Bad Blood
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I couldn’t believe the situation I had somehow found myself in. At a party, not even a sip of alcohol yet, cornered in the backyard by some sleaze-ball. He clearly had no idea who I was, nor who my brother was, for if he did he’d be nowhere near me right now.   I had come outside in search for some quietness whenever I suddenly had an arm slung over my shoulder and a breath fanning down my neck. I had ducked out of his grasp only to find myself stuck with no way around him since I was up against the house.   I sigh, “You’re clearly wasted, dude. Why don’t you just back off now before you regret it?”   He laughs like he thought I was some helpless little girl, which I wasn’t, but I probably didn’t stand a chance against a guy of his height and weight. I didn’t recognize him, he seemed older, so I assumed he was in college, whereas I was not. I was a senior in high school so it just did not look good for this guy at all.   “Ah, babycakes.” He hums some cheesy nickname his hand moving to my chin. “Don’t play hard to get.”   I push his hand away. “I’m not, you’re just really not my type and you’re drunk. Oh and I’m also underaged. So, I’d suggest you back off.”   He snorts lips forming into a smirk, “I know you want me, everyone does.”   “I really don’t.” My tongue clicks annoyed. I wasn’t scared yet, he seemed inebriated enough that when the opportunity arose I could flee.   The time to leave him was now though so I duck under his arm only for him to wrap his arms around me from behind pulling my backside flush against his front. He hums into my neck and I shiver, definitely wasn't expecting that. I struggle against his hold, my elbow consistently making jabs at his ribs. He hisses but presses his lips onto my neck anyways.   “Stop!” I move my neck away from him but he only chases it. My leg moves back to kick him but that’s when I realize that maybe he wasn’t as drunk as he had lead on because he saw that coming, dodging that kick easily before pushing me up against the house.   “Nice try, but I like a challenge.” His tongue touches my neck for a brief second before he pulls away from me entirely.   “I said stop!” I grunt out pushing myself off the side of the house. I quickly turn around to defend myself once more only to find that someone’s now in-between us, their back to me.   “What the , dude?” The sleazy guy runs a hand through his hair. “Don’t be a er.”   The boy before me, who I now realize is Kim Dongyoung, snorts. “I don’t think what was happening was consensual, so therefore I’ll happily you.”   The guy rolls his eyes before glancing at me. “She wanted it.”   “No I didn’t.” I scoff from behind Dongyoung.   Dongyoung glances back at me before cocking his head to the side looking back at him. “You do know her brother is Yoo Seungho, right?”   The guy, who clearly did not know suddenly seems nervous. “I-uh, I forgot I-uh need to get home and do my chemistry homework.” Before quickly sprinting off.   Dongyoung sighs turning towards me. “You know all you had to do was say Seungho’s your brother and he would’ve ran off with his tucked between his legs right away, right?”   I cross my arms over my chest. “I didn’t exactly have the chance to think that far ahead, alright?” I shrug. “Thanks for helping me though.”   Though I could say I was shocked that he intervened. His family and mine did not get along. Or well really it was just our older brother’s that couldn't stand the sight of one another. Seungho, my own brother and his brother Donghyun have had a long ongoing feud since their freshman year of high school.   It all started whenever Donghyun ditched Seungho at a party, Seungho ended up getting busted later because the cops showed up and he didn’t have a ride to leave. It cost my parents a lot of money and embarassment to get him out of jail. They got him on drinking charges and for running.   My parents were pissed, when Seungho confessed it was Donghyun’s idea to go to the party we were essentially banned from being anywhere near their family. It was only fuel to the fire whenever Seungho and Donghyun got into a physical fight days after that. My older sister Ara, who was a year older than Seungho got in trouble for trying to break it up too. She held a slight resentment towards both of them because it ruined her perfect record.   Meanwhile, Dongyoung and I were innocent middle schoolers who just ignored each other because of what our parents told us to do.   Of course, Dongyoung didn’t help his case any. At school he appeared as an smart innocent student but everyone knew behind his innocent looking eyes and smile, he and his friends were street racers. Which to say the least was illegal in South Korea. My parents didn’t like that and it only cause Seungho to bad mouth the Kim’s even more.   So the both of us just avoided each other.   “No problem, are you okay?” He glances behind me as two drunk girls stumble out onto the patio, one of them moments away from throwing up.   “Yeah, I’m fine. Thanks to you.” I smile softly, honestly nothing about Dongyoung screamed that he was a bad guy. He always seemed nice and genuine at school. But then again did I really know him?   “Yeah well, it’s what anyone would do, or at least I’d like to hope so anyways.” He lightly laughs eyes trailing back to me, a smile forming on his lips. You see there was this unique thing that happened whenever he'd smile. I don't know if it was because his lips were thin or if he just smiled that wide but his gums would show through above his top teeth and honestly I'd have to admit, it was adorable.   His smile had me doing something I’d never thought I’d do. “Do you maybe, want to get out of here by any chance?”   His smile drops, lips dropping open in a different way than earlier, eyes squinting as he tries to register what my stupid mouth had just spewed out.   I rush to try and save face, “I mean to like get something to eat, I’m starving and my friends are probably discreetly flirting with each another unbeknownst to them that their feelings are mutual.” I chuckle under my breath. “I’m kind of third wheeling tonight, even though they themselves don’t know think that way.”   My best friends, Soojung and Kun both have had crushes on one another for years now but both of them have never acted on it and are thoroughly convinced that the other doesn’t like them that way. It’s exhausting trying to keep up with them.   “Won’t your family freak out?” He raises an eyebrow.   “Won’t yours?” I shrug back instantly. “Who cares, I’m honestly getting tired of having to cater my schedule around avoiding your family.”   He clicks his tongue seeming to agree his hands moving to his hips. “Where to then?”   -   When we make it to Dongyoung’s car I was suddenly reminded again of how he was a street racer. His car is a blue 2-door Nissan of some sort, very tinted windows, and a spoiler on the back. One that well, you could tell was probably used for racing. He never drove it to school, instead he rode his bike. So, this was the first time I’m seeing it. He gets in first before opening the door for me from the inside. I slip inside and glance over the sleek dash he has. It was actually pretty nice.   “You have a nice car.” I murmur glancing around to the nonexistent back seat.   He laughs, “Thanks, I assume you know about my past time.” He glances over at me as he buckled his belt.   I slip mine on too before nodding. “Yeah, I mean the car itself didn’t make it obvious or anything.”   He hums turning back to start the car. “You’d better stop teasing me or I’ll show you how fast it can go.”   Honestly I don’t know why but I found that very idea really hot, but I didn’t want him to know that so I play it off. “Okay, I’ll stop, let’s go I’m hungry!”   -   Dongyoung and I find ourselves an hour away from the party across from one another in a booth. The waitress had taken our order moments ago leaving us alone once more. I glance over him, he wore round glasses and a white t-shirt and honest to god did not look like he drove the car he did. Or raced said car for s and giggles.   He looked like a goodie-to-shoes that never did anything wrong. Which again was kind of hot.   “Could you imagine what our brothers would do if they saw us here together?” I snort breaking the silence.   He hums nodding his head, “They’d rip both of our asses and take us home immediately.”   I grab my glass of water and put it into the air. “Here’s to hoping they never find out.”   He chuckles picking up his glass to tap it against mine. “Cheers.”   As I sit my glass back down Dongyoung picks up his phone, I snort to myself noticing it was also blue, just like his car. So, blue was definitely his favorite color.   I pull out my own phone, pulling up my camera app and discreetly snapping a picture of him to catch him in this moment. I don’t know why I did it, but maybe it was the way he looked in the dull lighting of the light fixture hanging over our heads. Maybe it was because he was the one person I wasn’t supposed to have? Maybe I was crazy? I really don’t know?   I smile down at the photo before Dongyoung is clearing his throat drawing my attention back to him. “What are you smiling at?”   “Huh?” I jolt, quickly locking my phone. “Oh, nothing.”   He squints towards me letting a low scoff come out from between his lips, “You’re a horrible liar.”   The waitress interrupts sitting our plates down and I quickly bury myself in my food to avoid the topic. How embarrassing would it be if he saw what I had did?   I hear him snort, “I’ll get it out of you sometime or another.” Before he picks up his silverware digging into his own plate.   After we’ve finished the waitress returns and we order shakes to go. When she returns with them she smiles at the both of us, “One check or two?”   “Oh,” I speak up, raising my finger into the air.   “One’s fine.” Dongyoung says pulling his shake towards him. I let my finger drop as she walks off not even bothering to hear me deny his statement.   He sips on his shake before looking up at me. “I’ll pay, since you had an awful experience earlier tonight.”   “You don’t have to, I’ll pay, it was my idea to come.” I pull my own shake towards me, shivering at the cool air that came with it. I now regret wearing the dress that Soojung picked out for me.    Dongyoung pulls out his tan jacket from where it was wrapped around his waist. “Here.” He holds it over the table, sipping some more on his shake.   “Oh, I’m fine.” I try and deny him.   He rolls his eyes, “Your whole back is exposed in that dress you’re wearing, you need it more than I do.” He gestures it out again.   I give up easily because of the goose bumps forming on my spine, accepting it. I slip it on over my shoulders and instantly I warm up. “Thanks.”   After that he moves to pay the bill and I stand up moving towards the door. I pull up my phone noticing a text from Soojung and a Snapchat from Kun. Both probably wondering where I was.     (For those who can't see the pictures read below)   Soojung: Where are you? Snapchat  from qiankunnn   I open my messages.   (For those who can't see the pictures read below)   Soojung: Where are you? Ari: Oh, long story short, I went out to eat with a friend I met at the party. Soojung: "Friend?" or a boy? Ari:
I'll explain later! When are you guys leaving? Soojung: Ohhh so it is a boy! Also we're leaving in 10 mins. But don't let that stop you from enjoying your night! You have a key to the apartment so let yourself in when you get back!   I roll my eyes cancelling out of the app which leaves me staring at the picture I took of Dongyoung. But before I can cancel out of it my phone is pulled from my hands. My heart skips a beat as I turn to see Dongyoung bringing my phone towards his face. Oh my god. His eyes dart from the screen to my face.   Oh my god!   I quickly rip my phone from his hands and take off running out of the restaurant. Oh my god, Ari, you're an idiot!   A hand on my shoulder stops me halfway from the car, I lower my head out of embarrassment as Dongyoung comes around to stand in front of me.   “I-uh, I-don’t know what to say.” I stutter out, avoiding eye contact with him. “You just looked surreal under the lighting and all...and yeah...”   I hear him chuckle lightly, “So did you, if I’m being honest.”   My head pops up making eye contact with him. “I-I did?”   “Mm.” He hums slipping his hands into his pockets.   I swallow thickly before laughing lightly, my nerves calming down but not much, “Is it bad that I don’t want to go home yet?” My hands grip at the sleeves of his jacket that I wore. “I’m not ready to have to ignore you again, I don’t know what it is yet but you’re someone who’s very alluring to me.”   He shakes his head no, “No, because I don’t want to go home yet either.” He glances back at his car. “Can I take you one more place?”   I find myself nodding enthusiastically, to which he smiles his gummy smile, eyes darting down to my hand before he grabs it tugging me towards his car.   -   The drive is silent the whole half hour it takes to get to a parking in downtown Seoul, it’s one I’ve never been to before and it seems as if it’s not a popular one at that since there was no cars here.   Once he's parked we get out and move to sit down on the hood of his car. “What is this place?”   He stares out at the city lights, “It’s one of the places where all of us street racers meet.”   I slowly nod, “I see.”   Looking out at the city from this lot was surprisingly beautiful.   “We’re always here briefly at the beginning of the night, it’s when our nerves are the most erratic because it’s right before our races.” His hand reaches for mine. “It's sort of just like how my nerves are going crazy right now.”   “Dongyoung?” I murmur squeezing his hand lightly, my eyes focusing on him instead of the cityscape.   “Please call me Doyoung.” He leans forward a bit which causes me to in a breath. “Ari, I don’t know if you’d believe this but I’ve sort of had a crush on you for a couple of years now. So, this whole night my nerves have sort of just been stumbling around and building up until now.” I bite my lip as my stomach swirls.   He swallows nervously, “And just like how when I leave here with the rest of the racers my nerves will have not calmed down, they’ll slowly disappear only to return the next time I see you and slowly dissipate knowing that I have to ignore you.”   I blink a couple of times letting a pit form in my stomach, he was right but... “What if you didn’t?”   He pulls back a bit confused, eyes searching mine. “What do you mean?”   “No one has to know what happens between us. No one will know if we keep it a secret.” My hand squeezes his tighter.   “I don’t want you to become my dirty little secret, Yoo Ari.” He sighs pulling his hand from mine.   “It won’t be like that,” I hum tugging his hand back into mine. “It’ll be thrilling hiding it from them won’t it? Thrilling like when you race this car.” I pat the hood to emphasize my statement. At this point I was beginning to sound desperate and well I was, though I don’t know why?   