Among Us

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Life doesn't stop even after a "then they lived happily ever after" moment. The only constant rule in life is that it goes on. 

So, after having an exactly "happily ever after" wedding with her brother-in-law turned-husband-turned-lover-turned-husband again, Munhee's life doesn't stop just there as well. 

Join here to continue witnessing Baekhyun and Munhee's journey with their adorable twin daughters and A LOT of other people.  



Marriage is like a typical Asian dish. It has everything: lots of spices, lots of flavors, lots of perspectives, lots of ways to eat it. 

Even though Baekhyun and Munhee's been married for years - two years to be exact, their real married life has just started after their second wedding - or first complete wedding ceremony to be exact. 

What would be their version of happily ever after married life? Are we sure it's gonna be a smooth flawless path full of fresh fluffy flowers? Well, we shouldn't be too sure when we are talking about 'life'. 






Kim Jongin is a weird guy who has friends older than him and most of whom are married - with kids or in the process of having kids at that. 

He has a bit of a reputation of being a playboy. But he does want to build his own family as well. However, what could he do when he has a difficult love life with a difficult girl who has a difficult life? 

Well, maybe his weird friends could help? 



Author's Note:

Ignore the cliché forward! I am just really bad at summarizing things up. 

Let's just hope we will have a lot of fun here with the whole "Heal Me" cast and a few but REALLY important members being added to the HM fam!!

For new readers: If you are here for the first time, then do know that this story is basically a sequel to my another long completed fic "Heal Me". 

I would definitely recommend y'all to read Heal Me first if you want to fully understand some points and enjoy this ride as a whole. 

For all readers: Please stay patient with the updates because I do have heck of a busy life outside my life as a fanfic writer.

Also, I do need a LOT OF motivation and appreciation to continue writing something. So do not hesitate in leaving feedback and upvotes. I would appreciate that!  

That's it from me for now. Hope to update as soon as I finish writing the first chapter! Just updated the forward to keep a reminder for myself (ᗒᗩᗕ)


Okay here goes nothing! First chapter is up! 🤡
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