Chapter 11

The Last Hunt

A hum left Yunho as he opened his eyes, finding himself in the bed he was using while staying with Dongmyeong and his pack. "Oh right," he grunted, sitting up and looking at the bed in front of him. "We got back yesterday," he said, turning to look across the room to Dongmyeong and Hwanwoong's bed, finding it empty. He checked the time on his phone to find it just after 3 in the morning and got up, going to put on a shirt and head out, going to put on his shoes and head out the back door.

Dongmyeong and Hwanwoong were sitting in their usual spots, the both of them staring off into different directions, both in their own thoughts. "You two are out here again," said Yunho. "And you followed it seemed," said Dongmyeong as he turned his head to look at Yunho. "Come sit down at least," said Hwanwoong as he motioned to the love seat that Yunho usually laid down on. Yunho nodded and went to lay down, letting his feet hang off the end as he got comfortable. The three of them spent the rest of the night in comfortable silence, just enjoying each other's company.



It was Hwanhee who found them in the morning, going outside to get a breath of fresh air. "You three were out here all night?" Asked Hwanhee as he walked over to the gazebo and pushed open the mesh covering before stepping inside and letting it close behind him. "It shouldn't be unheard of by now," said Dongmyeong as he turned his head to look at Hwanhee. "Is Changhyun back too?" He asked. "Should've been back yesterday," said Hwanhee.

"I think Wontak needed him for something," said Yunho as he opened his eyes. "I saw a message in our group chat that said that he was needed," he said. "He never responded but I assume something happened because I missed a call from them before waking up," he said. "Ah," said Hwanhee.

"How was the trip anyway?" Asked Hwanhee. "It was fine," said Yunho. "It was nice to visit home again," he added. "I got my first coffee at that Starbucks that's so damn famous!" Said Dongmyeong. "It wasn't anything great but I finally got a drink from there," he said. A chuckle escaped Yunho as he shook his head in amusement.

"Did you bring anything back with you?" Asked Hwanhee. "One of the plushies," said Yunho. "Couldn't leave home without the wolf one huh?" Asked Dongmyeong. "It's San's," said Yunho. "He said to take it with me," he said, shrugging.

"What brings you out here?" Asked Hwanwoong. "I couldn't sleep," said Hwanhee. "Jinwook has been gone for a while," hummed Dongmyeong. "He's coming back," said Hwanhee. "Xiao did confirm that," he said. "So I heard," said Hwanwoong.

"Why not come back now?" Came a new voice, causing everyone to look towards the forest. "Yeosang! Mingi!" Said Yunho. Mingi waved from his spot next to Yeosang and Yeosang nodded in greeting. Yunho got to his feet, leaving the gazebo and the porch to go greet them in the backyard. Hwanhee followed after him, and Dongmyeong followed a minute later.

"Had to drag your friend back," said Mingi as Yunho reached him first. "Which friend?" Asked Yunho as he looked confused. "The insane one," said Yeosang. "Was nearly torn to shreds," he said with a snort, causing Hwanhee to rush over and nearly slam Yeosang into a tree if Yunho didn't stop him by grabbing Hwanhee by the shoulder and basically forcing him to stay there.

"Where is he?" Asked Yunho. "Relax, he's unharmed for the most part," said Yeosang. "My alpha's voice still works it seems," said Mingi as he shrugged. "Get your pack alpha out here though," he added. "Because I have a feeling your insane friend is still in that stage," he said. "Hwanwoong," called Yunho. "I got it," called Hwanwoong as he went to get Xiao.

"You can't do anything to Yeosang, he's protected by 'shifter law by the way," said Yunho as he kept a firm hand on Hwanhee. "I get it alright?!" Asked Hwanhee as he forced himself to relax. "At least tell me he's okay," he said. "He'll be fine," said Yeosang.

"Reassuring," Hwanhee said with sarcasm. "If we wanted to kill him, we would've done so by now at least," said Mingi. A roar came from behind them and Mingi turned around, spotting Jinwook a few feet away and angry as hell. "Oi," growled Mingi, his alpha's voice in full power. "I told you to stay put," he said, glaring at the bear before him. "Do I need to put you in your place again?" He asked.

"Jinwook!" Said Hwanhee. "I'm fine," he said. "See?!" He asked. "I'm fine, look at me," he said, moving to show that he really was fine. "Jinwook!" Shouted Xiao as he ran over, eyeing Mingi and Yeosang with a wary look before turning his attention to Jinwook who growled at him.

"Jinwook," warned Xiao. "You know what happened last time," he said, focusing on bringing out his alpha's voice to quell the insanity that had taken over Jinwook's mind. "No one is here to hurt you," he said. "Hwanhee is fine, look," he said, motioning to Hwanhee who for all intents and purposes was scared out of his mind. Jinwook hadn't gotten this close to completely losing it in a long time.

"Help me out a bit here," said Xiao. "I've managed to get him to stay in place," said Mingi. "But my alpha's voice isn't as strong as most," he said. "I'm still new at this alpha thing, come on man," growled Xiao. "Should I fight the insanity out of him?" Asked Mingi. "Do what you must," said Xiao. "Keep out of this Hwanhee, that is an order," he said, his alpha's voice at full power. Hwanhee shivered, gritting his teeth but complying with the command.

Mingi changed on the spot, his polar bear form shocking everyone as he was larger than Wooseok was. "Take care of it Mingi," said Yeosang, his expression unreadable. Mingi let out a commanding growl at Jinwook, giving him one last chance to snap out of it.

When Jinwook launched himself at Mingi Mingi had no choice but to use force. Hwanhee was forced to turn and look a different direction and Yunho's grip on his shoulder loosened slightly, turning to one of comfort as Mingi forced Jinwook to the ground, snarling at him in the most commanding way possible. That seemed to break Jinwook out of his insanity as his eyes returned to their usual soft look. Mingi growled again, and Jinwook whimpered slightly, submitting fully. Mingi moved away, and Jinwook got to his feet.

"Is he okay now?" Asked Hwanhee as he turned to look at the scene. Mingi nodded and Yeosang threw them both some clothes to change into. "He's fine, I think," said Xiao as Mingi and Jinwook went to change and get dressed before walking into view once they were dressed.

"Sorry about that," said Jinwook as he scratched the back of his head. "It's alright," said Mingi. "I know it's hard to stay in control once the insanity kicks in," he said. Hwanhee tackled Jinwook, relief washing over him. "Damn it, don't lose it like that again, please," he said. "I can't guarantee it, but I'll try," said Jinwook as he wrapped his arms around Hwanhee.

"Will you two be okay by yourselves for a bit?" Asked Xiao. "For now," said Jinwook as he nodded. "Try and keep your sanity in check will you?" Asked Xiao. "I'll try," said Jinwook.

"I think we need to have a talk," said Xiao as he turned to Yeosang and Mingi. "To the back deck then," said Yunho. Mingi and Yeosang nodded. "After you," said Yeosang. Xiao turned, leading the way back to the house. Hwanhee and Jinwook stayed behind to catch up on things.

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Chapter 16 edit: For those who were wondering what kind of image Xion drew, I commissioned a friend to make the drawing come to life :D credits in the author's note at the end!
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