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When Sua's boyfriend cheats on her with the school's supposed nice girl she finds solace in the least likely person, her self-proclaimed enemy, Kim Doyoung.




Suggestive/Mature Themes (but no actual )

Explicit Language


Baek Sua (OC)

Kim Doyoung

Ahn Chaeyoung (OC)

Park Yiyeon (OC)

Lee Sohee (OC)

Kim Eunbyul (OC)


Minor Characters:

Kang Taewoo (OC)

Lee Taeyong

Nakamoto Yuta

Qian Kun


Listen to this playlist listed below,  it is something I either listened to while writing this or a song I referenced in the story:

This is actually my longest oneshot yet, I'm shocked! I hope you all enjoy! :)

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