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Ahn Yujin's son begins questioning about his father when bullied at school for not having one.




Explicit Language



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a_tsutsuji #1
Chapter 1: I love this! The plot is simple but I can feel every emotion as the story goes and it doesn't feel rushed.
On the other side note. ISTG I can imagine how Johnny said that with his threatening look and sassiness lol
Hope to see more stories from you!
efghinhnh #2
Chapter 1: Omg i really love this story TT It’s really sweet and i like it that the reason why the broke up wasnt because dy not wanting the child or something and im really glad they are back together after altho im a bit frustated that yujin doesnt want to tell dy at first >< it’s really sweet that you make it a happy ending for them with three kids ♡♡ will definitely read this again and again heheh thank you for writing a doyoung fic (i really only like him alone in the entire kpop and it’s hard to find his fic hahaha)