Chapter 3

The Last Hunt

Yunho opened his eyes when he heard movement, turning his head slightly to see Dongmyeong get up from his bed he was sharing with Hwanwoong and look over to see that he was awake. "Did I wake you? Sorry," said Dongmyeong. Yunho shook his head, sitting up and turning to face Dongmyeong.

"I was going to head out, if you wanted to join me," said Dongmyeong. "At 2 in the morning?" Asked Yunho as he grabbed his phone to check the time. "Yep, 2 in the morning," he said, turning back to Dongmyeong. "Hwanwoong's not going to be back for another week or so," said Dongmyeong. "It makes it hard for me to sleep," he said. "Mates?" Asked Yunho. Dongmyeong nodded. "We don't openly show that we are though, due to our profession," he said.

"Makes sense," said Yunho as he got up, going to put a shirt on before nodding to Dongmyeong. "Let's go then," he said. Dongmyeong shrugged, grabbing his phone and heading out of the room. They both put on shoes before going to sit outside under the gazebo on the back porch. Dongmyeong sat in what was Xion's recliner but he now claimed as his own and Yunho laid down in the loveseat with his legs hanging off one end.

"So this is what Xiao meant by you coming out here some nights," said Yunho as he looked over at Dongmyeong. "Haven't been outside for a late night talk session in a few weeks though," hummed Dongmyeong. "I don't like coming out here by myself," he said. "Why not ask one of the others?" Asked Yunho. "I don't want to bother them, and usually Hwanwoong's been out here with me but he's been out with Hwanhee for missions and things," he said. Yunho hummed in response.

"Did you do this when you were home?" Asked Dongmyeong. "No," said Yunho. "I usually head out late if my brother says he's coming over for a few minutes," he said. "Ah, I see," said Dongmyeong. "Does he really not stay around for longer than five minutes?" He asked. "Yeah, he hates people that much," Yunho said with a shake of his head.

"What's the reasoning behind it?" Asked Dongmyeong. "San used to be more extroverted as we grew up," said Yunho. "But after getting abandoned by our home pack and left to the vampires it kind of made him lose his trust with everyone except me," he said. "There are very few vampires he trusts, and even fewer werewolves," he said. "I don't know about the 'shifters and animal-humans though, he doesn't interact with them unless he has to," he said.

"You're the older twin then?" Asked Dongmyeong. Yunho nodded. "Were you the older twin between you and Xion?" He asked. Dongmyeong took a shaky breath, gripping onto the arms of the recliner to force himself to remain seated. "Y-Yes," he breathed, shaking his head to calm himself down.

"Still a touchy subject huh?" Asked Yunho as he remained in a relaxed position though Dongmyeong knew Yunho would spring into action at the slightest hint of hostility or any movement made towards him with the intention to harm or kill him. "Could say that," said Dongmyeong, earning a hum from Yunho as he focused on the forest in front of him.

"Someone here?" Asked Dongmyeong as he too looked towards the forest, seeing no one. "Thought it might be San but he went to meet up with someone in Boston, last I checked anyway," said Yunho. "It's too early to tell if it's anyone from my pack yet or not," he said, sitting up.

"Caught me," called San as he walked into view, causing Yunho to scoff as he got up, walking over to the railing and lean against it. "What do you want San?" He asked. "Was trying to find Yeosang but I guess I got here too late," said San as he put his hands in his pockets. "Xiao said he was here a few days ago with Mingi," said Yunho as he shrugged.

Dongmyeong got up and walked over, going to stand beside Yunho as he leaned against the railing. "So this is San huh?" He asked. "And this is the werewolf I've heard so much about?" Scoffed San as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Oi, leave him be San," Yunho said, scowling. "Don't you have somewhere to be?" He asked. "Yeah yeah," said San as he turned, waving before sprinting off.

"He's not what I expected," said Dongmyeong as Yunho shook his head at San's antics. "You'll get used to it," said Yunho as he had a rare smile on his face. "It's nice to see he showed up though," he said, chuckling some. "He never shows up at a place he doesn't know unless I'm here," he said. "Makes sense," said Dongmyeong as he nodded.



"Couldn't resist a late night talk session huh?" Asked Sunyoul as he walked outside after the sun rose to spot Yunho and Dongmyeong back in their spots. "Not when I have company," said Dongmyeong as he shrugged. "Right," Sunyoul said, shaking his head. "Xiao wants you to help him make breakfast," he said before turning and going inside. Dongmyeong and Yunho got up, going inside to go help with breakfast.

"Morning you two," said Xiao as he focused on the stove. "Yunho start the coffee maker, and what everyone wants is on the paper stuck to the cabinet above the coffee maker," he said. "Got it," said Yunho as he went to get everyone's coffee cups and started making their coffee.

"What's the plan today?" Asked Xiao as Dongmyeong helped him make breakfast. "Explore? There's so much land," said Yunho as he put the finished cups of coffee off to the side as everyone slowly made their way into the kitchen to get their coffee and sit down at the kitchen table and kitchen island. "I don't think San left the area yet so I may run into him while out there," he said.

"San visited last night?" Asked Xiao as he blinked, turning to Dongmyeong who nodded in confirmation. "Just for a few minutes, he was looking for Yeosang," said Dongmyeong. "I see," said Xiao.

"We had a vampire visit last night?" Asked Gunhak. "For a few minutes, San's known for doing this," said Xiao. "Leave him be," he said. "If he wanted to do harm to us he would've done so by now at least," he said. "For once I agree," said Kogyeol. "Some vampires can't be like the ones in Europe," he said, earning a headshake from Xiao. "No, not everyone are like them," said Xiao.

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Chapter 16 edit: For those who were wondering what kind of image Xion drew, I commissioned a friend to make the drawing come to life :D credits in the author's note at the end!
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