Chapter 5

The Last Hunt

Observing Dongmyeong was an experience for Yunho, that was for sure. The way Dongmyeong had reacted at first at the mere mention of Xion's name was something he had taken note of, knowing at some point that Yunho would have to stage an intervention for him.

As much as he would love to come to the conclusion to kill Dongmyeong, Yunho did respect the whole mates thing, and wasn't about to have to kill Hwanwoong if he could help it. If it came down to it, he was sure he'd have to kill them both at some point.

Yunho did notice one thing though, while being here. It seemed that both Xiao and Dongmyeong were keeping an eye on him. Why, he wasn't sure. Gunhak and the others weren't. At least, from what he was aware of. He wasn't the best tracker in the world, that title went to Jongho in their subpack, but he was aware enough to know when someone was keeping an eye on him.



"Take a walk with me?" Asked Gunhak, taking Yunho out of his thoughts as he was sitting on the couch reading a book he had brought with him. "Where are we going?" Asked Yunho as he looked up, making sure to mark the page he was on before setting it down on the coffee table and getting up. "Just out to the pond," said Gunhak.

"Dongmyeong would come with us but he was dragged out grocery shopping with Kogyeol," he said. "As I heard," hummed Yunho as he nodded, going to grab his shoes and put them on. Gunhak walked out the back door after putting on his shoes and Yunho followed after him.

"You really have nothing to do out here huh?" Asked Yunho as they walked down the path to the pond. "Not really," said Gunhak. "Was there anything you liked doing back home?" He asked. "No, not really," said Yunho. "I mostly relaxed at home and waited for the next batch of missions," he said.

"Missions must take up a lot of your time then," said Gunhak as they reached the pond. "No, not really," said Yunho as he kept his gaze trained on the water. "Other than the big 3 year long one I returned from not too long ago I haven't had many extremely long missions," he said. Gunhak hummed, nodding in response as he looked out at the water.

"What got your pack involved with a bunch of 'shifters?" Asked Yunho as he picked up a rock and skipped it across the water. "I was asked to merge packs with them when Wooseok came to us about Keonhee and his... Involvement with Wooseok's brother's mate," he said. "He could tell that we were innocent, and wanted to keep us out of the backlash that it probably caused for Moonbin and his pack," he said. "I see," hummed Yunho.

"It's probably still causing them hell to this day, but Moonbin was quick to set things straight, once word got out that 'shifter law was in play and Keonhee simply tried to break it, by getting involved," said Gunhak. "We cut ties with him to not get in anymore trouble than we could and just laid low," he said. "We're still involved with hunters, but only after Wooseok proved that we signed a merging agreement, which involved everyone at the time," he said.

"Rocky and Eunwoo were calling for your heads weren't they?" Asked Yunho. "No," said Gunhak. "I was there to sign Keonhee's death warrant and they knew that I knew what he was doing was wrong," he said. "Seoho is out there somewhere but he's been laying low this whole time," he said.

"Do you think Seoho was involved with it or was he just dragged into it?" Asked Yunho. "I don't know honestly," said Gunhak. "It was hard to tell with him," he added. "I hope he wasn't intentionally involved," he said, sighing. "I've lost too many people, and I don't want to lose another one despite the fact that Seoho did leave," he said.

"You'd feel like you failed as pack alpha?" Asked Yunho. Gunhak nodded. "Makes sense," said Yunho. "I don't know that feeling since I'll never be a pack alpha but I think I understand the feeling of just feeling like you've really failed at something," he said.



"They told me you'd be out here," said Dongmyeong as he walked over with Hwanwoong who had just returned from his mission with Hwanhee. "Hey," said Gunhak as he turned his head to look at them. "Welcome back Hwanwoong," he added. Hwanwoong smiled slightly, putting his hands in his pants pockets.

Yunho was still focused on the water, but acknowledged their presence with a wave. "You alright over there Yunho?" Asked Dongmyeong. "Fine," hummed Yunho as he focused on something in the water, spotting a fish swimming around. "Huh, I didn't know that this pond had fish," he said, leaning forward for a closer look. Gunhak had gone to see, spotting the fish. "I think there's an underground waterway leading to the pond," he said.

"It's been quite a while since I've seen any fish," said Dongmyeong as he walked over to look at the water. "But I think you're right," he said. "It looks like it dips over there," he said, pointing to a spot on the other side of the pond. "So it's possible," he said.

"No fox today?" Yunho asked suddenly, turning to Dongmyeong who blinked in confusion before it dawned on him. "I guess not," said Dongmyeong as he looked around. "How long were you out here?" He asked. "A good hour or so," said Gunhak as he shrugged. "I'd expect him to show up if you're here but he hasn't," he said. "How odd," hummed Dongmyeong.

"Well, come on," said Hwanwoong. "Kogyeol bought everyone dinner, and knowing how everyone is, we may end up without food," he said. That got everyone to move and Hwanwoong watched as Yunho and Gunhak rushed back to the house.

"There he is," said Dongmyeong as he spotted the fox walk into view as Yunho and Gunhak disappeared from sight. "Too many people huh?" He asked, bending down and handing it a piece of jerky before standing and watching the fox walk off with the jerky in its mouth. "Let's go then," he said, heading home with Hwanwoong following after him.

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Chapter 16 edit: For those who were wondering what kind of image Xion drew, I commissioned a friend to make the drawing come to life :D credits in the author's note at the end!
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