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Today was the first time Baekhyun entered Soojin’s new apartment, and he immediately took note of how cozy it was. Everything about it reminded him of Soojin—the small cactus on the windowsill, the framed pictures on the wall, a stack of cooking books on the kitchen counter, and of course, one of her half-finished crochet projects on the coffee table with a colorful ball of yarn. Warm sunlight reached through the windows and bathed the living room with an inviting golden glow. Baekhyun liked the way she had decorated each room and looked forward to staying with her for a while. He had insisted on carrying Soojin upstairs because he didn’t want her to bother using her crutches. She felt tired, her eyes closing several times as he walked through her apartment. He found her bedroom and let her down on the mattress, helping her rest her back on the pillows.

“Thanks,” she mumbled and blinked. She was at ease now that she was back in the safety of her home. It felt much better than being confined in the sterile white of the hospital ward.

“Do you need anything to drink?”

She shook her head. “I’d like to sleep soon. The painkillers make me feel drowsy.”

“Okay, then I’ll get comfortable clothes for you. Is there anything in particular you’d like to wear?”

“As long as it’s comfy, anything’s fine.”

Baekhyun nodded, remembering that she often used to wear oversized shirts to sleep—so that was what he looked for when he opened her wardrobe and rummaged through it. Choosing a shirt and lose sweatpants, he put both on the bed and sat next to her.

“Let me help you,” he murmured and gently helped her remove her shirt. She winced when she had to raise her arms and let out a breath once it was over. Then he took the shirt he had picked and helped her put it on. Neither of them cared about her nudeness throughout this—he’d seen her often enough, so it hardly mattered. Their next challenge was the sweatpants because she had to get up to change into them. She leaned against Baekhyun while she awkwardly put them on. Once this was done as well, she was ready to sleep, too tired to do anything else.

She lay down and he tucked her in, putting her crutches next to the bed. “Are you staying over?” she asked, pulling the cover up to her nose and peering up at him.

“Yes, that’s the plan.” He hesitated, then added a quiet, “I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“You should sleep here,” she mumbled into the cover,  the fabric muffling her voice. Her words put a crooked smile on his lips.

“Sounds great, Soo. I’ll join you in a minute. Let me just get changed first.”

They had stopped by at his apartment on the way here and he had fetched a bag with a few necessities before driving to her apartment. He figured this would be the smartest since she didn’t have any fitting clothes for him in her wardrobe, much less a spare toothbrush at home. Baekhyun quickly changed into his pajamas, which consisted of a pair of sweatpants, and returned to her. They only had one cover, so he shared it with her and lay next to her.

“Do you need painkillers before you sleep?”

“No, I’m okay. You worry too much,” she mumbled. Her words were barely audible—she was half asleep and subconsciously inching closer to the new source of warmth.

“Can’t help it. There’s only one Soojin in this world,” he sighed, his hand brushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. Studying her relaxed expression, the lashes touching her skin as she closed her eyes, he calmed down. At last, he could lower his guard and rest as well. The past 24 hours had been like a marathon for him. All he had done was panic and worry—but now the worst was over and they both deserved a break. Being at her side after the accident and kidnapping was cathartic. Her home indeed was a lot cozier than the hospital room would have been.

“I love you,” he said and kissed her temple before he let his head sink into the pillow. She didn’t react to his voice because she was already asleep, breathing evenly. “Get well soon.”



If Soojin hadn’t felt like someone had run her over, she would have dissolved in bliss as soon as she woke up the next morning. However, her body ached in all kinds of spots she didn’t even know existed, and when she moved her leg, she received a painful reminder of her most severe injury. Sighing, she stared at the ceiling and realized that her partner was no longer in bed with her. No wonder, the delicious smell of coffee hung in the air and she heard noises from her kitchen. The clanking of dishes and tableware reached her since the door was cracked open. She smiled weakly—this was just like in the past. Sometimes, when she had stayed over at his old apartment, Baekhyun used to prepare breakfast for her. He had a very chaotic way of setting the table, but she had always found it cute how much effort he had put into it.

The noises in the kitchen faded away. Moments later, the bedroom door was opened and the silhouette of her partner appeared. “You’re awake? Perfect, right on time for breakfast,” he said and walked to the windows to open the heavy curtains. Daylight tickled Soojin’s face.

“Good morning,” she smiled.

“Morning?” He chuckled. “It’s noon, Soo.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Because that’s illegal.”

