Picturing You

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Daeah finds herself in a bath house in front of popular student Kim Doyoung.



Very Suggestive + One Somewhat ty Scene

(I don't go into full detail)

Explicit Language

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efghinhnh #1
Chapter 1: THIS IS SO SO SO CUTEEEEEEEEE 😭 i was blushing throughout the fic they are so cute together and dy is so nice to daeah!!! I really like it when he keeps teasing her and like it was so obvious he had feelings for her but daeah couldnt see that bc she was very self conscious:((( and the part where dy was gentle with daeah during their first .. it was so cuteeee >.< also i like the scene where dy met her mother hahahaha it was a very fun fic i blushed and squealed a lot reading this!!!