Chapter 6

The Last Hunt

Sharing a room with Hwanwoong and Dongmyeong together was an experience that Yunho wasn't expecting at all. Dongmyeong's mood had lifted once he knew that Hwanwoong was back, though everyone still avoided talking about Xion in front of Dongmyeong if they could help it.

Youngjo sported a new scar across his face similar to Dongmyeong's from Dongmyeong's latest lash out when Youngjo was reminiscing about old memories. That had taken both Yunho and Hwanhee to get Dongmyeong off of Youngjo and by then Youngjo was about to start fighting back because he was sick and tired of dealing with Dongmyeong's mood swings.

"It's not like you can do anything to me," spat Dongmyeong as Yunho and Hwanhee kept a hold on him to keep another physical fight from happening, earning a growl from Youngjo. "Kill you I can't do, but putting you in your place I can," growled Youngjo as he stepped forward only to be grabbed by Gunhak and Hwanwoong who got a hold of his arms and dragged him away. "Leave it damn it," said Gunhak. "It's not worth fighting against an ex werewolf hunter right now," he said.

"Damn it," said Xiao as he got between the two of them. "Leave it will you?" He asked. "The both of you," he said. "It's been a year and this is still going on? Stop acting like children," he said. "Me? Acting like a child?" Asked Dongmyeong. "I don't think so," he said. "You don't know the hell I went through those years I thought my brother was dead," he spat.

"Leave it Dongmyeong," said Yunho. "This isn't the place to talk about stuff like that," he said. "I could change right now and you won't be able to stop me," growled Dongmyeong. "Do it, I dare you," said Yunho, a serious tone in his voice. "Youngjo may not want to do anything but you forget who is here for you," he said. That seemed to put Dongmyeong in his place as he let himself collapse against Hwanhee and Yunho, who slightly relaxed their hold on him, with Yunho eyeing Youngjo who was still somewhat tense.

"Get him out of here," said Yunho. "I'll take care of Dongmyeong," he said. Xiao looked at Yunho who nodded in reassurance. "Take him," he said. Hwanwoong and Gunhak dragged Youngjo away and Yunho carefully let go of Dongmyeong while Hwanhee kept a hold on Dongmyeong's arm in case he tried something.

Yunho turned and punched Dongmyeong in the face, earning a grunt from Dongmyeong as he was sent backwards slightly from the blow, with Hwanhee pushing him forward slightly. "The hell was that for?" Spat Dongmyeong as he glared up at Yunho. "For being such an absolute idiot," growled Yunho as he glared down at Dongmyeong. The glaring contest went on for a full minute before Yunho turned and walked away, going out the back door to change and go running to calm down.

"You are an idiot you know," said Xiao as Hwanhee let Dongmyeong go, moving away before helping Dongmyeong stand up. "I have a lot to catch up on it seems," said Hwanhee as he looked at Xiao. "I'll explain it later," said Xiao. "For now I need to go make sure Yunho isn't tearing up the forest," he said, going out the back door to change and find Yunho.

"What the hell did you do to set off one of the most dangerous werewolf hunters alive right now?" Asked Hwanhee as he turned to Dongmyeong. "I didn't do anything," said Dongmyeong as he glared at something on the wall.



Yunho was running for about 10 minutes before he heard footsteps behind him and the smell of wet dog let him know it was Xiao that had come after him. He wasn't sure if he could face the other werewolves without tearing into them immediately anyway, so he was fine with Xiao's large Red Wolf form as he ran over and keep pace with him as they both went running.

It wasn't long before they heard howls, causing Yunho to pause in his running to assess who it was, his head turning towards the sound as Xiao stumbled a bit as he skidded to a stop before walking over to see what was wrong, his ears perking up at the sound of howling.

Yunho's tail started wagging at the sight of familiar wolves, as Jongho's dark brown colored wolf form and Hongjoong's light grey colored wolf form walked into view. Xiao bowed his head at the sight of newcomers, and Jongho and Hongjoong wagged their tails at him. Wooyoung wasn't with them yet it seemed, though Yunho figured that Wooyoung was still in Europe doing more scouting to see who he could find.

Yunho turned to Xiao in a questioning manner and Xiao shrugged, beginning the trek back to the house with Yunho, Jongho and Hongjoong following after him. Hongjoong and Jongho took a slight detour to grab their bags of clothes before following Yunho and Xiao back to the house, the four of them changing and quickly getting dressed once they reached the back deck.

"Good to see you two finally stop by," said Yunho as he turned to Jongho and Hongjoong, a soft smile appearing on his face at the sight of Hongjoong, who was the leader of their subpack, and Jongho who was their youngest. "Kris finally let us come over for a bit," said Jongho as he shrugged, grinning in return at Yunho.

"Welcome back," said Sunyoul as he walked out onto the back deck. "And hello you two," he said, turning to Hongjoong and Jongho. "Hello," said Hongjoong. Jongho nodded in greeting.

"Sorry we couldn't send a message ahead of time," said Hongjoong as he scratched the back of his head. "We figured that Yunho wouldn't attack us immediately, so," he said, shrugging as he let his arm drop to his side. "I'd recognize your wolf forms anywhere, plus I know the others enough to distinguish them from you two," said Yunho.

"I'd trust a werewolf hunter's judgement on other werewolves," said Xiao. "I mean we have Changhyun but he's been gone for a few months now," he added. "How long are you two going to be here?" He asked. "A day at the least," said Hongjoong. "A week at the most, it depends on Yunho at this point," he added.

"Well, that would depend on Xiao at that point, he's the main alpha here," said Yunho. "Stay as long as you need," said Xiao. "Things have been rather tense lately, you may change the atmosphere, who knows," he said, shrugging.



And that was how Dongmyeong got to observe a completely different side to Yunho. One that wasn't burdened by the longing to be near the familiar faces that were his pack. Some put pack before everything else, and considering Yunho's past, Dongmyeong could see why he chose that path.

Jongho and Hwanwoong got along well, their personalities not really clashing, but not really complimenting each other. Dongmyeong was jealous at first, but Jongho cleared that up really quickly when Yunho managed stop Dongmyeong from confronting Jongho and turning it into a full blown fight between them both. They weren't mates, it was more Jongho's overly friendly nature that really drew Hwanwoong in.

"Really though," said Jongho. "If we were mates, it'd be even more obvious than this," he said. "You don't have to worry about a thing, my mate is someone else," he said, causing Dongmyeong to blink in confusion before it dawned on him. "Oh," said Dongmyeong. "Seriously, and you're supposed to be a really good tracker?" Jongho asked with a snicker, going to pat Dongmyeong on the shoulder before walking away, going to find out where Hongjoong went.

"Seriously, I thought it was obvious," said Hwanwoong as he shook his head at Dongmyeong. "It's why I've been so casual around Jongho," said Yunho. "He means no harm, really," he said. "I get it now," Dongmyeong said, sighing.

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