Unbound Me
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Three days later......


"Baekhyun!" Sana yelled at the top of her voice, too frustrated and annoyed at the male to even feel scared of him. Moreover, there wasn't anyone to notice this commotion, so she wouldn't be holding back and be fakely-sweet with her so-called husband anymore. 

"Damn, woman! I'm admiring nature, can't you see? Your harsh voice is disturbing me!" The said male - who had been sitting by the window of his new bedroom and gawking outside from the twentieth floor - glared at her and her audacity to disturb him. 

Apparently, Sana didn't waste a single day and had immediately talked her parents into permitting her to use the vacant apartment nearest to her university. The property was bought under her name in the first place when she had been a freshman at uni, it was chosen specifically because of it's location, so that Sana wouldn't have to travel a long path to reach her university. But back then, she didn't agree to live here alone, because she was a coward, she used to be too scared to live alone due to her nightmares. 

"Are you being serious?" Sana huffed in utter disbelief, her hands went to her hips out of annoyance as she glared back at the male. She wasn't being a screeching for nothing, it had been two whole days that they had shifted here, there was hell lot of work pending even though she had had hired professional porters to settle most of the cartons and baggage inside the apartment, it was still hard work to arrange things all over the house, that even if one attempted to do it alone. She now highly regretted denying Mina's offer to help, she had never imagined moving out and settling in a new place would be such a hassle.  "You don't even feel bad that I'm doing all the work here, and you are sitting there like a prince! What kind of man does that!" She continued to rebuke when it didn't seem like Baekhyun would move his a bit. 

The male let out a soft scoff and finally lifted his off the couch aligned with the window. "So, you have been screaming your throat out and glaring at me since yesterday just because you needed my help?" His crystal eyes rolled as he concluded. 

Sana scoffed back, crossing her arms over her chest to appear as proud as him, "Yes. Though if it were a gentleman instead of you, then they would've already been doing it without needing me to say anything at all!"

Baekhyun walked even more closer, so now he was also at the door frame where Sana had been standing,  "I am not a gentleman, I thought you already know that, Wifey." He suddenly leaned his face too close to keep the compose intact in the girl's stature, "I've never been one." He merely whispered into her ears before retreating his face a few inches away. 

Sana huffed in more annoyance at his cool yet smug attitude, she leaned her face away and broke eye-contact with the infuriating male.  "I'm not here to have your character certification. Just give me a hand in sorting the remaining works out instead of lazing around, or else you won't get food for lunch!" The girl ordered or threatened and turned around to leave his bedroom - suddenly not having the previous y mood at all, suddenly having issues in controlling the pace of her heart.

 But before she could actually take one step forward, a cold and rough palm wrapped around her wrist, completely stopping her. "If you ask nicely, I can have all the work done within minutes." Came his whispered words directly into her ears, along with his chilly breath, making her shiver. 

 "I... I am asking nicely!"  She was on the verge of stuttering, but she managed her tongue at the last moment.  "And for your information, there's still a lot of work pending. It will take hours, not mere minutes!" She rolled her eyes and pointed out, wanting to smack him on the head for even thinking that these could be done in freaking minutes, no way. 

Sana's heart vibrated in rhythm with the vibration of his chest as he let out an airy chuckle, his cold breath yet again splashing on her warm neck and face, causing her to feel funny in her tummy. "That's not how you ask nicely, Honey. Try being a sweet wife, and say 'please'. Whatever work it is, I'll have it done in minutes." He again insisted with prideful words. 

"Stop bluffing around." Sana gathered her energy and pushed his chest with her shoulder, somehow freeing herself from his numbing hold.  "I shouldn't have asked for your help in the first place. Nothing but a waste of time!" She blabbered like a forty years old tired housewife and proceeded to just do all of them herself. 

"I'm not bluffing!" 

Sana was in her own bedroom, and she had unpacked the carton consisting of all of her trophies that she had won when she used to be a bright student. The annoying male had followed her till here while yelling his claim.  "Stop bothering me if you don't wanna help!" She hissed back while picking out two trophies, intending to keep them on the top shelf of the small open cabinet beside her vanity. 

"No, you're underestimating my abilities!" Baekhyun stubbornly came to stand next to her and protested, just like a kid throwing tantrums. 

"Fine. I want all these trophies on that shelf. Now you'll tell me you can snap your fingers and this will be done magically, no?" She uttered with sarcasm, too pissed at his antics.

"Well, I won't even have to snap my fingers." Letting himself sit on the edge of her bed - while manspreading quite distractingly - he gestured her to go sit as well, his palm patting his thighs while he did so.

Sana's eyes rounded a bit at the shameless invitation from him. Keeping the trophies down, she went near him, but sat down on the edge of the bed, maintaining a good foot of distance between their bodies. However, that didn't last long; with a gasp, she found herself plastered to the male's side, his arm holding her close to him.  "Stop struggling, or else I'd think you'd prefer my laps." When Sana tried to wiggle out of his moderately tight hold, he murmured into her ears, making her still down almost immediately. 

"You're such an ." She helplessly muttered under her breath. 

"Shut up and keep your eyes open, Sweetcheeks." Was all he countered back before doing something that Sana wasn't expecting at all.

She should've already gotten accustomed to all the weird things by now, but she still felt unwillingly falling open in shock or surprise or in awe, when within a blink of an eye, the trophies fled towards the designated shelf - on their own. "What the fu-"

"Surprised? Now you believe me?" If he was smug most of the time, then he was triple-smug at that moment, she didn't even have to see his face to know this fact, his voice was enough for her to decipher it. 

"How the hell did you do it!"  When Sana got a little bit of sanity back in her system, she snapped her eyes at his face and asked him. 

"I don't only have the ability to control minds. I can control physically as well."  He proudly rendered, holding his chin high.  "That includes both living beings as well as lifeless objects."

"You... you're saying you can control the movements of h-human beings as well?" Sana asked in order to clarify the extent of his abilities, since her head was getting clouded with the new but high dose of information. 

The male merely shrugged. "Yeah. But in the case of humans, I mostly control their minds since it's easier and more fun. Oh and do you remember the reptiles back in your hometown? I've been the one to control them for years, those little fellas came handy."  

"The s-snakes..." Sana's mouth dried just at the reminder of those scary beings. He said he had been controlling them for years, she remembered encountering them when she and Mina had visited that cursed mansion for the first time years ago. Then, did that mean he had deliberately made those reptiles appear so that it would be only her who would enter the vicinity of the mansion?  "Why did you target me?" She demanded in a whisper.  

"Huh?" He looked genuinely confused at her sudden query.

"W-Why was it me whom you let in the gates of the mansion eight years ago? Why it wasn't Mina? You just needed a bride to unbound you, so why did you lead me inside instead of Mina?" She asked in detail. 

His proud smirk subdued at this topic, face turning sour,  "Haven't I told you already, that it wasn't in my control to choose my bride myself! I just knew it was my bride when I felt the connection between us. I didn't even know your face when I was still bounded." He deadpanned and left her to stand up. 

Sana exhaled, she felt ashamed that she was being so selfish just moments ago, asking him and her fate why it couldn't be her friend instead of her. She was seriously losing it, Mina was her dearest friend, how could she be this blinded by her own issues

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