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Fluorescent lights illuminated EXO’s gym. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were the only EXO agents left inside the building; the others had already gone home since it was late. Consequently, the two agents could turn up the music as loud as they wanted while working out—they wouldn’t disturb anyone.

Baekhyun drew air into his lungs as he focused on his last set of push-ups. His arms were aching, but he was determined to keep going. He wanted to be prepared for the mission, and working out was also a great way to let off some steam. Many doubts and ominous thoughts had haunted him in the past days, so he had welcomed Chanyeol’s offer to work out together this evening. His friend always knew when something bothered him, and he needed a distraction.

They finished their push-ups at the same time. Baekhyun grabbed his towel and wiped his sweaty face while Chanyeol took a few gulps of his water bottle. “Damn, I’m getting tired. How about a little break?” the taller agent grinned.

“Already? We’re only just getting started. Come on, man!” Baekhyun smirked and walked over to the dumbbells stacked in the corner. Minseok had reorganized them recently and sorted them according to their weight.

“You’re too energized, considering we were in the office all day. I wish I had that kind of endurance,” Chanyeol complained but followed his friend, who chose two dumbbells and moved on to the next exercise.

“It’s because I needed this,” Baekhyun panted, growing serious. “Just… focusing on something that is not our mission involving the Red Force for once. Everyone always talks about the organization all day long and it’s driving me insane. I need a break.” Baekhyun curled the dumbbells up toward his shoulders, making his biceps bulge. The weights he had picked were above his usual limit. He was in the mood for a challenge.

“It’s our most ambitious team mission yet, and except for you, none of us was ever in direct contact with the Red Force. The others want to be prepared, so it’s only natural for them to talk about it all day,” Chanyeol answered and picked up two dumbbells, imitating Baekhyun. “But I understand that it’s a difficult situation for you, and being confronted with it all the time doesn’t make it easier.”

“I don’t care if I have to kill in order to stop the Red Force, but I’d rather do it without involving all of you. It’s my job to avenge Boyoung,” Baekhyun hissed, lowering the dumbbells before raising them again.

Chanyeol’s unreadable eyes were fixed on his friend. “Playing a lone hand won’t get you far against a huge criminal organization. They’re controlling half of Busan! Don’t fool yourself; you need our support.”

Baekhyun remained silent, pressing his lips together as he continued his exercises. Sweat trickled down his temple. He stared at the wall opposite him as if he wanted to obliterate it with his bare hands.

“Don’t get too focused on your revenge. You can’t become distracted by your emotions when dealing with the Red Force,” Chanyeol added. He put his dumbbells down and stretched his arms. “Did you talk to Soojin about the mission? I bet it would help to hear her thoughts.”

“I already did. Turns out she’s as worried about me as I am about her.”

Chanyeol chuckled. “Yeah, I’m not surprised to hear that. What else did you expect? You stole her heart with your incessant flirting.” He waggled his eyebrows and laughed, slapping his thigh when he noticed Baekhyun’s annoyed expression.

“Don’t make fun of me; I wrapped her around my finger.”

“Isn’t it the other way around?” Chanyeol wheezed. Baekhyun rolled his eyes at the jab and tried to stay serious, but Chanyeol’s laughter was contagious. His lips began to twitch suspiciously.

“Shut up, and don’t slack off! If you got time to talk , you might as well continue.”

“Oh, so I hit the nail right on the head,” Chanyeol smirked and put his hands on his hips. “I bet you can’t wait to get married, huh?”

Baekhyun raised his chin, gritting his teeth as he continued his curls, although he reached his limit. “I wasted enough time before.”

Chanyeol burst out laughing, clutching his stomach. “Wow, you admitted it! If only Jongdae heard this…”

“I bet he will hear about it tomorrow morning,” Baekhyun countered with a sarcastic grin.

“You know me too well.”



The following week was turbulent for the special agents. They continued working on their plan, calculating possible dangers and how to avoid them. It was decided that half of their team would work undercover and infiltrate the organization with Baekhyun’s help. They agreed to send in Jongin, Chanyeol, Junmyeon, and Soojin alongside Baekhyun. Soojin had insisted since she was his partner and (except for Baekhyun) nobody had anything to say against her wish. Jongdae, Yixing, Minseok, Kyungsoo, and Sehun would support them from a distance. They wouldn’t be involved directly with the Red Force—as long as it could be avoided. If their team members required backup, this would change.

