Bad Blood

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The bad blood, it all started whenever Donghyun ditched Seungho at a party.

Or in which, Ari falls in love with the street racer Kim Doyoung even though she's supposed to stay away from him and his family.


[Yoo Ari's Circle]

Yoo Seungho - Older Brother

Yoo Ara - Older Sister

Ahn Soojung - Best Friend

Qian Kun - Best Friend

[Kim Doyoung's Circle]

Kim Donghyun - Older Brother

Lee Taeyong - Best Friend

Nakamoto Yuta - Best Friend

Johnny Seo - Best Friend

A/N: I have pictures of messages between some of the characters placed in this story but it has been brought to my attention that some users cannot see those so for those readers I included a typed of version of what's being said in the picture so those who can see the pictures can just skip over those parts. Sorry!!

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