She huffed at his cheeky smirk and sat up, pushing the cover away. “I prepared a late breakfast for us,” he explained, and when she reached for her crutches, he interfered. “Don’t bother, I’ll help you.”

Just like last night, he picked her up and brought her to the kitchen. “I feel like a baby when you do this,” she remarked, not sure if she should be amused or embarrassed. It didn’t happen often that she was in such a vulnerable state, and it would have unnerved her, had she been with someone else.

“A baby? More like a kitten,” he hummed and put her down in one of the chairs at the table.

“I guess this part will never change; you love making fun of me.”

“Nah, I just love you.”

She smiled, taking a closer look at the breakfast he had prepared. It was a surprising sight—he had done his best although he wasn’t particularly good at cooking. Some dishes looked a little messy or were burnt at the edges, but his efforts were endearing.

“I was grocery shopping this morning while you were sleeping. Saw some interesting recipes in your cookbooks and thought I should try some of those you bookmarked.”

“Wow, you’re attentive. Maybe we should move in together,” she joked, causing him to freeze in his chair. His hands grabbed the edge of the table as stared at her with an intense gaze.


“Um…” Now that was a surprisingly excited reaction. She was baffled. “Wait, you want to share an apartment with me?”

The prospect of living with her put him into a spectacular mood—he beamed at her, eyes gleaming in delight. “I’ve always wanted to, but it never worked out,” he blurted, but then hesitated, his smile dimming. “And, you know… I would feel better too because that way… I would be able to keep you safe.”

She gazed down at her plate and pondered for a moment. While they had been engaged, moving in with him had been a dream of hers… and it still was a tempting idea. However, they were not engaged anymore, and the nature of their relationship was complicated as well. Then again… who cared if it was complicated as long as it felt right? If she was honest with herself, she needed this.

Soojin looked up at him, pink spreading over her cheeks. “Then let’s do it.”

Baekhyun’s brown eyes widened considerably—he hadn’t expected this answer. “Thank you, Soo. We’ll do it when you feel better.”

She chuckled and shook her head. “You don’t need to thank me, it’s the other way around. I’m grateful for your help, Baekhyun. Recovering from the accident isn’t so bad when you’re here.”

“I hope you’ll get better soon.” The worried frown clouding his features was plain to see. “How are you feeling?”

She gave a helpless shrug. “It could be better—my head aches and my ankle feels numb. I should probably lie down again later.”

He nodded. In his excitement, he had forgotten about breakfast and only now began to dig in, trying the different dishes he had prepared. While he chewed, his expression shifted. “Hm… not great,” he grumbled.

“Huh? It’s perfect!” she said. Homemade dishes tasted the best, and his efforts to care for her made them more delicious in her opinion. Low and behold, her praise prompted him to squirm in his seat.

“You’re exaggerating.”

“No, it’s true!” She giggled and took another bite of his creation to prove her point, not noticing the red hue that crept up his ears.



They ended up cuddling in bed again during the afternoon—Soojin’s painkillers made her feel drowsy, so she wanted to lie down. Her partner did her a favor and carried her back to her bedroom, tucking her in and sitting on the edge of the bed, observing her in silence. She rolled on her side and gazed up at him, her hair splayed over the pillow.

“Baek, come here,” she said and reached out her hand.

“I am here,” he chuckled. “Go to sleep if you want to.”

“No, come here. Closer.”

Baekhyun hid a grin at his whiny partner, sliding under the cover without another word. His arm enclosed her waist and gently drew her in. They shared her pillow, their faces just inches apart. A content smile bloomed on her face as she breathed in the scent of his cologne. How she loved cuddling like this, it was the most blissful thing she could imagine... A soft chuckle rumbled in his chest as she rested her head on it, tucking her forehead under his chin.

“So clingy,” he teased and brushed his hand through her hair. It wasn’t long before his lips followed, leaving a kiss on her hairline, caressing her forehead. He admired her affectionately—and Soojin was amazed by the sincere emotions she discovered in his eyes. This man had done so much for her in the past 24 hours. Not only had he found and rescued her, risking his own life in the process, but he had also stayed by her side in the hospital, not even leaving her to get some rest. And now he took care of her, made sure she would recover soon. Regardless of what had occurred between them in the past, she was sure of one thing: Baekhyun deserved her trust. He had regained it. Thus, Soojin decided to give him the answer he’d been waiting for. Right now. She didn’

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