Synchronization of Your Dreams

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“Don’t give into them.”


But it’s not something I can control and throughout the week my memories of him dissipate. The life that was always present in his eyes and his gummy smile fades as the days progress. And when he begs me not to leave him, I do.



In which, Yoon Chaeyoon, finds herself awakening in a world where she's memoryless and finds that she's been the test subject of an experiment for several years.



Explicit Language

Some kiss scenes


Is loosely based off of Extraordinary You. I can see a resemblance to it so I'm mentioning this as to not make this a copy.

Main Characters:

Yoon Chaeyoon/Yoo Chaeyeon (OC)

Kim Doyoung

Lee Taeyong

Qian Kun


Minor Characters:

Jung Jaehyun

Johnny Seo

Lee Jeno

Park Liah (OC)

Kim Ahrim (OC)

I reference lines from the following song at one point:

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