there's no hiding from one's soulmate. they will meet. they will fall. and it'll be forever.


this is me venturing out to a very popular au and adding some twists in it.
in my defense, i didn't mean for the title of this one to end in -ble again. unchtouchable and unchangeable were meant to sound the same at some point. but this one, i changed the title three times before i settled with "inevitable".
like my other stories, i'm posting this completed for you guys to enjoy the ride as a whole. but i do hope i'll be able to hear your thoughts on each chapter. that's what i'm envious of other stories that are getting updated per chapter; authors get to know your comments on each.
i'm hoping to hear more from you guys here :3
thanks, and enjoy the ride!
thanks to HeekieGirl/SgtBaechu for translating this to Portuguese:
checked the stats and i'm in awe of how chapter 23 got higher views from the others. and when i looked...

ooop! that's the rated m chap ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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