Chapter 14

The Last Hunt

"So when were you gonna tell me that you were keeping an eye on me?" Asked Yunho as he looked at Dongmyeong. "I guess when it was all over," said Dongmyeong as he shrugged.

"Then you know, that I was sent to keep an eye on you," said Yunho. "I do," said Dongmyeong. "This just got really complicated," Yunho said, sighing. "That it did, that it did," hummed Dongmyeong.



Yunho looked to the forest when he heard movement, sitting up as he kept an eye on the forest behind the house. "What's up?" Asked Dongmyeong. "San's here," said Yunho as he got up, walking over to the railing as San walked into view. "Oh, he is," said Dongmyeong as he got up and walked over, standing beside Yunho.

"What do you want San?" Asked Yunho. "I think it's time to let go of the past isn't it?" Asked San as he crossed his arms over his chest. "It seems you already have though," he added.

"San," said Yunho, his voice sounding sad. San smiled slightly, and Yunho forced a smile in return, his eyes shining with unshed tears. "It's okay," said San as he faded away, reappearing behind Yunho. "You have the most support you'll ever get, just let go of the past okay?" He asked. "It's okay to move on, I won't be mad," he said, putting a hand on Yunho's shoulder.

Yunho closed his eyes, finally letting the tears fall. "I'm sorry San..." He whispered. "It's okay," said San. "It's okay..." He repeated before fading away for the last time.

It took everything for Yunho to not fall to his knees, broken sobs finally escaping him as he leaned against the railing, trying to stay standing. Dongmyeong reached over and brought Yunho into his arms and let him cry into his chest, unable to do much except provide comfort as best as he could.



"You've been hallucinating your brother's presence," said Hwanhee as he and Yunho stood at the pond with Sunyoul after Sunyoul brought over Yunho's clothes. "I know," said Yunho as he sighed, looking down at the water as he played with the sleeves of his favorite hoodie.

"Why is that?" Asked Sunyoul. "In a way I never moved on from my brother's death," hummed Yunho. "But everyone went along with it," he said. "Especially after Minseok left," he added. "Everyone wanted to make sure I was mentally fine, and I am, I still am," he said.

"I guess people thought that you weren't," said Sunyoul. "I mean, it's why Wontak sent you on this last mission right?" He asked. "He thought it'd be better for me apparently, to see that someone else went through a similar experience as I did," said Yunho. "I understand now, what he meant by that," he said.

"How did San die anyway?" Asked Hwanhee. "Simple answer, he was bit," said Yunho. "For a while it seemed like he would survive," he added. "He was slowly turning, or so it seemed," he said. "We were rescued by that time, and I guess before we could do anything San died because his body rejected it," he said.

"So his body rejected the vampire venom and it ultimately killed him," said Sunyoul. Yunho nodded. "It's funny because I didn't really start to hallucinate him until Minseok left," he said. "Oh?" Asked Hwanhee.

"I guess my mind conjured up San to deal with the loss of someone like Minseok," said Yunho. "Yes, he and MK were the hunters in Jinyoung's side of the pack but Minseok was a special case because he was the youngest," he said. "Well, the youngest in their side of the pack anyway," he added.

"I guess the shock brought up San as a coping mechanism," said Hwanhee. "It seems so," said Sunyoul. Yunho nodded in agreement.

"So the shot glasses? Are those yours or San's?" Asked Hwanhee. "Well, it's my way of remembering San," said Yunho. "So I guess you can say it's San's," he added. "He always wanted to travel the world," he said. "So I got shot glasses from all the places I've been in his honor, and the others decided to fill in with other places, for him," he said.

"The plushies are yours then," said Hwanhee. "Yes," said Yunho. "I took San's idea and turned it into plushies," he said. "The wolf plushie is San," he said. "It's why you have it with you a lot huh?" Asked Sunyoul. Yunho nodded.



Dongmyeong was still holding onto Yunho who had since stopped sobbing and was just softly sniffling. "Come on," Dongmyeong said softly. "Let's go sit down alright?" He asked, gently moving back to the gazebo and moving to let Yunho collapse on the loveseat.

"You wanted to let go of him didn't you?" Asked Dongmyeong as he moved and sat down in his usual spot after making sure Yunho was okay. Yunho nodded. "Seeing how you have dealt with it has made me come to the decision to," he said, his breath hitching as he sniffled, wiping his face with his hoodie sleeve.

"Really?" Asked Dongmyeong. Yunho nodded.



"You mean to tell me that I need to help him move on?" Asked Dongmyeong as he looked at Wontak. "Maybe it will help you," said Wontak. "Help me how?" Asked Dongmyeong. "You need to move on too you know," said Wontak. Dongmyeong sighed. "I know," he said. "But I guess we'll see what happens," he said.

"Help him at least," said Wontak. "I will, I promise," said Dongmyeong. "I see how much you care for him," he said. "I care for everyone on my team," said Wontak. "Of course," said Dongmyeong.



Hwanwoong had joined them after dinner, bringing the wolf plushie at Yunho's request. Yunho was currently curled up in his chair, clutching the wolf plushie to his chest as he sat in silence. Dongmyeong and Hwanwoong let him sit in silence, being silent themselves to not disturb the now calming atmosphere.


"How do you expect me to help Dongmyeong move on if he won't face reality?" Asked Yunho as he looked at Wontak. "You can manage," said Wontak. "I mean you managed for a while," he said. "I did," hummed Yunho as he nodded in agreement. "I guess we'll have to see then," he said.

"You can do it," said Wontak. "I know you can," he said, patting Yunho on the shoulder.

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