happened yesterday,it still feels surreal for her,she sighs as she open her eyes. She watches the city lights of Seoul below her as she feel a warm hug from her back,she immediately smile.




"Hey babe,aren't you sleepy?" She hums.


"A penny for your thoughts?" Winter asks again but Karina still not responding,she hug her even tighter.


"It's cold,so let me warm you up using my power hug." She even chuckled while she whisper those words on Karina,pero 'di pa rin ito umiimik,so Winter started to get worried kaya hinarap niya ito sa kanya.



"Is there something wrong babe?Tell me what is it." Umiling lang si Karina as she smiles.


"Then bakit- "


Winter was stopped on talking as Karina suddenly cups her face and caress it gently,she's looking directly on Winter's eyes. Winter smiles from the touch,suddenly Karina leans as she sofly kisses her,Winter wanted the kiss to stay longer but she immediately pulls away as she feel something wet on her cheek,Karina's crying. 



"Babe hey,why?You're making me worried." Niyakap naman siya ni Karina,she instantly hug her back.




"Hmm,yes?Bakit bigla kang umiiyak?" She asks as she gently ca

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