Unbound Me
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Sana unwantedly scooted closer towards the straight faced male, not having enough guts to sit closer to the window while she could practically see some disturbing shadows sometimes looming over from outside of their car. To be accurate, she could swear she had seen such horrifying figures or whatever they were for at least thrice during their already two hours of journey. 

Apparently, earlier in the early evening, Sehun had made his grand entry, face full of questions, ready to smack everyone who would utter a single nonsense from their mouth. And the first thing he did after entering their grandma's house, was to grab Baekhyun by his collars and demand who the he was. Of course, that had pissed the shorter male badly, so he didn't waste a single second in manipulating Sehun's mind. But that still didn't stop her brother from announcing that they'd be leaving for their home soon. 


Back to Sana's current problem at hand, she was way too scared at the unknown but definite terrifying things she was noticing. She had even screamed out loudly when she noticed that for the first time, but for the next few times, she rather kept tightly clasped because she couldn't bear the look her brother had given her from the driver's seat.  

It had been a familiar look which she never got accustomed to - or more like never got comfortable in bearing it, it was the look her brother would give her whenever she would be talking about her weird dreams, it was the look that would tell her that her brother was definitely tempted to sent her into a mental asylum or any place similar to this. She was sick of this particular look, it would make her feel nauseous every single time, so she would rather die than get this very look from Sehun.

Baekhyun broke his almost glaring eyes from his side of the window, only to raise a subtle annoyed brow at her way; of course, he had to notice how Sana was practically glued to his side at present. 

"Oppa, how far are we from Seoul?" Not wanting to have any direct interaction with the arrogant male, Sana threw a random question at her brother. 

"We're halfway through." Sehun muttered, eyes focused on the zigzag road ahead. "You want me to stop somewhere? Do you need anything?" He again asked, perhaps noticing his sister's untamed face.

"Uhh no! It's better if we reach the city soon." Sana mumbled, secretly dragging her a few centimeters away from the male sharing the backseat with her.

"Actually.." Mina, who was seated shotgun, spoke up, a hint of embarrassment visible in her features, "I needed to use the washroom. So if you could stop somewhere..." She requested softly.

Sana wasn't in the state to acknowledge how her brother's always-strict features softened as he nodded. "Okay, I will." 

Sana inwardly groaned, not wanting to stop anywhere. She was almost certain that all of these had to do something with her third-eye or whatever creepy Baekhyun had told her about earlier. But unfortunately, a few minutes later, Sehun had found a suitable place to stop the car. "Are you two coming?" He asked Sana and Baekhyun. 

"No." Baekhyun declined coldly, as expected from him. 

In any other situation, Sana would've definitely preferred to not stay alone with this man; but right now, she was too fearful to leave the car until she reached her home. "No, I'll stay here." She replied to her awaiting brother and best friend.

"Okay, then we'll be back within a few minutes." Sehun then led Mina out, leaving the other two.

Sana's eyes lingered at the direction of her brother and friend, concern filling her mind as some more scary thoughts enveloped her mind,   "Are they even safe outside?" She whipped her head towards Baekhyun and asked impatiently. She had a feeling that he knew what kind of 'danger' she was asking about.

"Yeah, kind of." Baekhyun answered shortly.

"Kind of? What... do you mean by that?" She almost yelled at him.

"I mean, they are safe as long as they can't see anything and don't meddle into the world of the unknown." Baekhyun grumbled, seemingly not interested in the topic. He had been mostly silent ever since Sehun had appeared and almost hit his face. Perhaps he was still mad at her brother, after all, her brother had hurt Baekhyun's elephant sized ego by attacking him like that.

"Are t-those things following us? Why are there so many? Are they going to harm me?" Sana let out her next worrisome queries. There was just so much happening in her life, and she had so much to ask and grasp her mind around, that she couldn't even contemplate which ones to ask him first. She neither even knew whether to expect many answers from him or not. 

"They aren't exactly following us. They just follow whenever they feel different energy. I have already managed them, for now. Get used to seeing them. I don't have the patience to listen to your whining every time you see one."   Baekhyun turned his body slightly towards her and told her with irritation visible in his face.

"What- how could someone get used to seeing those disturbing spirits or whatever they are! They're so scary! I could never get used to it!" She protested without missing a beat, her heart pounding way too loudly out of fear. 

Baekhyun scoffed,   "A monster's bride should be courageous. These are nothing. The more we get away from my territory, the more you'll encounter them."  He exploded the news just like that.

"Your territory?" Sana blinked, not understanding what he had meant by that.

"My hometown - your hometown, it was my territory. That's why there weren't many of them, so they didn't dare to show up anywhere near me or you there. But out of my territory, they don't know me, so I can't guarantee your safety if you aren't with me."  He murmured.  "No more questions. I am not sitting here to answer you."  Before Sana could open to dig for some more information, she was shutdown by the male.

Dread clawed into her chest as she sat in the heavy silence, and deeply analyzed what his words actually meant. Heavier and longer sighs left past her quivering lips, suddenly, the air felt chillier - but one part of her knew that it was just because she was scared. Rubbing her goosebump-ed arms, she eyed the male beside her warily. This man or monster or whatever hell he was, he was the sole reason that her life had been miserable for the past eight years, and by the looks of it, life hadn't had enough with everything yet, seems like it's going to be even more miserable from now on.

"Why are you giving me this look? You are not expecting me to give you my jacket, are you?" The scoffing mockery from Baekhyun broke her saddened strings of thoughts.

"Keep your jacket to yourself. I'd rather freeze like an ice cream than use something that belongs to you!" Sana snapped back spitefully, she couldn't digest the sour fact that how could someone be this rude - even if they're just some human-like creatures?  "Come to think of it, this jacket and everything else that you're currently wearing, belongs to me actually. I have bought you these with my own money."  It was her turn to give him a smug look. 

Baekhyun glared at her even more fiercely, then rolled his eyes,  "You're lucky that I've given you the chance to serve me." He claimed with thrice smugness brimming his annoyingly handsome features.  

Speechless and dumbstruck with the amount of sassiness this man held, Sana threw her hands in the air and scooted as far away from him as possible, if she could, she would've been miles away from him, but they were in a car in the middle of an unknown place, so she wasn't that dumb to do anything that she'd regret. 

Baekhyun's dim chuckle caught her ears, he was definitely proud of winning the argument, jerk. She turned her head to send him her glares, only to shriek a bit, because well, the man's face was leaned way closer in the direction than she last remembered. The smug smile still lingering on his stupidly enticing lips. His eyes studying her own features. 

Sana inwardly gasped when she felt his fingers tucking her chin up to level their faces - she could swear that something was binding her to a place, rendering her unable to lean back or create even a slight bit needed distance from the male's face. felt dry when she tried to gulp down, her head suddenly getting filled with the memories of when she had tasted the taste of having to get kissed - she was yet to experience the feeling of kissing someone both ways since she didn't kiss him back that time. 'What the , Oh Sana! Why are you keeping him and 'kissing' in one sentence?'  She immediately scolded herself in her mind. But outside, she was still holding her breath, unwantedly shivering whenever his cold breath would subtly fan her warming face. 

"Don't forget that, the more you go away from me, the more danger you'll be putting yourself into."  He reminded her almost in a whisper, eyes somehow glancing at the direction which could be her lips or her jaw?   'It has to be my jaw. Yeah, me and Sehun have well defined jawlines. Everyone's jealous of our jawline, he must be the same. Duh!'  Sana didn't waste a single second

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