In My Blood

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“Oh, so you don’t do things like this? Then why did you invite me outside?” I smirk, raising an eyebrow towards the black haired boy sitting next to me, even though I already knew the answer.

“Because you smell good.” He admits, eyes flashing red at the smell of my blood inside my veins.
I already knew the effect my blood had on him, his had the same effect on me but I continue playing dumb, “Smell good?”
“Your perfume.”

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Suggestive/Mature Themes (but no actual )

Explicit Language

Not edited & probable misuse of affect/effect

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I sort of just made my own version of a vampire. There's obviously the blood- aspect, but they aren't twilight vampires but also not full-on murderers that go crazy for blood. They are sort of just like modified humans that survive on blood with some extra benefits.

Other Characters:

Park Sooyoung/Joy

Yoo Jimin/Karina

Lee Taeyong

Kim Minjeong/Winter

Ning Yizhuo/Ningning

Moon Taeil

Uchinaga Aeri/Giselle

Na Jaemin

Dong Sicheng


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efghinhnh #1
Chapter 1: Finished reading this 🤍🤍🤍 as someone who rarely reads vampire au i dont know much abt vampire concepts but as long as it’s a sweet storyline im here for it hehe
Chapter 1: ayyyy i actually really like this it's so damn good ^^ the concept, the writing literally everything