Unbound Me

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Oh Sana never forethought the possibility of finding her husband at a young age of twenty one, a creepy husband at that. 



Oh Sana:

A twenty one years old student. She was having peaceful life if you minus the dreams, nightmares, she'd been having every single night for past eight years. She went back to her birthplace Busan, so that she could take a break and stay with her grandmother, hoping that it would help her nightmares to subdue. But she ended up getting herself a husband, a creepy monster, Byun Baekhyun. 


Byun Baekhyun:

He's creepy, cocky and annoying (Sometimes attractive?). That's all. 


Oh Sehun:

Sana's older brother. A professor in a well known institute. According to him, Sana was mentally unstable. He was ready to provide any sort of help for the betterment of his sister's mental health.



Park Chanyeol:

Sehun's childhood friend. Sehun's colleague.

Sana's life advisor, Sana's ...errr crush?



kwon Mina:

Sana's best friend and classmate. Partner in Sana's every crime. Had been crushing on Sehun from her teenage. 




More characters will be revealed throughout the story.













Author's note:

Hello readers!

I got hit with the plot randomly, so just wrote it out on a whim.

Sorry for the crappy description! I hope the story would be little more interesting than how the description is making it look? ಥ‿ಥ

Please show your support to this little story. I'm super excited plus duper nervous about this story as I've always wanted to write some sort of fantasy, but I'm not really confident about my skills in this genre tbh hehe ╥﹏╥







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Chapter 18: I really missed this story and our cute bickering couple..
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this story is so interesting I'm waiting for update
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Chapter 18: This whole chapter made me so emotional...couldn't stop crying...loved his playful sassyness and flirty persona only for his wife.. but above all his caring and loving side for byun sana made things more beautiful and heartwarming... her concern for soojun was so right but those painful words might hurt baekhyun so much.. his promise to save that kid for her sake kind of proved his love and genuine dedication for her.. was really hoping that sana could understand that ... glad that that horrendous situation made her realize his importance and existence more precisely than before on her life.. woah.. suho's appearance... the whole action part was so nerve-wracking... glad that everyone was safe and sound.. idk but byun sana sounds more cute, adorable and lovely than oh sana... hehe.. aww.. last part was so sweet and emotional.. will eagerly wait for Mr. Monster to wake up soon ... 🥺🤧🤗❤️👍👏🤧🤧 really love this couple 👫.. really enjoyed reading the whole chapter. Thank you authornim for updating and writing such an amazing and thrilling chapter. Will look forward to read future chapters. ❤️🤗🥺❤️👍👏😍🤩🙂
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