Meron Pa Bang Ikaw?
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Another morning,new day. Winter woke up because of the sun that's hitting her face,she groans and turn to her side.


"Babe good mor— babe?" Wala sa tabi niya ang girlfriend niya.

Maybe she's on the bathroom Winter says on her mind. She knocks on the bathroom door "Babe,you there?" No response,so she open the door,there's no one.


Ah,maybe she's making us some breakfast


She smiled and make her way to their kitchen,she immediately frown as she saw no one.She scratched her head.


"Nag-morning jogging ba siya?" She tried dialing her girlfriend's number,but the number's cannot be reach. She then heard someone opened the door revealing her younger sister.



"Jihan how did you?" Jihan's been crying.


" Now she's starting to sob.


"Hey hey,bakit ka umiiyak?" She rushed towards her sister.


"Ate si,si ate Jimin."


"Why?Did you saw her?Kanina ko pa siya hinahanap—"


"She left,I saw her,m-may dalang luggage."


"What?Jihan 'wag mo naman akong prina-prank,ang aga-aga."


"Ate I'm not pranking you." She continues to cry,as Winter starts to panicTumakbo siya pabalik sa kwarto at binuksan yung cabinet at drawer ni Karina,it's all empty.



"No,no tell me this can't be." She shook her head as she notice a note above the table beside the bed,she grabs and read it.


Minjeong-ah,I'm sorry but.. I'm coming with Taehyung.


She shook her head aggressively as she felt her world crumbles apart.


"Hindi,hindi pwede,Karina!!"





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