Chapter 13

The Last Hunt

"If you see San tell him thanks for me," said Yunho as Mingi got ready to leave. "Yeah, no problem," said Mingi as he nodded. "Don't worry though, I'm sure he'll come over for a visit one of these days," he said. "He probably will," said Yunho. "I'll see you around then," said Mingi. Yunho nodded and Mingi turned and sprinted off into the forest to find Yeosang. Yunho watched him go, leaning against the railing as he wondered who would show up next.


"He's gone?" Asked Kogyeol as he walked outside to check on Yunho at Xiao's request. "For now," said Yunho as he nodded from his spot where he was still leaning against the railing.

"Are you alright?" Asked Kogyeol. "For now," hummed Yunho as he turned to look at Kogyeol. Kogyeol blinked, noticing a different look in Yunho's eyes that said something different. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," said Yunho as he nodded.

"Yunho," called San as he walked into view, causing Yunho to turn around, looking at San. "What's up San?" Asked Yunho. Kogyeol walked over to stand beside Yunho to get a good look at San.

"I know that look," said San. "I think you need to go running," he said. "Mm," hummed Yunho. "It has been a while," he agreed, sighing as he pushed away from the railing. "I'm going running then," he said, turning to Kogyeol who blinked before nodding. "Go ahead," said Kogyeol. "Someone will come after you after a bit I'm sure," he said.

Yunho nodded and went to strip, throwing his clothes in the deck box near the backdoor before changing. He hopped down onto the grass below before running off into the forest. Kogyeol watched him go, turning back to where San was and saw that no one was there. "Huh... Strange," he hummed, turning and going back inside.



When Yunho didn't return after a few hours it raised concern for everyone, and Dongmyeong offered to go find him. Xiao had advised against it however, since he feared that if Yunho was acting weird, then his wolf would be also. "It's not a good idea to go after a werewolf hunter who's out of it," said Xiao. "Especially if you're a werewolf," he added.

"I'll go find him," said Hwanhee. "If Changhyun was here I'd ask for his help but," he said, sighing. "I'll be fine though," he added. "Be careful," said Kogyeol. "He was acting really strange since Mingi left and even stranger since San had appeared and told him to go running," he said. "I'll keep that in mind," said Hwanhee before he left to go find Yunho.



Dongmyeong could only pace back and forth in his room while waiting on news of Yunho as Hwanwoong watched. "I've never seen you so concerned for him like this," said Hwanwoong. "I'm normally not concerned either but if his file is anything to go by, this could end badly," said Dongmyeong as he sighed.

"Is it that bad?" Asked Hwanwoong. "It can be," said Dongmyeong. "But thankfully I'm not out there," he added. "Thankfully," said Hwanwoong.



Hwanhee wasn't the best tracker on the planet, but he was able to follow after Yunho's trail easily enough. He wondered what the hell was up with Yunho, as said person had been completely fine up until Mingi's visit.

"Yunho!" Called Hwanhee as he followed after the wolf pawprints along the ground. They were slowly getting more and more frantic from what he had managed to observe, but who knew what Yunho's mental state was at the current moment. Hwanhee just hopped to get there before something happened.

Hwanhee finally found Yunho sitting by the pond still in his wolf form. "Yunho?" He asked, freezing in place when Yunho turned his head to look at Hwanhee. "Is it the wolf right now?" Asked Hwanhee as he took a step closer, freezing in place when the wolf started growling. "Okay, it's the wolf right now, got it," said Hwanhee as he let out a soft sigh, taking one step back to let the wolf know he wouldn't walk any closer.

"Can you let Yunho come back? I have a couple questions," said Hwanhee. "I won't hurt him," he added. "I know, what it's like to be abandoned by the people you trust the most," he said. "I can help him, if you let me," he said.

"What kind of help can you provide to someone like me?" Asked Yunho as he returned to human form, standing up as he turned to Hwanhee. "I know what it's like," said Hwanhee as he eyed Yunho, keeping his stance as neutral as possible. "You and Mingi are mates aren't you?" He asked.

"It's obvious isn't it?" Asked Yunho. "Not really," said Hwanhee as he scratched the back of his head. "But as I observe you more and more I can see the same sort of longing that I'm sure that even I have considering my circumstances," he said. Yunho nodded at his words.

"But," said Hwanhee. "You have to confront your brother at some point," he said. "I know," said Yunho. "I take it you've read my file then?" He asked. "Yes," said Hwanhee. "And I take it you know then, about your brother," he said. "I do," said Yunho.

"Why go on doing what you do then?" Asked Hwanhee. "Well..." Started Yunho.



Hwanwoong put a hand on Dongmyeong's shoulder as Dongmyeong looked out at the forest from his spot leaning against the railing of the back deck. "They've been out there for a while," said Dongmyeong as he sighed. "I'm sure he's fine," said Hwanwoong. "The both of them," he added.

Sunyoul stepped out onto the back deck, going over to grab Yunho's clothes from the deck box. "They're ready to head back, so Hwanhee asked me to bring Yunho his clothes," he said when Dongmyeong turned to look at him. "He's okay now?" Asked Dongmyeong. "He's okay now," said Sunyoul. "Good," said Dongmyeong. Sunyoul nodded and walked off the back deck and into the forest towards where Hwanhee and Yunho were.



Yunho, Hwanhee and Sunyoul walked back after a few minutes, and Dongmyeong looked almost relieved to see him. "Welcome back," he said. "Thanks," said Yunho, his voice flat and expressionless. Dongmyeong blinked in surprise, turning to Hwanhee who shook his head. "He'll explain it in due time," said Hwanhee. "Ah," hummed Dongmyeong.

"Do you want to stay out here for the night?" Asked Sunyoul as he turned to Yunho. Yunho nodded. "I'll get someone to bring you dinner then," said Sunyoul before he headed inside. "I'll make sure the idiots don't burn the food," said Hwanhee before he headed inside, leaving Dongmyeong and Hwanwoong to watch Yunho go over to the gazebo and step inside, going to his usual spot and lying down. Dongmyeong shook his head and soon joined him.

"I'll join you when dinner's ready," said Hwanwoong. "I think Gunhak needed me for something," he said, going inside and closing the door behind him.

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