Next, they came up with fake identities and collaborated with the disguise division to prepare new looks for Soojin, Chanyeol, Junmyeon, and Jongin. Soojin already knew they were going for a flashy and daring appearance but had no clue what Seulgi and her colleagues had in store for her.

The day EXO would head to Busan for their mission, Soojin had an appointment with the disguise division, during which she would receive a different hair color and style to match her role in the mission. She had studied her alias’ habits and memorized her past, so it would be easy to act accordingly. Although well-prepared, she couldn’t shake off the sliver of nervousness deep inside. The task ahead of her seemed daunting, like a hurdle that was impossible to overcome. Fortunately, Baekhyun and all of EXO were on her side during the mission. Remembering this gave her the strength and confidence she needed.

It turned out that Seulgi and Seungwan were in charge of Soojin’s transformation, and they intended to give her blonde hair—a drastic change to protect her identity. Soojin had never gotten her hair bleached—why would she when she was happy with her natural black hair? Now she was about to find out what she would look like with ash blonde hair.

When she checked her appearance in the mirror after the procedure, she was quite surprised at herself. This new style looked good on her. The blonde tone had a silvery shine under the light of the lamps, and her hair framed her face, ending below her chin. A grin spread over her lips as she imagined what Baekhyun would say when he saw her new look. It was very different of her usual appearance.

Before meeting up with him and the rest of EXO, she changed her clothes and headed to her and Baekhyun’s office to grab her suitcase. Soojin’s new outfit consisted of black leather pants that highlighted her legs, a shiny dark red blouse, and a black choker. She put a small gun and knife in her purse, which she would always keep close during the mission.

When entering the office, she expected the room to be empty. However, she was confronted with a surprise. Soojin froze and let go of her suitcase, gazing at the back of a seemingly unfamiliar man. The shape of his shoulders was the same as Baekhyun’s, but the white hair didn’t match the usual appearance of her fiancé—at least until he turned around and looked at her. It really was Baekhyun, but he had become a completely different person. Silky white hair hung into his eyes, shadowing them. Two feathery long braids dangled over his shoulder—perhaps extensions? Soojin was intrigued as she admired his new appearance. He wore a fitted suit made of shiny leather, and she was sure she had never seen anything like it. Had it been designed specifically for him? Silver rings adorned his fingers, drawing her gaze to his elegant hands. Still, the most stunning accessory was the delicate silver chain he wore over his nose and cheekbones. This was Baekhyun’s new identity for the mission, Number Four.

Soojin had not been prepared for such a drastic change and was rooted to the ground as she admired him. “I-Is that shirt translucent?” she finally mumbled as heat gathered in her cheeks. How was she supposed to keep a cool head with her fiancé looking so ing irresistible?

“Are you wearing a choker?” he asked at the same time, staring at her neckline. “You know… I’d love to postpone the mission for something else.” His lips curved into a roguish smirk.

“Now’s not the time… but I can’t say I would mind,” she pouted and approached him to inspect his translucent shirt from a closer distance. His pecs were visible through the thin fabric, not leaving much to the imagination. He’d been working out recently, and it showed. Her hand danced over the shiny leather of his jacket, wandering up to his neck and brushing over his braids, not realizing she was teasing him with her curious touches.

“Then what’s stopping us, Soo?” he purred in her ear and grabbed her wrist, rendering it motionless. Her breath hitched when she met his blazing eyes. She opened to answer, but no words would leave , so he took matters into his own hands. “I want you,” he whispered as he trapped her between himself and the desk, pressing his hips against hers. He put his hand on her back and tipped her backward until she was splayed on the desk underneath him. Soojin didn’t get a chance to rein in her desire for him—he dove down and buried his face in her neck, lips teasing her skin. His hot breath ghosted over her, igniting a dangerous fire in her stomach. The thoughts in her head no longer made sense, and she conveniently forgot why doing this in their office was a bad idea…

She wrapped one of her legs around his thighs and drew him closer, prompting him to nip at her neck. “Mhh, I knew you would enjoy this,” he muttered huskily, a hickey on her skin. He shifted his weight on his elbows, and their bodies aligned. Soojin’s hands began to wander, touching the neckline of his transparent shirt and tugging at the lapels of his leather

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