The butterflies in my stomach told me it was because I liked him but since when did I like him? This was just me being Yoo Ari, the girl who wasn’t supposed to associate herself with the Kim’s. But Ari, the girl who’s went to school with Dongyoung since kindergarten is a different person. She first started stealing glimpses of Kim Dongyoung when she was in her first year of middle school.   Truth be told back then I had memorized the he way he concentrated in class, the way his eyes would furrow when someone he didn't like would come near him or if he heard someone say something he didn't like, to the way his eyes would light up whenever his friends would walk into the room. I was enamored even back then by the way he smiled, I originally thought it was kind of dorky but in a cute way. I made a promise to myself back then that I would get closer to him in high school, that I would work up enough courage to talk to him for something other than school work.   The Ari back then was utterly heartbroken when she was informed that she could no longer be around him. So, that Ari became the me today, one that ignored Kim Dongyoung. One that was never infatuated with him. That Ari was one that would just go with the flow and follow her family's rules religiously. But I don't think the old Ari saw this coming.   The current me, who honest to god really wants Doyoung all to herself even though she knows she’s not supposed to. This side of me doesn’t care if she gets caught, she just really wants him all to herself.   His eyes darken a bit as he stares back at his car. His eyes dart back to mine, a hand moving to my cheek. “What happens if we get caught?”   I shrug leaning further into him, “We’ll deal with that if it happens.” My heart burns in my chest as he leans in lips pressing onto mine.   -   That’s how Doyoung and I began secretly dating. The first few months we laid extremely low and we were successful in hiding our secret relationship. Though I knew Soojung and Kun were suspecting I was seeing someone. Though they would never dare expect Kim Dongyoung to be that someone.   Currently I was hurrying through a parking lot looking for his car. This was the riskiest we had been in the past three months we’d been dating. Why? Well both of our brothers were somewhere around here. We were at a fair, one in which pretty much everyone from our part of town attended. Seungho and Ara were both here, not to mention so were mine and Doyoung's friends. But nonetheless I had managed to sneak off without any of them following me and he had done the same.   I find Doyoung’s car easily since it has become one of our number one hiding places the past few months. It had tinted windows and even though it was small it worked. The only downside to it was that it sort of stuck out like a sore thumb because of it's build and color.   As I approach the car the passenger side door opens from inside the car and I slip into the passenger seat. I’m met with Doyoung’s handsome smiling face once the door is shut.   “Hey.” His smile widens.   “Hey.” I giggle under my breath.   His eyes drop down to my dress, “You look cute tonight.”   “Thanks, Ara picked it out.” I glance down at it before glancing over his appearance checking him out myself. His hand intertwines with mine and I sigh, I was going to try and be a good girl tonight but I hadn’t seen Doyoung in a week and god did he look really hot in his black shirt and flannel.   I move my legs up to where I'm sitting on them on the passenger seat which causes him to look up at me, “What are you doing?”   Even though his car is small I manage to slip over the console onto his lap, my knees fitting uncomfortably on each side of his lap, back pressing into the steering wheel. His doe eyes are wide and innocent, hands in the air out of shock from what had just happened.   Since we were so busy being secretive our relationship hadn’t really been too physical. We were lucky if we could even kiss at times and I hadn’t been brave enough to try this in his car before. So, this position was extremely new to him and I.   Once he's relaxed his hands move to rest on my hips, tongue running over his lips almost nervously. “What exactly are you planning on doing, Yoo Ari?” He swallows thickly.   I smirk slightly, hand moving down, chest leaning forward to pull on his seat lever, which lays his seat back some but not much more since his car didn’t allow that. He rests his head back on the seat to stare at me.   My hands rest on his chest. “I just missed you, that’s all.” I pucker my lips and he raises his head to press a kiss onto them before leaning back against the head rest once again. I pout wanting more so I scoot impossibly closer so I can lean right over his head. One of his hands raises to my cheek as he allows me to press my lips back onto his. This I hoped would lead to us at least making out.   Sadly the universe had other plans. My phone beeps from the passenger seat causing me to pull away with a sigh.   I lean over and reach for it, noticing 3 messages.   (Note: read from bottom up)   (For those who can't see the pictures read below)   Seungho: (now) Where are u? U disappeared? Soojung: (12 seconds ago) You & mystery boy may want to hurry things up! KunMom: (30 seconds ago) Yikes...ur brother is looking for u!   I groan in annoyance. “I hate my brother so much.”   Doyoung chuckles from his spot underneath me, “This is what we signed up for unfortunately.” His hands squeeze my hips. “How about after the party ends you come with me to one of my races?”   My heart pounds in my chest out of excitement, the chance to finally see Doyoung racing? I wouldn’t miss that for the world. “I’d love to, I’ll text you for sure if I can though.”   -   “Where were you?” Seungho scoffs when I finally find him. He’s standing beside two of his college friends that I recognized but there was a third boy that immediately caught my eye. It was the guy from that night, the one that Doyoung kept from attacking me.   “Sorry, I was in the bathroom, girl problems, y’know?” I smile softly lying towards my brother even though I was mostly confused as to why the guy was here?   He sighs, “Anyways Ari, you already know Hoyoung and Jaehwan, but this is Jaehwan’s little brother Daehwan, he’s a year older than you.”   “Hello.” I nod slowly towards him not really giving him a proper greeting. “I’m Yoo Ari, Seungho’s sister.”   To which the guy sends me a small smirk that to anyone else would look like a just a smile. Douchebag.   Seungho smiles towards him placing his hands on my forearm, “I’m going to speak with my sister for a minute and then we’ll be back.”   He tugs me over to a more secluded space before smiling. “So, what do you think of Daehwan?”   My smile instantly drops, so that’s what that was? “Um, I guess he seems fine we didn’t really talk so like I can’t say for sure?” Even though I knew he wasn’t fine at all. I couldn’t really let Seungho know I went to a party after his past history with them. Because technically I wasn't supposed to be attending them.   Seungho claps his hands together. “He’s perfect, I’m going to try and set you up with him.” He tugs on my hand but I yank it back.   “No.” I stand my ground.   That’s whenever Ara shows up. “Oof, did you finally tell her what your plan was?”   She sends me a look of sympathy, “I knew you’d react this way.”   Seungho huffs, “I’m just trying to help. Ari, you haven’t dated at all?”   I rolls my eyes, “That’s my own problem not yours.”   He crosses his arms over his chest, “What’s so wrong with me trying to set you up? Daehwan is a good guy.”   “I don’t want to be set up with someone,” I exclaim, how much of an idiot was he that he’d ever even think that I’d be okay with this?   “Come on, just go on one date with him. He thinks you’re really pretty.” He smiles genuinely.   “No.”   Seungho scoffs, “Why don’t you get the stick out of your ? I’m trying to be a good brother.”   I turn away fed up with his attitude when things didn't go the way he wanted, this was how he always reacted. “A good brother would know when to stop, I’m not coming home tonight. Bye.”   “Ari!” Ara calls after me but I’m already texting Doyoung to pick me up at the convenience store two blocks down. I was so ready to get out of here.   Before I can even get to the first block Ara stops me, “Ari, come on, don’t do this. You know how he is.”   I glance at her, “Exactly I know how he is, once he’s got his sights set on something he wants it to happen no matter what.” I cross my arms over my chest.   “You’re right about that but at least come home tonight, if you don’t you’ll only get yourself in trouble with mom and dad.” She sighs grabbing ahold of my hands.   “I’m not coming home. I’m spending the night at a hotel or well I don’t have money for that but maybe Soojung will let me stay at her place if I make it that far on foot,” I remark even though Doyoung would happily take me there after the race.   She sighs, reaching for her purse. “Here,” she hands me a handful of cash. “Get yourself a room, I don’t want you walking around late at night okay.”   “I can’t take your money, sis.” I move to hand it back to her.   “Just consider it an early birthday gift okay?” She tucks her hands behind her back.   I glance down at the money, she really didn’t need to do this. “Thank you, Ara.” I’d return it to her later then.   She smiles, “No worries, now hurry up and find a place before I drag you home with my own two hands!”   I snort turning away, tucking the money in between my s since I didn’t have pockets.   I find Doyoung sitting at one of the picnic tables outside the convenience store. He smiles when he sees me walking around the corner, “I was worried you were taking a while.”   “Sorry my sister held me up.” I move forward to step between his open legs, his arms wrap around my waist.   He smiles up at me from his sitting position, “We’d better go before someone from the fair recognizes us.”   My hand slides into his tugging him into a standing position, he guides me out towards his car until someone is clearing their throat causing us to stop
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